Monday, September 5, 2016

马来西亚华语 @ HenHenTV

Hey guys!
How's your weekend doing?
My weekend was busy but so fulfilling!
I have had so many challenges for my last weekend.
First, I joined Allianz Crazy Games 2016, some sort of treasure hunting but there isn't any treasure in the games. #lol
The whole game involved walking, solving clues, completing tasks and commuting by the LRT and Monorail within Klang Valley area.
It was such a big challenge for me since I'm afraid to stay in the sun too long, and also I hate to walk under the sun.
So, I'm so proud of myself  that I can make it to the last, from the early morning 8am till 1pm.
To be honest, It was really damn exhausted! #almostkillme

This is my team with Betty and Lee Yann.
We are team #20, Belly The Girlie! #hehe

Can you imagine that I did the rock climbing?!?!
I used all the strength I had but regret that I still couldn't make it to the top.
It's really difficult although I was just at the basic level!
Really! It's not easy at all!

On the other hand, I also got my very first video recording with HenHen TV for his Youtube channel.
It was such a good experiment for me as I always has a fear of speaking in front of the camera.
Thanks to Tommy who offers me this new opportunity and also provide his guidance throughout the recording, or else I don't think I will be able to do it till end.
Thank you very much!

The topic of this video is about the Chinese language in Malaysia.
As we have different kinds of languages in Malaysia, also our Malaysian accent has a mixture of accents from the different races languages; so many of our words got all mixed up.
Many foreigners find our language very weird because we mix different words from many languags in one sentence such as  Malay, English, Chinese, Cantonese, Hokkien and so on.
It's more like a "rojak" language after all! #lol
So, we hope throughout this video, foreigners will understand more about the Chinese language in Malaysia.
Besides, I also hope you enjoy the video and have a good laugh of the video!

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Thank you!


Betty Liew siaw fan said...

No bad WOR. How many times NG WOR?

Lee Yann said...

Walau so nice video!! Enjoy it

Ivy Gan said...

Haha Betty! Quite a lot though hehe!

Ivy Gan said...

TQ TQ Lee Yann!