K-Live Hologram Theater | Monster VR Theme Park | Gyeongwonjae Ambassador Incheon @ Songdo Incheon, South Korea

Hey guys!
Welcome back to my travel blog!
I hope most of you have already read my "Top 6 Must Visit K-Wave Destinations in South Korea".
I'm very happy that I can take you to all the places I've been and show you guys the hidden gems of South Korea.
And in today's blog post, I 'm going to take you to Songdo.
SONGDO, embodies the future of Incheon, which built on reclaimed land.
The province offers a number of attractions, from Central Park, to natural oasis in the city.
Since it is close to the sea, the man-made waterway is filled with sea water, and water taxis travel through the park.
Songdo not only offers a lawn and a promenade along a filed of reeds, it also has many futuristic-looking buildings, creating a harmonious combination of technology and the natural environment.


Our first stop at Songdo is to experience the K-Live Hologram Theater, located at Triple Street, one of the biggest shopping mall in Incheon.
At the hologram theater, you are able to watch spectacular performance from your favourite K-pop artists on the 270 degree projections, with special effects such as 14.2 channel surround sound and lasers.
Apparently, there are many K-pop music performance with different artists, including Big Bang, G-Dragon, CNBLUE, PSY, 2PM etc.
I always wanted to experience the K-pop Hologram Theater to feel the sensation of the live concert,
This is really like a dream comes true for me!

Before you seated, do not forget to take your photo at the photo booth.
If your photo comes out in the middle of the concert, you will get big surprises from your idols, either dancing with your idol or receive a mystery gift from your idol! :)

We went for the G-Dragon "Awake" show, which runs about 20-25 minutes.
The concert includes a song line up of #1 Heartbreaker, #2 Crayon, #3 Fantastic Baby, #4 Who You? and #5 Crooked.
I felt so lucky because all these are my favourite songs from G-Dragon.

I can't stop screaming when I saw G-Dragon on the stage.
The effect of the hologram concert was SO real till I can actually feel like G-Dragon is standing right in front of me, singing and performing for me.
How I wish I could live in this hologram wonderland together with GD!

Now, let's get your dancing shoes ready and dance "Gangnam Style" with PSY!
PSY performed a few songs, include his popular tracks, such as Gangnam Style, Gentleman, Daddy etc.
Again, the performance had a real stunning visual effects with the exciting dance melodies!

#lol Remember the photo I said earlier before entering to the concert hall?
I was so surprise to see myself as one of the dancers at PSY concert and dance "Gentleman" together with him!
It's really so funny! #haha

Most of the K-pop concerts are quite expensive, so if you have tight budget on buying a concert ticket, I think hologram concert can be a great option for you to meet your idol closely as the ticket price is much more affordable.
I really enjoyed my time at K-Live Hologram Theater; indeed, I felt like I'm watching the real concert right in front of me! #itssoclose
K-pop fans will not want to miss this hey!


Right next to the K-Live Hologram Theater, there is a Monster VR Theme Park where we can experience the real power of Virtual Reality (VR) in Korea.
This is the biggest urban virtual reality theme park in Korea with over 40 unique virtual experiences, such as Jungle Adventure, VR Theater, VR Gaming, VR Exciting etc.
There are few ticket options available at the counter, for instance 1 play @ 7,000 won, 3 plays @ 16,000 won, and 5 plays @ 19,000 won.
Entrance fees for kids aged under 13 years old are slightly cheaper than adults.

The first one I experienced was the VR Feel the Wheelchair.
In this VR horror, I tried to escape from an abandoned hospital while sitting on a wheelchair.
That was very scary and I really shouted all my lungs out because I was strapped to a wheelchair when the game started, and then it took me through a hospital to experience a terrifying journey.
Seriously, it's scary man!

Then, we had a ride on the VR Roller Coaster.
The ride was such a real experience, whereby the seats were physically moving around, from side to side and forwards and backwards,.
The movements really make us feeling if we were on a real ride.
Really! My heart rate and pulsation were increased, also my palms were actually sweating.
If you are a roller coaster junkie, you need to ride this coaster!

