FeiyuTech @ VLOG Pocket Foldable Gimbal

So...I was looking back on my traveling vlog on my Youtube channel (@miz hippo) that day, was enjoying the good memories back on those traveling days.
Can't denied that I deeply miss to travel. :(
I started realizing I haven't been updated my vlog for quite a long time; the last travel vlog that I filmed was in one year ago when I traveled to Seoul and Perth.
Wondering what have I been doing lately. :)
Vlog has been a different sensation for me and I wish to continue doing it.
One of the most challenging aspects of creating travel videos is keeping my camera steady while moving, well we all know that a shaky camera effects can ruin good footage and also time consuming for you to re-shoot again and again.
Typical me, I think that's the main reason causing me to stop vlog for sometimes as I always hoping to produce a quality video.
But now, I'm ready to do a lot more because I have found something that suit my needs....it's the FeiyuTech VLOG Pocket Foldable Gimbal!
So, a few weeks ago, I received this gimbal stabilizer and spent some time playing around with the different options and settings that the compact device could offer.
If you are interested to know more about it, keep reading and I'll be sharing with you what I've got so far with this FeiyuTech VLOG Pocket Foldable Gimbal!

What is FeiyuTech VLOG Pocket Foldable Gimbal?

Feiyu Technology has been leading trends in drone controls and handheld gimbals since its establishment in 2007.
The brand offers a wide range of stabilizers and related accessories designed for smartphones, mirrorless, DSLR and action cameras.
All their robust gimbals are characterized by technical excellence to all over the world, with smooth and stable filming in active and dynamic situations. 
The VLOG Pocket Foldable is the lightest foldable smartphone gimbal in the market which specially designed for shooting Vlog.
The eagle wing-shape folding makes it small and portable, yet capable enough to support built-in camera of smartphone, intelligent object tracking and 240g payload capacity.
It covers most smartphones, enables you to grasp various high-level techniques and be an outstanding Vlogger. 

The Packaging

The Feiyu Tech VLOG Pocket Foldable Gimbal comes in a minimalist packaging.
It is packed in a pure white open & close square box, and inside it has custom cushioning and surface protection according to the shape of products and accessories in order to prevent unwanted or damaging movement while the product is in transit.

Open it up and check what's in the box.
The package comes with a VLOG pocket, tripod foot, carrying pouch to fit your gimbal into it after folding, micro-USB cable for charging, quick start guide with multiple languages, and also warranty card.
A very simple kit to jump-start your vlogging career/hobby. :)

The Features

Feiyu Tech VLOG Pocket has a minimalist design but built with practical usability. 
It is made of high quality plastic with an innovative foldable design,which makes it easily put into the pocket and take out to capture every stunning moment.
The whole device is small when it is folded, only 14.5cm in length and total weight 272gram without the tripod attached, while 22cm in length and total weight 319gram with the tripod attached.
It's study enough to support any smartphones of up to 240gram; I used an iPhone 7 while testing the device, it fitted and worked well. 
The gimbal is made up of two parts; the upper part consists all the electronics with the smartphone clamp at the top, while the bottom part is for controlling and also a small screw to insert tripod. 

Compared with traditional gimbals, this foldable gimbal is so small, almost my palm size when it's folded, that allows you easily carry it in your pocket or handbag.

It's very easy to get the gimbal stabilizer running, with just three simple steps:
#1 loosen the folding knob
#2 fully extended the vertical arm
#3 unlocked all the 3-axis motor
Make sure you unlock the 3-axis motor locks, otherwise the whole thing will be unbalanced.
After that, mount your phone and turn on the gimbal, the gimbal will automatically balance the phone no matter what phone you use.  
It's best that you can keep your phone in the middle as best as you can so that the VLOG pocket will do its best for balancing to use it in landscape or portrait mode.

On the grip of the gimbal, there are two buttons and a trigger.
The first button is for power on, starting and stopping recording.
The second button is for switching modes from video to photo.
The trigger is a click to reset the smartphone position, or double click it and the phone will flip from landscape to portrait for shooting your Tiktok video or live stream conveniently.

Feiyu On App

Nonetheless, Feiyu Tech also comes with the Feiyu On App, which available to both IOS and Andriod users.
The app gets you to experience a new auto-connection, allows you to create interesting photos and video shots directly.
For instance, you can create your video shooting in different modes such as slow motion, light trail mode, static time-lapse, tracking time-lapse and also folly zoom mode.
And for the photos, you can capture overlapping image, different panorama shot, ultra wide angle, and even get the popular beauty cam app with filter and photo timer settings.
Anyway, the gimbal stabilizer works decently well even without connecting to the App, such as the Pan Follow Mode, Follow Mode, and Lock Mode can be operated with ease. 

Battery Life

The gimbal has a long battery life to satisfy all your needs.
It has long working hours up to 8 hours and standby hours up to 14 hours to supply more strong power for shooting.

Tripod Foot

Also, there is a mini tripod foot inside the box.
The tripod folds up nice and small, and also it is very handy that can just throw it in your pocket or put it in the storage bag together with the gimbal while traveling.

In Use

A short video to show you some basic functions, such as Pan Follow Mode, Follow Mode, and Lock Mode.

Selfie with beauty cam app (without editing)

180°Panorama shots (without editing)

Ultra-wide angle shot (without editing)

My Experiences

This is my second gimbal stabilizer in my life time.
My first gimbal stabilizer was very heavy which consume more power and also energy to hold it for long hours.
Also, I find a big gimbal is really not convenient for me to bring to overseas.
Overall, I find this Feiyu Tech VLOG Pocket Foldable Gimbal can be useful for most of the vloggers and social media influencers. 
To me, one of the most obvious uses would be creating travel vlogs.
I believe for most of the travelers, the lighter the gimbal you have the easier it is to hold for longer periods of time when capturing your video footage, and also the portable gimbal is much convenient to carry with you.
So, the size and weight of this FeiyuTech VLOG Pocket Foldable Gimbal works perfectly for me as it won't take up so much energy of my arm to hold it for hours and hours of usage.
On top of that, the light weight and compact design also allows me to pack in my luggage and handbag easily, well I guess the best thing is it eliminate the complicated adjustment steps when using, boot without waiting, at anytime to capture the wonderful moment
I'm not a tech person and for sure gadget is not my lead, but this FeiyuTech Pocket Foldable Gimbal  is a simple device even a non-technology person like me are able to use it with ease. 
If you are looking a decent gimbal stabilizer for your videos in an affordable way, I would said this could be good one to invest to help you to achieve a better quality videos as it offers a lot more than a portable gimbal can offer.
I can't wait to make many more videos in the years with this VLOG Pocket Foldable Gimbal soon!

Where to Purchase?

FeiyuTech VLOG Pocket Foldable Gimbal @ RM239 is available to purchase at both Lazada https://shopee.com.my/feiyutechmalaysia and Shopee https://www.lazada.com.my/shop/feiyutech-my/.
For more information about FeiyuTech VLOG Pocket Foldable Gimbal or any other stabilizers and related accessories from Feiyu Tech, you can check out their official website at https://www.feiyu-tech.com/ or receive their latest news on their FB page at https://www.facebook.com/FeiyuTechMY/ and IG profile at https://www.instagram.com/feiyutechmy/

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