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Yeah! Another post for Let's go to Taipei!
This time I will bring you around the Jiufen九份 and Shifen十分!
We spent the whole day at both places by hiring a private driver and car.
It costs us about TWD4500, which is about RM645 for like 9 hours drive.
It sounded pretty reasonable after sharing between 6 of us.
Ya, it's always less expensive if you are traveling in a small group because you have more people to split the costs with.
The driver picked us up at our apartment according to our preference time at 9am, and then sent us back to the final destination we wanted to.
If you do not have any special plans, the driver can advice you some places to go.
But since we all have been to Taipei before, we started our first destination at Jiufen (the driver was actually planned to stop us at Yehliu 野柳),

Say you are ready with us! #yea

The journey took about 1 hour plus from our apartment.
I think we arrived before 11am.
The whole street of Jiufen was jam packed with people, mainly tourists like us.
Not very nice to walk because the weather was quite warm on that day itself too.

People everywhere!
At few points, I was barely walked in a straight line and sometimes I felt like we were on a standstill packed. :(

Jiufen is a place with many incredible Taiwan snacks and food.
Once you get there, you just can't stop eating from one stall to another one.
Our first stop was the famous Taro and Sweet Potato Balls, which located near the beginning of the street.

It's a must try in Jiufen, because the taro balls are full of yam flavour.
The balls were soft, chewy, and it has "QQ" in texture! :)
Oh ya! Not to forget the balls are served with sweet red bean soup too!

Anyone like winter-melon tea?
#lol Believe me not?! The big winter-melon is real one!

My Kay baby!

Food in Jiufen made us happy! :D

Aison bought the Deep Fried Squid.
If you love squid, then you will love it like we do!

I can see grilled mushroom everywhere in Taipei!
This is the Grilled King Mushroom.

Not only eating, and shopping in Jiufen, this is also a great place to take nice and nostalgic photos!
It is easy to find the best easily accessible photo spots at here.
Even a simple background with a vintage folding steel door. #hehe
Anyway, it's very nice to see all these old buildings and houses are good preserved till now. 

Grilled Sea Snails caught our attention!
It was cooked over the charcoals, and served with chili sauce.
The taste is very fresh and sweet, and the texture is very bouncy  too!
Don't forget to give it a try when you are there!

Ah Lan Hakka Glutinous Rice Cake, sells traditional hand-made rice cakes.
There are many fillings available such as salted vegetables, red bean, green bean, and yam.
To be honest, I have no idea how to enjoy these kind of rice cakes, because the taste is sooooo strange for me.

My Stella baby!

Aison wanna try his luck in Taipei.
He was lucky because he won one packed juice drink! #happykid
Well, I guess it's better than nothing; Stella tried her luck 2 times, and she didn't win anything! #lol

Jiufen is located at the mountain area.
It's worth to have a stop after a long walk to enjoy the natural view and fresh air.
We popped into Jiufen Teahouse 九份茶坊, which is the first tea house established in Jiufen.
The indoor interior is covered with wooden antique furniture, as well as different types of teapots and ceramics.

We enjoyed our time at the outdoor tea house with great chatting and laughing.
I remember we ended up chatting without a pause and stayed there for almost 2 hours. #haha
The most interesting topic was "where should we go next"!

The tea house has a minimum spending requirement, so we got two different types of tea.
I can't remember the name of the tea we ordered, obviously I am not the one who made the decision. #lol
Though it is slightly expensive, it's worth with the tea quality and atmosphere.
The waitress demonstrated the tea making for us, and also explained to us the use of every tools and also where the tea leaves itself.

Macam Yes! #haha

#lol #lol This shows that every girls have a different way of posing. 

Fresh guava juice, do you like it?! :)

Hey Genius!
That's my pineapple, hey!

We ended the Jiufen Old Street at another entrance.
I think it's good for us that we didn't start our journey at here, because look at the long staircase behind me!; I think this is much challenging and required more steps to climb.

From the entrance we came out, we took a short walk from the mountains and houses that built along the mountain side to meet our driver.
Though it was quite a long, it was a lovely walk for us to enjoy the quietness with the natural beauty.

Here comes the end of Jiufen trip.
I have to say we all enjoyed Jiufen a lot, especially the local Taiwanese food along the whole narrow street.
Though the streets are not easy to walk with the crowds, and also under the hot weather, it was still great memories and experiences in our trip.
Other than that, the natural view of scenery and lively environment in this attraction are also the best to enjoy.
I am sure I will come back again!

We stopped by at the Houtong Cat Village 猴硐貓村, since the village is along our way to Shifen十分.
It said that there are many cats left in here, but unfortunately we didn't see that many when we were there.
If not mistaken, we only met less than 5 cats at the entire village.
Anyway, I have a phobia of cats, so less cats are definitely BEST for me; but if you are a cat lover, I am afraid you might feel disappointed after that.
I would suggest to spend more time at either Jiufen or Shifen rather than this Cat Village.

Jingan Suspension Brdge 静安桥 is one of the unique feature before we walked to the Shifen Waterfall 十分大瀑布
The bridge is not very long but it is long enough for me because I have minor acrophobia.

To get to the Shifen Waterfall, you need to prepare some walking exercises as the whole journey needs to walk through some natural views, peaceful woods, and hilly terrains.
So eat more and burn more calories after that! #haha

Lemon Aiyu Jelly 爱玉冰 is my most favourite drink! #slurpslurp

Also the finger food Grilled Sausage too! #yumyumyum

The Shifen Waterfall itself is beautiful.
The entry is free of charge, but there were too many tourist along the fenced edge of the waterfall.
People everywhere again!

It's not easy to squeeze yourself to get a proper picture with the waterfall.
Kay tried few times, and I think this is the best shot after all! #thankyoukay

So we got ourself a welfie instead. #hehe

The waterfall has a closing time at 530pm, so we actually didn't really spend a lot of time in front of the waterfall.
Anyway, we ended the Shifen Waterfall trip with our happy welfie face! #welfieface

I wanted to visit Shifen Old Street 十分老街 ever since I knew about this attraction from the social postings.
The place sounds great, especially you can make your wishes and release the wishes to the sky.
I think I just enjoy making wishes, though it might not come true lol. #haha

Sky lanterns come in different colours and each colour represents different meaning and wishes.
For example, red for health, purple for education, yellow for health, and green for success.
The paper lantern is too big for one person, unless you have many wishes you want to make.
The 6 of us shared 2 lanterns together.

Women's wishes VS Men's wishes!
Wishes from men are really funny if you understand what they mean. #rofl 

The shop not only sell you the sky lanterns, they also will help you to take pictures while you lift up and release the lantern.
They are very professional as they guide you a step-by-step to assist your posing.
Don't worry that you will miss out any memories, because the photographer will shoot you with different posing with the lantern.

好朋友一起放天灯,愿望一定会成真! #好耶

Bring all my wishes to heaven and pray my wishes come true!
Becareful when you release the lantern to the sky, because the train will come to you at anytime. :p

Best friend?
Nah! We are the best bestieeeeee! :)

I enjoyed here very much, and I think this is the best highlight of the trip.
The atmosphere was so happy, and the most excited moment is to see the colourful lanterns slowly fly up to the sky.
I was completely a happy kid with big laugh while enjoying every moments there!

That's all about our trip in Jiufen and Shifen.
Looking back all the pictures make me smile and remind me all our happy good times together.
Hope you all enjoyed reading this long post, and thanks for finish it till end! #appreciateit

Lastly, don't forget to watch my vlog for Jiufen and Shifen! ♥♥♥

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