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I have no idea since when I started to love Indian food, probably because I really love hot and spicy food.
I usually get recommendations about where to go for Indian food from my girl friend as she is also a big fan of Indian food. :)
My most favourite Indian dishes are Tandoori chicken and nasi briyani!
So, last week, I visited an Indian restaurant, Spice Garden, located at The LINC KL for dinner.
It is a semi-fine dining restaurant, serving authentic Indian and Middle-Eastern cuisine to the residents and expatriates living in and around Klang Valley area.
The restaurant was established in 2003 with 4 different outlets around Malaysia.
What makes Spice Garden so special is their recipes are using centuries old recipes and techniques that are indispensable for the preparation of truly authentic Indian cuisine.
They promise they only use original spices and herbs without artificial flavouring, colouring or preservatives, and also all dishes are freshly cooked by master chefs who are knowledgeable and skillful enough to prepare truly authentic Indian and Middle-Eastern cuisines.
My first visit to Spice Garden was pleasant; good food, good service and comfortable environment. :)

The first Spice Garden is located in Genting Highlands, followed by the second outlet at Jalan Bukit Bintang, third outlet in Alor Setar, and the latest fourth restaurant is situated at The LINC KL.
I visited the new one at The LINC KL, situated at the first floor inside the mall.
It's easy to find the restaurant by navigators, but you can also spot the restaurant from the main road before entering to the car park.

The dining room is cozy, bounded by the saffron and beige-coloured walls, as well as wooden chairs and tables that with a classic intricately carved.
The entire place gives the right "curry" vibes and all staffs were very welcoming too. :)

Tandoori is the most popular Indian dish in all over the world.
Secret Garden's Tandoori has the oldest marination form of barbecue recipe blending the authentic herbs and spices, garlic and ginger, creating the appetizing aroma that complements the original taste and colour of the meat or vegetables that are spiced up with the high heat of tandoori.
This authentic Tandoori Chicken @ RM60 (full) is so tender, moist, juicy!
The meat baked until golden with little charred bits, while keeping exterior dry and interior moist, and most importantly it has the right amount of spiciness!
Seriously can't resist to have more than one piece!

Koliwada is a famous marination amongst the coastal area locals in Koliwada which is located in Mumbai.
You don't have to fly all the way to Mumbai to taste Koliwada, because chef at Spice Garden has created his own secret recipe and reignite its flavour to people outside of India.
Koliwada Sea Bass @ RM40, infused with rich, strong flavours of Indian herbs and spices, and the texture on the sea bass was so soft and a bit of buttery that brought so much excitement to the dinner table!

Kebab is another popular dish from Indian cuisine.
The dish is kneaded with herbs and spices, regardless of the selection of minced meat or vegetables, it is skewed and grilled to perfection in the natural charcoal flames.
There have a wide selection of kebabs include chicken, mutton, venison and mixed vegetables.
I tried the Venison Kebabs @ RM55, that has a delicate yet unique flavour.
The meat was grilled perfectly, with a very aromatic and delicious taste.
Definitely can be a good choice to substitute out for your favourite meat!

Curry is a must-have when it comes to staple food such as bread and rice.
There are many curry selections on its menu, and also a simple guide for you to choose the right curry for your preferred meat, seafood, or vegetables.
Here's the four types of curries that I've tried:
#1 Tikka, features skinless chicken cube has a very nice taste of almond milk.
It's not spicy compare to the other sauces, yet it matches well with choices of meat, seafood and vegetables.
#2 Palak matches well with all types of meat, seafood and vegetables.
It is the wholesome goodness of freshly blended spinach cooked with flavourful herbs and spices and also house-made cottage cheese, forming a smoothly textured gravy with loads of natural fibers and beautiful of health benefits.
#3 Makhani, with sea bass, is a buttery smooth gravy that made of tomatoes and cashew nuts as its base.
It is kids-friendly, and benefiting for those who prefer a taste of pleasant sweetness with their favourite chicken, seafood or vegetables.
#4 Masala, with venison is an enhanced version of Makhani, a curry with medium spiciness enriched with chunks of the natural goodness of fresh tomatoes, onions and capsicums.
The sauce goes well with all types of meat, seafood and vegetables selections to bring out the aroma before cooking them in gravy

Gotten the Bread (Naans) Basket @ RM42 that contains bread selections of white flour, whole wheat and multi-grains.
The naans are soft, puffy, airy with the beautiful golden brown spots on the surface.
They are very much like pizzas, it's best to eat when the breads are fresh, straight out of the oven, so that you can taste the best texture as it is!

Last but not least, here's the first of its kind special dish Khazana Biryani that created and only served at Spice Garden.
The Khazana Biryani is very different with the other biryanis I tried before.
It is cooked to perfection within a unique whole wheat wrap that allows the charcoal heat to be evenly distributed, allowing the flavour and aroma of the herbs and spices to be thoroughly spread on the rice and meat.
We tried the Mutton Khazana Biryani @ RM70++ (2 pax) and RM125++ (4 pax) during my first visit.
This dish is simply so unforgettable!
The bread wrap retains the natural moist of the meat, and making its texture so juicy and more succulent!
If you do not take mutton, you can also try the other selections such as chicken, venison, fish, prawns, salmons or mixed vegetables.

Wrapped up the dinner with the traditional Indian dessert, Gulab Jamun @ RM8 (2 pieces), a fried sweet ball which made of milk-solid-based.
I personally don't enjoy this sweet ball so much because of it's inherent sweetness. :)

Btw, if you come here during lunch hour, their lunch sets are also worth a try!
All set meals come with cold drink of the day or Indian Masala Tea.
Available from Monday to Friday, 11am till 3pm, except public holidays.

Spice Garden has won a number of prestigious awards including Malaysia International Gastronomy Festival 2018, with the Most Outstanding Canapes and Most Outstanding Warm Starter, as well as Chef Personality Award for embodying Malaysia's muhibbah spirit during the festival.
This restaurant is suitable for everyone, young or old, because they offer pork-free dishes, also their food can be made according to customer preferences like nut-free, gluten-free, extra spicy or non-spicy.
If you want to get a taste of authentic Indian and Middle-Eastern cuisines, I believe Spice Garden will surely satisfy your taste buds and stomach both!

Spice Garden @ The LINC KL
Add: Lot 1-3, 1-3-4F, First Floor, The LINC KL
Jalan Tun Razak, Taman U Thant,
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603 9213 0377
Opening hours: Daily 10am - 10pm
Website: http://spicegardenasia.net/

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