Lee Kwang Soo in Malaysia @ Guerisson 9Complex

Annyeonghaseyo, everyone!
Annyeong, Oppa Lee Kwang Soo!
Omo! Omo! Omo!
I met "The Prince Of Asia" Lee Kwang Soo on last Saturday!
Couldn't believe that I can have the chance to meet him in such a close distance.
I was really excited and superb happy!
First and foremost, I sincerely thanks to 9Complex Malaysia for bringing Lee Kwang Soo to Malaysia!
Thanks for making my dreams come true to meet my Oppa Lee! ♥♥♥

Of course, I believe most people know about Lee Kwang Soo on the most popular TV show of the "Running Man".
For me, I actually knew him from the K-drama "City Hunter", then followed by my most favourite "It's Okay, That's Love".
Recently, I was very crazy about his recent work of "The Sound Of Your Heart".
This drama is just too funny, especially episode 6 where everyone forced to speak English.
Every time when I watched it, I laughed so hard till I bothered Lik. #lol
If you had watched it, you know what I mean! #hehe

Besides knowing for the highly popular TV show "Running Man", and also referred to as "The Prince of Asia", Lee Kwong Soo again has appointed as the brand ambassador of the Guerisson, one of the top Korean Skincare Brand in Korea.
This event was held on 29th April 2017 at Pavilion Mall, Cenre Court in Kuala Lumpur,

I was there at 11am, and there was already a small crowd queuing up!
They probably arrived and waited before the shopping mall opened.
Really admired their dedication!

Scream loudddd and biggggg shout to "The Prince of Asia" Lee Kwang Soo!
When Oppa came on the stage, my heart beating with so much excitement.
I tried very hard to maintain calm expression, but it's difficult because he is too adorable! #haha
Oppa is tall and lanky.
He is very friendly, humble and always gives depreciating messages when he was on the stage.
I was very impressed that he can recognize most of his fans he met before.
Also, he tried his best to fulfill every fans' needs!
Lucky fans, huh!

There was a special autograph session for the first 100 VIP fans to stay closer to the stage and Oppa Kwang Soo.
I wish I could be the lucky one. :(
Many overseas fans traveled from their home countries like Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong etc to here, just for Lee Kwang Soo.
It was crazy, but I know because Oppa is too awesome!

Once again, thank you 9Complex Malaysia for having me at such beautiful Saturday! ♥♥♥
Kamsahamnida, Oppa Lee Kwang Soo for giving me so many lovely memorable moments in Malaysia! ♥♥♥

Guerisson 9Complex Horse Oil Cream, is the most famous international product that used by women for centuries.
What makes it so famous is because it utilizes modern dermatological technology combined with Korean traditional medicinal method to maximize the effectiveness of horse oil when applied on one's skin.
This signature cream recently awarded the First Brand Award 2016 & Sure Beauty Award 2016, and Guerisson is looking forward to spread the true beauty concept of Horse Oil even further into the western countries in the future.

Besides the signature Guerisson 9Complex Horse Oil, Guerssion also launching their newest skincare line, Guerisson Red Ginseng series, which has the synergy between German Horse Oil and Korean Red Ginseng to improve level of absorption and it's ability to penetrate skin easily.

Guerisson Red Ginseng Skin Essence helps the skin to achieve younger looking skin with strong double skin barrier since it has intensive skin moisturizing horse oil and youth energy complex red ginseng.
It contains small active ingredients particles (micelles), which penetrates deeper into the skin and makes skin smooth and supple.

Guerisson Red Ginseng Cream adds strengths to skin with the combination ingredients of the potency of horse oil and the vitality of red ginseng roots.
This cream can deeply nourishes skin and strengthens skin barriers which caused by external irritants and also makes skin healthier.
The butter-like texture not only helps to deeply nourishes and moisturizes skin, but also add glow to the skin at the same time.

Guerisson Red Ginseng Eye Cream, can apply on either around the eyes, and also other wrinkly or dark spots on the face.
The aluminium laminated tub prevents the destruction of active ingredients and helps to ensure stability in carrying active ingredients into skin.
It is made of  texture with 3-dimensional polymer protein, so it stays well on the surface of aging skin and improves skin around the eyes.

I tested some of the products on my skin; and overall I feel very good about them, especially the Red Ginseng series
The essence is in watery base, so it absorbs very fast when I tab it into my skin,
The cream looks heavy and creamy from it's outlook, but indeed it has sufficient moisture to keep my skin smooth and moist.
The best part I love about them is the smell of ginseng, so love the scent!
All the products from 9Complex can be purchased at Sasa outlets in Malaysia.
You can also get more information from their official website at http://www.9complex.my/ and latest updates at https://www.facebook.com/9complex.my/.

Last but not least, I end the post with my epic picture together with Oppa Lee Kwang Soo.
Also, I wanna send a big hug to Wendy Pua for giving such a precious moments to me and Oppa!
Hope you all enjoy the write up with all the love for today!
Cheers lovely peeps, and have a great weekend! ♥♥♥

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