Premiere Screening @ One Night in Taipei 台北夜蒲團團轉

I usually spend my time alone if I want to watch the Hong Kong movies at cinemas because people around me refuse to pay for the tickets.
Frankly, I understand their thoughts about it, however if we do not give our support to them now, probably soon or later we will not have any good production of Cantonese movies in future.
I believe sometimes little supports can make a big difference.
Well, say me 港产片支持者 (supporter of Hong Kong movies) #lol

THANKS to Seeties Malaysia and the Grabnocost that I had the opportunity to watch the special screening of One Night in Taipei 台北夜蒲團團轉 on Wednesday night, before everybody else at GSC Mid Valley. 

One Night in Taipei, is a new work-piece from Wilson Chin Kwok-Wai, the same director of the movie of Lan Kwai Fong.
The story line is slightly same as Lan Kwai Fong, only difference is the entire story happens at the clubs in Taiwan instead of Hong Kong.

The story revolves 4 guys from Hong Kong and Taiwan.
It starts with Caprio, who comes from Hong Kong to meet and want to make a proposal to his girlfriend who traveled in Taiwan.
Unexpected things happen on his first night when the proposed ring falls down to storm drain, whereby he met a Taiwanese guy, JingGua, who offers to help him retrieve the ring.
They both then bump into another 2 guys; Sky and Dudebro Hui; hereafter 4 of them create an absurd and funny adventure in one night with the girls in Taiwan.

Among the 4 guys, I enjoy very much watching the funny acting from 6 wing 陸永 in this movie.
Many of you might already know he is one funny actor in other movies, yet I guess his funny acting in this movie has made a deep impression on the audience again. 
Most of his scenes has laughed me out loud! #lol

Throughout this movie, I have also observed the differences in terms of the characters between Hong Kong and Taiwanese girls, which is quite true to agree to some extent.
Overall, it is quite an entertaining movie which can make you happy and cheer you up!

One Night in Taipei is out now in all cinemas!
Go grab you tickets and enjoy the funny and sexy commercial comedy on your coming weekend!


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