Miriam Yeung 楊千嬅 @ Let's Begin Live in Malaysia 2015

I am a die-hard fans of Miriam Yeung 楊千嬅.
I like her true characteristic, her bubbly personality, and her own style.  
I never missed any of her movies, songs and concerts when there was one in KL.
I even flew to Hong Kong one time to watch one of her show, Minor Classic Live in 2011
Her last concert in Malaysia was in 2010, with her world tour of the Ladies & Gentlemen.
In the concert, I screamed out loud crazily and sang along with her non-stopped till the 2 girls who seated beside me turned and asked: "Are you her big fans"
#lol #lol #lol That was the funny one!
I have been waiting for her Let's begin concert since the first show in Hong Kong this year January.
And YES! The long awaited Miriam Yeung Let's Begin World Tour 2015 is finally here in Malaysia!

It's been a while since I watched the last concert in Genting, so I was a bit surprised with it's new changes of the place.
It looks so different; with bigger space outside the auditorium but need a lot more walking than before!

I bought the seat at PS4 row BC at price RM176 (after 20% discount for the early bird purchased).
To be honest, I think my seat was not bad at all, kinda close to the stage and the big screen, although the seat was a bit sided to the right. 
So, if you have tight budget for any concerts in Genting next time, you may consider getting PS4 too.

It's the 5th tour here in Malaysia for Miriam!
Couldn't express how happy and excited I was to meet my super star again! #hehe

The show started pretty on time, and Miriam sang her first song Brave 勇 as the opening.
She was in shinny red colour dress, and she looked so thin and fit now compare to before.

This is one of my favourite song from her, Teenage Girl Prayer 少女的祈祷.
The lyric touches my heart every time when I listened to it. 
Well, one thing I like Miriam the most is her songs are always meaningful and written in inspirational lyrics. 
Her songs had gotten me through some of the toughest moments of my life, especially when I was in 20s. 

She has performed many old and new songs on that night, and of course her big hit as well, Too Bad I Am An Aquarius 可惜我是水瓶座.
Tell me you are familiar with this song from Miriam!

There was a touching moment during the concert once everyone waived the lights of their mobile phones.
It looked so beautiful in the darkness and Miriam almost cried out.

She also sang one of her latest new song, The Best Debt 最好的債.
It has a very good written lyrics by Wyman 黃偉文 again!

Not only that, Miriam also performed most of her classic and most well-loved songs from her last 20 years showbiz. 
Watch this short video I made with most of the songs she performed for her last station of Let's Begin world tour in Malaysia!

Thanks's Miriam for the great show!
I really enjoyed it; not because she has been my all-time diva, but she has really performed with her greatest truthfulness and sincerity!
Also, the best part for me is I know all the songs and I can sing along each songs with Miriam together!

You are my superstar, and will always be!
I promise I will continue to give you my love and support for the next 20 years!
With lot's of LOVE! 

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