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Time flies, it's been two years since I got married with Lik.
These 2 years are full of adventures, learning and growing for us, and everyday I'm looking forward to many more future together.
Every time when I looking back to our wedding, I always feel so thankful that we were filled with so much fun and laughs.
Though planning a wedding is so stressful, it's still a fun memory to look back at the photos and smiles from times to times. 
Recently, I have a girlfriend in Singapore is getting married by next year. #congratulations
She is feeling a little stressed while planning her wedding, then she asked for my advises. 
I shared my personal experience with her, and told her that one of the most important things that she has to prepare for her wedding is the venue. 
Of course, the venue should look beautiful because this is where to comfy and welcome your guests to enjoy the occasion with you.
However, if you want to add drama and style to the venue, then you can also hired the wedding planners to plan and take your hassle away.
For instance, hiring a favourite florist can be one of the best options since flowers are the most common thing when celebrating various events, like celebrating a wedding. 
The flower experts will know what type of flowers will suit the event also with the appropriate flower arrangement.

So, while I was looking for some informati
on to share with my girlfriend, I came across
It is a home grown Singapore Florist Shop which started it's business since 2010.
Many different flowers arrangement and also hampers are available at, such as Hand BouquetBaby Hamper, Get Well SoonGrand OpeningTable FlowersCondolence Wreaths and many more.  
At Little Flower Hut, you can see they are passionate in delivering flowers and gifts that brings a bright smile to anyone at any special occasions. 

For the wedding flower arrangements, these are the Bridal Bouquet that I fell in love on my first sight, especially the Wedding Baby Breath, and Wedding White.
They look so lovely!
All the bridal bouquets come as a package which include 1 x bridal bouquet, 2 x bridesmaid bouquets, 1 x flowergirl posy, 2 x groom's corsages, and 4 x parent's corsages. 
Not to worry about the fresh flowers delivery late to you, because only send the fresh flowers from reputable farms in 24/7 through their Same Day Flower Delivery.

Before I married, I had no idea how much wedding flowers would cost.
I was really so shocked by the prices when I first found out the prices at the florists.
I think that's the reason why nowadays people consider hiring an online florist because of the cost of the service.
However, if ever that you want to save money for a florist delivery, then it is advisable that you go for a simple but elegant arrangement.

The arrangement of the flowers greatly affects the cost too because of the types of flowers they use as well as the sophistication of how it is made.
So, I have gathered some tips that could help you save money:
#1 Instead of choosing a particular type of flower, you can consider using a variety of flowers. As much as possible, go for flowers in season because the rare ones surely cost higher.
#2 You can stick to using bold colors such as pink or red. Match the colors of the flowers with your wedding motif.
#3 It is also an advantage if you will get help from the best florist because for sure they already have ideas on how you can save money for the flower arrangements while creating a cozy atmosphere for your guests.
#4 You should not always go for an arrangement that is filled with flowers. You can choose a design with greeneries that will add appeal to your flowers.
#5 You can also save money for a flower arrangement if you can provide the florist with containers.
#6 It is also a good idea if you will consider re-purposing the flowers. You can get the flowers used in the ceremony to decorate the setting of the bridal party. 
#7 Think of a different way on how you can accentuate the arrangement like putting feathers on the hand bouquet.

Honestly, I didn't spend a lot on the flowers arrangement during my wedding.
I purchased my wedding bouquet through an online website; trust me, you will save a lot compare to buying it from the florist.
Glad that my bridal bouquet on my wedding looked perfect with the variety of flowers arrangement. 
Well, wedding can be downright painful with different decision to make and challenge to resolve, but nonetheless memory would be created as it would be remembered through out our life.
As there is a saying no pain no gain, totally suitable to fit this situation!

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