Feel the height with VR Bungee Jump in the rain forest.
The experience straps you into harness and hangs you off the side of the building.
I was shivering while it hangs me up there half way, my legs dangle in the mid air, and when I looked down I felt like I was falling down to the ground anytime.
This is the most challenging one since I have acrophobia.
If you wanna know how real it was, you can watch my IG stories under my "Seoul P1 Highlights". :)

If you have ever tried VR and wondered how it is and why did it feel so real, then you should really go to try at least once in your life time.
I've tried the VR in Malaysia before, yet I think the VR in Korea is really more fun and exciting!

Add: Floor 6, Building D, Triple Street, 1-33, Songdogwahal-ro 16beon-gil, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon.
How to get to K-Live Hologram Theater & Monster VR: take Line 1 of the Incheon Subway → get off at Technopark Station → Exit 2  →  walk for 150m


We stayed at Gyeongwonjae Ambassador Incheon for a night before leaving Songdo.
Gyeongwonjae Ambassador Incheon is a five star hotel, and also the largest hotel built in Korean style that set in the center of Songdo in Incheon.
The hotel presents a beautiful scene of elegant Korean traditional architecture, with the styles from the Goryeo and Joseon dynasties under the concept of "Strolling into the past of the Korean Peninsula".
At here, you will get to experience the true Korean way of living with traditional Korean architectures, elements as well as decorations.

Besides, this beautiful hotel has been used as a filming location for many popular Korean dramas.
For instance, About Time, The Great Seducer, The K2, My ID Is Gangnam Beauty and also the most famous one Goblin that starring by Gong Yoo and Kim Go-Eun!
If you were still remember one of the scene from Goblin in episode 13, where Ji Eun-Tak and Kim Shin go here for a small trip, which basically a goodbye trip that Shin organized for Eun-Tak.
This scene was taken at the courtyard and also one of the suite room inside the hotel. :)

The interior of each room is finished with a warm-feeling wood and Korean traditional paper in order to create a cozy mood.
The room is huge, with 1 single bed and 1 double bed, a private work space, and also a small living room to hang out there.
As for the bathroom, it also provides a large Hinoki bathtub in the traditional Korean style for guests to enjoy comfortable bathing.

My room is at the second floor, and this is an overview from my room. :)

There is a nice and huge central courtyard behind the hotel, with a mixture view of modern buildings and the waves of tiled roof connecting from one to another.
A very nice place to wander around, chill out and relax whilst enjoying the beautiful view of the city.

It was a great pleasure staying at Gyeongwonjae Ambassador Incheon!
I felt like a queen travel back in the olden time.
If you visit Incheon, you should stay at this hotel at least one night, probably your last night in Seoul.
This will definitely be the remarkable highlight at your trip.

Add: 200 Technopark-ro, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, 22004 Korea
How to get to Gyeongwonjae Ambassador Incheon: Central Park Station (Incheon Subway Line 1) → Exit 4 → walk straight (leaving Tri-Bowl - Multiplex Cultural Center behind you)→ pass by the Compact Smart City building → the hotel will be on your left sideWebsite: http://gyeongwonjae.com/

I believe there are more places and activities to explore in Songdo, such as Songdo Central Park for its urban and natural night view, Songdo Hanok Village to check out the filming site of Goblin, and also Tri Bowl for its unique architecture of three bowl-shaped buildings floating on water.
If you have extra days in Seoul, and looking for new places to visit before you head over to the airport and fly back to your country, you can make your time traveling and exploring the city of Songdo.
I hope you guys enjoy reading the post, and I'll blog about Yeosu on my next post soon.
Stay tuned! xoxo


Diane said...

Hi! Planning to go here in May. How did you buy tickets? Is it onsite or through a website? Also, would you know the schedule of the shows?

Unknown said...

Hi! How did you buy tickets for K-Live? I've been trying to contact their pages but no one is answering. Did you get it through a took or can I buy onsite?