Let's Go To Taipei!

Hey May!
It's me again!
Just in case you didn't know, I traveled to Taipei for 1 week with my uni mates last month.
It was such a fun-filled trip, and now we can't wait to arrange another trip again!
We made a spontaneous decision to travel to Taiwan, I remembered the last trip we made was like 9 years ago in Vietnam.
It's not easy to have everyone on a trip since most of us in the group have already started a family.
So, it's truly very thankful and grateful that we could arrange this trip at this time.
We traveled in total 6 of us; and since everyone have been to Taipei before, we didn't go to a lot of tourist spots, but just get in the way of finding moments, and spend quality time together.
I believe that everyone of us must had brought home with so much sweet, wonderful, and joyful memories!

It took me sometimes to go through and edit the pictures we took during our trip, because there are more than 2000 pictures inside the folder. #crazy 
I will be separating my "Let's Go Taipei" into few posts with different topics, or else it will be too heavy if I include all information in one single post.
If you are interested to know where we stay, what good food we had, places to see and things to do in Taipei, please do follow my blog from now and then :) #thanksforsupport
So, shall we begin now?!

One of my bucket list is to travel with both my bestie sisters, Kay and Stella.
So yea, one tick off from my bucket list!

It's my second time in Taipei, the last time I went was more than 10 years ago.
So, I actually have few places that I insisted to go; such as Jiufen and Shifen.
We allocated the second day with a private driver and car to drive us around these places.

We enjoyed Jiufen 九分老街 a lot because it has lots of choice of local foods and snacks.
We were eating and eating food non-stop while walking on the old street.

Of course I like Jiufen very much because this place is nice and free for photography, I can shoot as much photo as I like! #lol

Before continue our journey to Shifen Waterfall, a pit stop at the Houtong Cat Villag侯硐猫村.
Lucky enough that there are not that many cats, because I'm phobia to cats!
Can you imagine my fear?

Shifen Waterfall 十分瀑布 is a good walking exercise because we need to walk through some naturals, peaceful woods, hills and bridges, before arriving at the beautiful waterfall. 
I remembered, we had so much laughter, fun and wonder on this journey. :)

Next, one of my favourite stop, Shifen Old Street 十分老街.
Writing everyone wishes on the sky lanterns, sending them up the sky and wishes come true! #macamyes
I have many wishes; But, if I could only choose one, I wish everyone with good health and happy. :)

Hiphippopo.com is on the wishing lantern. :p

Taiwan is a food heaven!
I think I gained at least 3-4kg back home! #isshhhh

Not only that, Taiwan is good for drinking too!
We drink every night with Taiwan beers.
If you hate beer because it's bitter, then you must try  their fruit beer range!

Obviously, women love to take pictures of themselves than men. :D

Tucked into the most famous Fei Qian Wu 肥前屋 for their Unagi Don.
We were in the long queue and Matt said it's very normal because their price is very reasonable whereby the Unagi Don costs just TWD250.

My favourite film, Love Off the Cuff. #hehe
This film was advertised with many posters displayed in Taipei.
The biggest poster I seen in one of the subway stations.
The film is now showing at the cinema, do watch it if you haven't seen.

One of the cool picture taken at Maokong Gondola 猫空.
Miss everyone so much when looking at all pictures! TT

Surprise not?!
I drink tea more than coffee in Taipei.
Get me a Cappuccino, please?!

Highly recommend Xindian Hotpot 辛殿火锅 (steamboat buffet) in Taipei for you all!

Passed by the National Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall 中正紀念堂 while we were hunting for good food.
It's still a worth going place although it looks the same like my first visit. :)

One night dining in Yangmingshan 陽明山.
Definitely worth visiting this place, not only for the beautiful night view, the food there are pretty good with reasonable prices too!

Being cool with my girls at the attractive place like this. #muacks

I been to Ximending 西门町 10 years ago, and it remains the same until now.
It is often crowded by visitors, and also many shops and restaurants.
Here's where I shopped the most in Taipei!

I never thought that braised food such as duck wings, tongue, gizzard etc can be soooo good!
Long queue every time we passed by the Lao Tian L老天禄 shop.
Thank you baobei Stella for buying this for me.

I really like how Taiwan has a dog friendly environment.
Dog's are allowed to move freely, and I can see dogs here are happier than in KL.
I miss Zoi D!

One of my best food in Taiwan, Fried Fish Chop Sou土魠魚羹.
Guess what? This is the shop that Jam Hsiao 萧敬腾 always went before he became famous.

Finally, Taipei 101 台北101
We have taken more than 50 pictures with this tall building! #iwonderwhyalso

Girls just like welfie. #lol

Shilin Night Market士林夜市 is very big, and full of Taiwanese street food.
You can keep finding different new things, and also it's much cheaper to shop here compare to Ximending.

Taiwanese XXL Fried Chicken Cutlet 台湾大鸡排 is always the best in Taiwan!

I didn't expect we can make it to Yilan City 宜蘭市 during this trip.
Thanks to Kay for making my wish comes true. #hehe

The main reason to visit Yilan City is because of the Jimmy Parks 幾米公园.
Jimmy is a well-known Taiwanese illustrator as well as a picture book writer.
All his pictures and words reveal his own personality and character.

Turn Left, Turn Right 向左走 向右走, is my favourite piece.

Roasted Chicken at Wengyao Roast Chicken 甕窯雞 is one of the best meal we had in Taiwan.  
It is soooo delicious!

I like Yilan City; it's a place full of love.
I really look forward to have another chance to come back in near future!

That's my first post of my Taipei trip!
Hope you guys enjoyed it!
There will be more interesting stuffs on my "Let's Go To Taipei" in the coming posts, do come back and check it out if you are interested!
See you at the next one!


Aison L. said...

Why the handsome guys' pictures are so few?

hiphippopo said...

Who is the most handsome one? :p
Just stay tuned on the next post! :)

Linda said...

Looks like you had so much fun. My friends have been asking me to go to Taiwan but I haven't decided yet.

Anfield Yee said...

WOW! I must visit Yilan one day! Imagining crazy over those illustration in Jimmy Park *drools*

Nicole said...

Wow nice trip and the chicken looks yummy too!

hiphippopo said...

Hey Linda! You should go!
Taiwan is such a nice place for friends gathering with all the delicious food!

hiphippopo said...

Sin Yee! Yes I think you will enjoy Yilan too! This place suit you most! hehe

hiphippopo said...

Thanks for dropping by, Nicole!