Premium Tualang Honey @ Wesley's Wild Honey

Do you know that honey is a natural sweetener with amazing benefits?
It helps to reduce cough, throat irritation, anti-bacterial, prevent cancer, reduce ulcer and even give you a beautiful skin.
However, it is not easy to know if the honey is pure even though the label guarantees it; that's why my mum always get the Manuka honey from Australia.
I am so thankful to know about the Wesley's Wild Honey which located at Damansara Utama, and I guess my mum will be the first one who said YEA! #lollollol

The owner, Wesley decided to use his own name on the shop to create an uniqueness of his brand.
The reason he started this business is to emphasize "All-natural healthy lifestyle".

Wesley’s Wild Honey’s main concept is to introduce the 100% natural and unprocessed Premium Tualang wild honey, which is the most ferocious and the largest bee species in the world.
It is harvested by Asian giant rock bees in Peninsula Malaysia.

To ensure the honey still contains it's original of bee pollen granules, bee propolis, vitamins, minerals and enzymes, they do not go through any preheat process (unprocessed) during the production like the other honeys in the market. 
The team has also conducted various studies to prove that genuine wild honey has the probiotic bacteria such as acidophilus.

It is important if you purchase the right quality of honey without the contents of artificial sweeteners, antibiotics and pesticides because no-pure honey will cause damages of health.
Hence, all Wesley’s honeys will be tested by SGS consolidated laboratories for bacterial, viral and food safety to certify their quality standard.

A simple experiment from the Wesley's team in order to determine the pureness of the honey. 
The first photo without the sparkling bubbles is from "brand A", while the second photo which shows the sparkling bubbles is from Wesley's Wild Honey.
They indicated that the unprocessed pure honey should contain bubbles shown on the second photo after you mix certain amount of honey to the water.

The Tualang wild honey prices range are from RM100 - RM350, it depends the weight and type of quality you want to purchase.
The honeys are not only available at the gallery, you can also get from their major dealers in Malaysia such as DSY Wellness and Longevity CenterGood Life Good Choice, and Breadfruits

The original place was set up as a honey gallery, but due to the spacious space, the owner decided to add in a café concept just to fill up the space.
It creates a new idea with two concepts; aside from selling honey products, they also offer various healthy desserts and beverages which goes well with their premium Tualang Honey. 

Signature Waffle with wild honey @ RM15.80, which drizzling their in-house honey on top of 4 pieces of waffle, 4 types of fruit, and a scoop of ice-cream.

Crispy French Toast @ RM10.80, is their in house specialty toast because they dip in their own honey which very well soften the toasts.

Not only that, the cafe also servers 100% cold pressed juiced with premium Tualang honey. 
The price of the fresh juices range from RM10 - RM15 depends which fruits you mix together.

What catch my attention during my first time visit was their unique products of herb-infused Tualang Honey, rare tropical forest treasure such as Tongkat Ali and Tiger's Milk Mushroom
All these special ingredients are for the purpose of health. 

It's worth-while to pay a visit to Wesley's Wild Honey because apart of knowing honey, you can also enjoy their "honey" desserts and beverages.
I am sure that whoever visit this gallery/cafe will gain certain knowledge on honey in return.  

Wesley's Wild Honey
19, Jalan SS21/56B, 
Damansara Utama, 
47400 Petaling Jaya, Salangor
Tel: 6016 2202 535 / 60111 2227 878
Opening hours: Mon - Sat 11am - 11pm (closed on Sunday)

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