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I believe we all experienced moments of stressed-out skin in our lives.
Stressed-out skin could happen from poor rest, emotional stress, digital stress such as too much blue light from extreme screen time, hormonal changes, having too much time in the heat, sun, wind or water, getting redness and rashes from allergies, aggressive beauty routines, and many other reasons. 
When your skin tends to feel irritated, flaky, puffy, tingly, tight or dry, you are most probably having stressed-out skin which need to be extra careful on it.
Other than the inside out solutions like nourishing your skin with hydrating skincare products, getting your daily 8 glasses of water, exercising and also be kind to your mind like doing medication, adding some self-care indulgences into your daily beauty regimen is also very important. 
So this time round, I'm sharing you the freshly released hero that I'm currently in love with, Dr Murad Intense Recover Cream, the Murad's richest facial cream to date, to soothes the visible signs of skin stress, whether environmental or triggered by lifestyle. 
This intense cream has surprised me in many ways, if you are looking for a way to take back control of stressed skin or tired face, continue to read on this beauty post and learn about this fantastic and gentle facial cream with me! :)

What is Murad Intense Recovery Cream

Intense Recovery Cream is Murad's clinically proven, ultra-rich cream that comforts, relieves, and encourages recovery of super stressed-out skin, either caused by environmental or trigged by lifestyle. 
It is suitable for all skin types, include normal, dry, combination and also sensitive skin.
The nourishing formula is a savour for thirsty, easily upset skin that delivers intensely hydrating, continuous nourishment, strengthen the skin barrier, and calm irritation. 
The facial cream has done a 4-weeks testing, with some amazing results; 100% agreed skin felt soothed, 92% agreed skin feels comforted and more hydrated, 88% agreed that their over-stressed skin looks relaxed and calm, and 89% of subjects showed improvement in redness.


The intense cream features their 4 main ingredients to combat dryness, soothe redness, relieve irritation and eliminate the out of balance feeling:
#1 Shea butter & macadamia oil (for hydrates): deeply moisture and comfort severely dehydrated skin
#2 Mirabilis jalapa plant extract (for soothes): soothes irritation and visible redness
#3 Microalgae extract (for smooths): helps calm the visible signs of stress to reduce the look of expression lines and restore radiance
It is formulated without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, gluten, animal-derived ingredients, mineral oil, formaldehyde, oxybenzone, petroleum and cruelty-free.


The facial cream comes in a minimalist transparent jar; very light and handy to bring it or place it at everywhere.
The jar looks elegant and great on the countertop, and the cream texture looks luxurious when scooping out.
It's surprised that the packaging doesn't come with a spatula, so in order to keep it hygienic, it's important to make sure you have your hands clean before you stick your fingers into a jar. :)

Texture & Scent

The face cream comes in pastel green colour, almost like the light mint colour.
It has a creamy texture, not in water-based or gel-based, so it is slightly thicken yet pretty smooth and light to be on the skin.
It also sinks and absorbs very well into the skin for a few minutes after applying it on the skin. 
As for the scent, it has a light scent of shea butter with macadamia oil, makes you feel so relaxing when you have the cream on your face. :) 

How to Use?

Apply the Intense Recovery Cream morning and night time on your last step of skincare routine.
Massage over clean skin on the face, neck and chest, and then gently patted around the eye area.
If you are using Murad skincare ranges, you can start your skincare routine with the Prebiotic 4-in-1 MultiCleanser, and then followed by the Intense Recovery Cream.

My Experience

With the recent hectic schedule and tight deadlines to meet, I'm completely stressed out; this not only affected my lifestyle, but also the condition of my skin.
My skin shows up as increased sensitive, dull and tight, and I'm glad that Dr Murad Intense Recovery Cream came in the right time to solve my stressed out skin.
Everyday, I apply it as the final step in my morning and nighttime routine, and I found out that my skin has been improved day by day since the first day I started using it.
First thing first, I find it is very moisturizing, nourishing and protective; it boosts my skin's hydration by adding super enough moist to my dry skin.
I have combination skin, and this creams seems to suits both the oily and dry areas on different parts of my face very well; feed enough moisture on the dry areas but light enough that do not leave the oily areas feeling slick.
I'm also surprised by the texture; all this while, I've always been using lightweight moisturizer creams and lotions as I do not like to burden my skin with thick ointment or cream that contains higher amounts of oils, and this intense cream surprised me with the outcome of a thicker cream. 
It looks slightly heavy and creamy, looks more like a body butter when I first opened it, but it is so easily apply, glide over my skin and it also absorb quickly without leaving a greasy feeling on the skin, that's why it is also suitable to use in the day time too!
Every night, I also use it to have a gentle massage over my face, neck and chest since the texture is slightly thicker and creamy that makes it so easy for massaging the skin.
The aroma that smells like shea butter also makes it so relaxing to ease stress when I applied it over my skin. 
Last but not least, my skin is feeling so much smoother and softer than before, thanks to Murad to restore radiance to my tired and stressful skin. 

Where to Purchase?

Murad Intense Recovery Cream @ RM418 (50ml) is now available at https://www.murad.com.my/product/intense-recovery-cream/.
FYI, Murad skincare was developed by Dr Murad, one of the first skincare brands to come directly from a doctor.
Murad is an award-winning brand, and has been providing skin solutions via innovative range of effective products since they started in 1989.
I've been using Murad several skincare products, and without a doubt, many of them are been nice to my skin and help my skin look better and healthy. 
If you would like to know more about Murad, you can visit their official website at https://www.murad.com.my/.

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