New Month, New Chapter!

Hello August!
August is not only a brand new month, but also a brand new chapter for me too.
I have quit my full time job, and yeap I am now jobless with so much free time all by myself.
It's a big challenge for me to have such decision, as I have been working there for 7 years plus.
It is not easy to put a full-stop on this job since the 7 years experience had lead me to quite a comfortable zone.
Some friends said that they admire my courage to quit and take on a new journey, YES I kinda agree with it too. #lol

This job consider my first job when I stepped into the payment salary society after I finished my degree.
I was glad that my boss was dare to take me as his staff since I have no "real" experience at my age 27 that time.
I truly appreciate for all the rare opportunity and trust he gave to me throughout the years; traveled to different countries and met different people, worked independently by my own, and built up self-confident in front of the customers and suppliers.
I have to admit that I have grown up so much all the way through these interesting and enjoyable experiences.
Also, to my Dutch partner who worked closely with me everyday; appreciate for all the cares and guidance no matter in my working or personal life; he always acted like my big brother to make sure I am always in a good form.
My heart was truly touched when I received the big bouquet flowers and letters from him on my last day at work.
This is way too much to recognize my works and efforts! #thankyouverymuch
Also, a big thanks to my customers and suppliers who all touching and appreciation emails to me. I am truly blessed with all the warm messages. I seriously didn't know that I was so much been treasured and valued until the day I signed off.

I have no idea what's coming up next on my new chapter, but I would want to take this long break to relax, and enjoy myself.
I know it's gonna be a big move for me no matter I am going for a new job or start my own business; however, I would have faith in myself and I have to truly confident in all that I am going to do.

Well, one chapter has ended, another has begun.
Goodbye to my fruitful 7 years, and I am excited to welcome my new chapter in my life! #bigsmileasalways


Maple Shuh Hong said...

omg, you made such a big move! admire you!! Yes, just have faith in yourself. and omg!! you got the 50 shades of grey!!! a good way to start your new life!

all the best to you!! I love you for being your ownself!!!

hiphippopo said...

Thanks sweetie. Hope to see you soon again ya!