Just Seafood @ Sunway Giza Mall

I think Malaysians love seafood!
Maybe because Malaysia has plenty fresh and good seafood to enjoy.
I personally love seafood very much, just that I need to take care of the seafood consumption as my cholesterol result wasn't very good since my last body check up. :(
So, whenever I wanted to have a big seafood meal, I will always leave it to the best one!
Today, hiphippopo.com would like to introduce a good seafood restaurant to all seafood lovers.
Do you love seafood? #yay #yay Then you shall possibly read it till the end. #lol

Some of you might heard of Just Seafood from any social media forms; also when you typed in "Just Seafood" in google search, you will see a lot of blogger reviews regarding this restaurant.
Anyway, if you haven't, Just Seafood is located inside the Sunway Giza mall, which is also the place where many bars and pubs located.

Just Seafood is a two story outlet which provides various seating options to their customers.
These are the seating at the first floor whereby you can see the open concept kitchen right at the behind.
I find the design space looks great in the restaurant.

If you want to have some fresh air while having seafood and beers, you probably would enjoy the outdoor seating more.

This restaurant has a large seating area at the second floor.
All tables and chairs are in consistent design which involve with the wooden tops and metal legs.
Such interior simply makes the atmosphere inviting as always.

The view from the balcony at the second floor.
I heard from my friend said that this restaurant has a lot of crowds during weekend, whereby sometimes it needs for a long queue.
So, if you are planning to come here for your seafood fix, it is better to make a reservation to avoid the disappointment.

Let's start up!
It's the USA Live Oyster all the air-flown from the Seattle Washington's Shellfish Taylor Farms.
I love oyster very much!
Can you imagine that I actually finished one dozen fresh oysters all by myself when I went to the Victoria Market in Melbourne. #hehe
Lik was so shocked to see I aet all by myself. #haha

1 piece @ RM18.
4 pieces @ RM72, get extra 1pc free (total is 5 pieces).
7 pieces @ RM126, get extra 2pcs free (total is 9 pieces).
12 pices @ RM216, get extra 4 pieces free (total 16 pieces).

If you are an oyster lover like me, I am sure you will like the oyster here because they do serve real fresh and big oyster to you!

The different between Just seafood with the other seafood restaurants is you do not need any cutlery for your food.
The restaurant will provide you the disposable gloves and you can eat all with your hands!
It is much simpler, easier, and relax than eating the seafood with the folk and knife!
Agree with me, don't ya?! :)

All the seafood are served in a big post, then spread all on a large of paper which is safe graded for food.
So, basically there isn't any plates or bowls for you too!
Also, the staff will change the paper for you if you ordered more than one style seafood.

The highly recommended flavour is the Louisiana Cajun Style Seafood which made with lots of butter, garlic and some herbs.
This flavour is spicy, but the spicy level can be adjusted to your preference.
For those who like spicy food, this flavour would be the right choice for you! #nokidding

Portion for 1 - 2 pax @ RM109++
Portion for 3 - 4 pax @ RM199++
Portion for 5 - 7 pax @ RM399++
All portions include meaty crabs, giant prawns, extra large prawns, large clamps, mussels and squids.
Besides, all portions also include many garnishes such as corns, potatoes and carrots.

You can also choose either toasted bread or rice to eat with the seafood dishes, as all gravies are such good dipping sauces!
For myself, I prefer to dip the rich sauces with the toasted bread.

The second signature flavour is the Butter Milk Style Seafood.
If you like something milky and creamy, you shall try this flavour as the sauce is specially made with butter, fresh milk, coconut milk, some herbs and curry leaves.
This flavour doesn't have any spicy flavour, which I think it's suitable for the kids.

Portion for 1 - 2 pax @ RM99++
Portion for 3 - 4 pax @ RM189++
Portion for 5 - 7 pax @ RM369++
Other than the large clamps, and squids, all the meaty crabs, giant prawns, extra large prawns, mussels and side dishes of carrots, corns and potatoes are included in each portions.

The third signature flavour is the Creamy Peanut Style Seafood.
This flavour tastes more like the satay celup in Melaka as it is sooo rich in peanut taste.
It has it's spicy taste but the spicy level isn't as strong as the Louisiana Cajun Style.

Each portions include the same seafood dishes like in the Butter Milk Style such as 300g meaty crabs, 170g giant prawns, 200g extra large prawns, and 300g mussels.
Also, the portions cost the same as well, for example Portion for 1 - 2 pax @ RM99++, Portion for 3 - 4 pax @ RM189++ and portion for 5 - 7 pax @ RM369++.

Look at my "couldn't stop eating face". #lol

Deep Fried Seafood Basket @ RM47 is one of my favourite on the menu list.
The big basket includes 300g Oyster Fritters, 5pcs Large Prawns Fritters, and 300g Calamari Fritters.
It's one good finger food option to be added to your order if your table has like 3 - 4 pax.

For the drink selection, I would recommend the Ice Lemon Tea @ RM9 and Lemongrass Pandan @ RM9 as both are the signature drinks at the Just Seafood.
These fresh drinks can help to re-setting your taste bud after having all the heavy flavours.


I really enjoy my food dining at Just Seafood, not only because they have fresh seafood, but also the dining experience is totally different from the others.
It's so much relax that I can use my hand, without dirty it, to unshell the crabs and prawns.
If you would to ask me if I will come back again? My answer is definitely a YES! YES! YES!

Just Seafood
A-9-G, Sunway Giza Mall, Jalan PJU 5/14,
Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara, 47810,
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
Tel: +6 012 229 0855 / +6 03 6144 6366
FB page: JustSeafoodMY
Opening hours: 12pm - 1030pm daily

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