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If you are following me on my Instagram, you probably know that I recently have a new coffee machine for my home. :)
It's been a while I wanted to get a new coffee machine as I'm thinking to cut down the cafe visit and takeaway coffee at the local coffee shops, so honestly speaking, a good coffee machine is really important for my daily life.
If you are a coffee lover, I believe illy coffee must be familiar for you.
For a long time, I've been drinking illy coffee, either visiting their coffee shop or making a cup of coffee at home with their instant coffee sticks, so the new coffee machine really got me super excited! :)
After using the coffee machine for 3 months, since November 2021, I would say this is really the best decision ever as now everyday I can easily make my best home-brewed cup of coffee at home. 
So today, let me share my personal review with you all, and if you are looking for a decent coffee machine, you must read this till the end. :)

What is illy Y3.3 iperEspresso Espresso Machine?

Y3.3 iperEspresso Espresso Machine is specially designed Italian coffee machine that allows you to brew a cafe-style espresso at home with just the touch of buttons. 
Its clean and essential lines of design are curated by the Italian architect and designer Piero Lissoni
The unit has a very nice design; minimal, compact, yet elegant to make it suitable for kitchens, dining areas, offices, and even inside your bedroom without taking tonnes of worktop space. :)
It is available in white, black and red, and I really like the white colour, looking so aesthetic!

The Features

Iperespresso coffee machine is designed to work only with Iperespresso capsules.
The whole unit is made with plastic, with an overall dimension 29.8 (L) x .25.4 (H) x 10 (W) cm, and a total weight of 3.5kg.
Since the size of the machine is small, its pretty lightweight; and with a slim-line design, the coffee machine doesn't take too much of spaces, indeed it is a great space-saver and also can be move around the home. 
Believe me or not, I can actually lift it up with just one hand. #hehe
Besides, it also comes with a removable water tank 0.75L at the back, adjustable cup sizes to fit almost any cup size, and also a drip tray at the front. 
The voltage is 230V, with a 1 meter cord length.

The Packaging

The coffee machine is packed in a big black carton box, together with the instruction manual in different languages: English, Mandarin, Korean, Italian etc.
For a non-technical person like me, the set up is quick and easy, with no complicated works and parts, all done in just 10 minutes!

The set also comes with a box of vacuum packed illy capsules; 2 signature flavours, Classico Roast and Intenso Bold Roast.

How to Use?

The machine features 2 programmable settings; a short cup and a tall cup which allows you to prepare both espresso and Americano coffee.
And the functions of the machine is very straight forward too.
Once the power is on (by long press the short cup button), lift up the lid at the top to insert the capsules, and then press the lid down.
Choose the favourite cup (small or big cup) that you want, and then you will hear some flashing sounds, which means the machine is preparing your coffee.
Once the flashing stop (about 45 seconds), your coffee is ready.
To off the machine, just long press and hold both cup buttons till the light went off.

The Cleaning

The coffee machine comes with an automatic ejection of used capsules, so after each use, the used capsules will fall into the capsule drawer which can stored up to 7 capsules.
Since the surface is made with plastic with smooth texture, you can just clean it with a damp cloth to wipe off the stains if there is any. 
So, getting a white colour is not a problem at all since it doesn't require a lot of maintenances.
Well, the only disadvantages I found is the drip tray cannot be remove separately, so it must be washed together with the capsule drawer to remove the coffee stains and dirt. 

The Capsules

There are total 7 types of iperEspresso Capsules available at illy.
#1 Classico (medium roast)
#2 Intenso (dark roast)
#3 Calssico Lungo (medium roast)
#4 Decaffeinated classico (medium roast)
#5 Arabica Selection - Etiopia: (delicate intensity)
#6 Arabica Selection - Columbia (medium intensity)
#7 Arabica Selection - Brasile (intense taste)
I've tried the first three coffee I mentioned above, and I much prefer the Intenso as I always prefer a stronger rich coffee over a milder one.

Each flavours come in a solid tin, and each tin contains 21 capsules of illy's legendary blend of 100% Arabica coffee. 
The tin packaging is very well sealed to preserve the freshness of coffee, where I can actually smell the fresh coffee every time I open the tin. :)
Feeling so recharged everytime with the excellent aroma!
I received some dm on my IG asking me about the capsule prices, indeed it only cost me RM2.05 per cup with their "Buy 3 Free 1" promotion at Shopee Mall and LazMall.
Much cheaper if I go for a takeaway coffee! :)

My Experiences

All this while, the reason I do not want to get a capsules coffee machine is because I thought the best to consume fresh coffee is right after the beans have been roasted, well I guess illy Y3.3 iperEspresso Espresso Machine really changed my mind. 
It was a huge surprise on my first cup, the ground is so fresh, the smell is so good, and the taste is so smooth! 
There was one time when I brewed my coffee in the early morning, Lik was so surprised saying that: "wow the coffee really smells soooo good!"
On a side note, the coffee machine is very user-friendly, without any needs for specialist barista training.
It also save a lot of my time, where I do not need to grind the coffee beans, measure the coffee, tamp the beans and thinking about water temperature etc, all I need is just one press and a cup of high quality coffee is brewed at the perfect temperature and absolutely delicious. 
Though the coffee machine is limited to their in-house capsules and coffee, I think it's totally fine as illy offers so many different choices and their coffee tasted so rich, smooth and aromatic!
Honestly, I can't see myself going back to the other brands for now. 
To make it more interesting, I also use the coffee machine to create some special coffee recipes; for instance, an Affogato, a cold-brew tonic, a milk coffee etc.
You can check out my recipes on my Instagram @mizhippo, there I created come videos and reels about the recipes :) 
As for the unit appearance, it's almost all perfect for me, either the design, the size, and the weight.
The compact size and lightweight makes it so easy to move around, and also the stylish design makes it a perfect fit at any corner of my house; looks so sleek at the kitchen, living room, and even my working station. #hehe
However, One minor issue I noticed sometimes is the used capsules would get stuck and not easily release into the capsule drawer, so in that case, I'd have to take it out manually by hand.
I'm very happy that Y3.3 iperEspresso espresso machine brings so much comfort to my daily life.
It is worth to invest if you are regularly in a rush as it heat up very quickly; just a simple touch of the buttons, be it a traditional espresso or a milky latte, you can get all them without any hassle and mess!

Where to Purchase?

illy Y3.3 iperEspresso Espresso Machine is selling package price at RM650 - RM750 on Shopee
For more information, do check out their official website or follo them on their
IG with the latest deals and promotions!

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