Vitagen @ A Better Gut Begins with Vitagen

The first and No.1 cultured milk drink, Vitagen which grown alongside generations of Malaysians, has kick-started the celebration of it's 40th anniversary with the campaign introduction of "A Better Gut Begins with Vitagen".
The campaign is as an extension of the brand's far-reaching digestive health education and awareness initiative.

I believe everyone knows about Vitagen, because it is one of the famous healthy drinks that has been an integral part of Malaysians' everyday lives for 40 years.
According to the studies, this good gut health drink is important to those who face health challenges, especially Malaysians have increasing problems in lifestyle stress, consumption of fast food, and serious obesity.
Like this, it's very important to find out how the gut works and how to care for it's essential to have a healthy well being.

Vitagen has been expanding it's efforts to promote good gut health to Malaysians through many campaigns and activities.
They want to create awareness and form healthy lifestyle habits about the importance of good gut health.
They also modify their drink by reducing sugar, and collagen variants.
If you are like me, eat very less sugar; I am sure you will love their less sugar Vitagen!
It was awarded the Healthier Choice logo under the Ministry of Health.

Vitagen was one of my favourite childhood drink.
My mum said it's a good drink for my digestive system, that's why she bought a lot of Vitagen drinks for us.
My favourite flavour is the green apple one (I like green apple). #hehe
Indeed, Vitagen is not only good for digestion, the billions of good bacteria with live, active cultures of Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus casei that contain inside the drink helps the absorption of nutrients from food and stimulates a stronger immune system.
Besides, it also assists in suppressing the growth of harmful bacteriareducing the risk of intestinal disturbances for optimal digestive health when consumed.

In conjunction with it's 40th anniversary, Vitagen shows the positive correlation between good gut health and overall well being through 3 key areas such as #1 improved immunity, #2 greater mental clarity and #3 a more balanced mood.
They also moving into more engaging strategies such as interactive multimedia and a nationwide roadshow with interactive components that will take the Malaysian public on a journey into their digestive system.

As the good gut health expert, Vitagen believes good health starts from the gut!
So yea, let's do it together, peeps! #ohyeah

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