Bingsu @ Damansara Uptown

Korean dessert wave continues to make splash in KL!
Today, I would like to bring you to a new Bingsu Cafe located at Damansara Uptown.
I have heard of this cafe from Gail, my Korean friend few months ago; and yea we both love bingsu very much.
Glad that we made a move to try this new bingsu together in the last week of Friday.

I heard from Gail said that this cafe is operated by a Malaysian family which also co-owned by a Korean partner.
So, one thing we can ensure is it's authenticity of their quality of food.

It has self-service concept, with a simple menu display on the wall in front of the cashier.
They are not only selling their signature of Bingsu, they also have other desserts like toasts, cakes, ice-cream and coffee.

After paid, you will get a round buzzer and you can collect your food at the counter when it's light up.
Having said that it is a self-service cafe,  all the necessary condiments and utensils are placed at the left corner and all desserts will be complemented with a free flow of hot tea.

We ordered one Black Sesame Bingsu @ 14.90 which is my all-time favourite.
I am a huge fan of sesame because because my mum always said black sesame is good for health, and also black sesame flavor is always tends to be less sweet than the other flavours.
The shaved ice texture is being well mixed with sesame, sesame powder, red bean, almond flakes, and cashew nuts.


We also ordered another signature flavor which is Blueberry Cheese Bingsu @ RM18.90.
It is a more simple bingsu than the black sesame where it only has blueberry place around the shaved ice, and some cheese cubes pair along with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.
I am not a person who like blueberries much but this kind of combination is not bad at all, especially after the cheese cubes melt with the ice which has enhanced the taste.

The cafe has total 2 floors; this is how the first floor look like with some wood tables chairs and 2 comfortable couches.

It was quite quiet when we arrived there at about 2pm, probably people just finished their lunch and not ready to have their tea time yet. #hehe

Me and Gail enjoyed our time with Bingsu on that lovely afternoon.
We both super in love with their unique ice texture as it is more like a cotton which is very fluffy and soft.
It is totally different with the bingsu that we have at the Caffe Bene or other places.
Gail also told me that bingsu with this kind of ice texture is usually more expensive than the usual ones.

Are you ready to give it a try?
You can now download the apps on your phone, and get your buy 1 free 1 at the Bingsu!
This great promotion only valid till 30th Sept 2015.
For me, it is very worth to try something new at a new place with this kind of promotion.
You may have "pocket" pain if you got to pay more when you aren't sure if they have good servings. 
Bingsu is located at the same row of POKC, facing the LDP highway.
It is easy to recognize with it's black and white background.

28, Jalan SS21/35, Damansara Utama, 
47400 Petaling Jaya
Phone: +603 77333086
Opening hours: 12pm -12am Daily