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After a year of marriage, I realized working housewife is not an easy job, especially if we have a full-time jobs in the weekdays.
I think I only left about 40 hours a week to get my other things done such as clean the house, do laundry, shop for groceries, take care of errands, spend time with Lik, spend time with family members and friends, watch movies, writing blog, sneak in an hour to do exercise. wonder so many women I know are saying they are so tired everyday! #lol
I can't even imagine how am I going to split my time when I have children in future; need to help them with homework,be present at their activities, and bla bla bla.
Oh well, thank god that there are many ways technology to make our lives better, help us to streamline our activities and save our time; like the robot vacuum to clean the house, grocery delivery to your home etc.
What else?! We can now also place our online laundry order through a website!
It's amazing, isn't!?!

Hate to do laundry like me? Read on!

Mama Wosh Laundry Service provides all-in-one laundry and dry cleaning services.
This Malaysia Number 1 dry cleaning and laundry service creates a convenient and simple way to get your laundry done.
If you don't enjoy the laundry works at home, I'm sure you would like to know how this whole service works to ease your life!

Step #1: Easy Online Booking 
The laundry service is available 24/7 at any form of  online devices.
Simply provide your name, mobile phone, and email in just less than 60 seconds. 

Step #2: Free and Fast Pickup
The pick up usually can be done within 1 hour from your home, office or hotel after booking. Mama Wosh laundry's angel will inform you 20 minutes before the they arrive at your place. 

Step #3: Premium Experts Cleaning
Dry cleaning service at Mama Wosh are done by the cleaning angels with more than 20+ years of experience in this industry.
No worries about your clothes are fading, shrinking or stain-setting because Mama Wosh uses less softener, anti-allergic skin friendly solvents, and bio degradable detergents.

Step #4: Cash or Online Payment
You can make payment via online after receive the invoice in your inbox.
You can also make cash payment when they deliver your clothes to your doorstep.
For travelers, you can leave your payment at the reception or concierge desk, the delivery angels will collect it when they send your clothes over.

Step #5 Convenient Delivery Times
Mama Wosh opens 7 days in a week; weekdays from 8am - 10pm, and weekends on 9am - 9pm.
Once your items are ready, the delivery angels will get in touch with you before they arrange the delivery for you.

Mama Wosh is available in many areas such as Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, Shah Alam, and Subang Jaya.
It's free of charge at most locations in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya, but a small surcharge of RM5 and RM10 will be charged depends on your area in Shah Alam, and Subang Jaya.

Mama Wosh does not charge you extra for picking up your clothes.
In order to cover their logistic costs, you just have to have a minimum order value of RM25 applied for each order.
Mama Wosh has different prices, starting from simple wash and fold to special garments and then households cleaning such as curtain, pillow case, carpet, bed sheet, and towel.
Charges are based on either kg or pieces.
You can check out their price list on their website with different features.
Well, if you want to save more on your weekly laundry, you can join their membership to have saving 20% on each order; I think this works only if you are looking for the service at more than one time.

Oh btw, do remember to key MWONREF8GXM3U before you check out!

Mama Wosh has 4.7 average customer ratings from total 54 reviews so far.
In order to guarantee their cleaning quality is excellent, they will send their delivery angels to pick up and re-clean for you without additional charges if you are not happy with their any services!

No time for laundry? No more clean shirts?
No worries be happy with your laundry, because you can just leave your laundry chores to Mama Wosh from now on!
Click on Mama Wosh now for more information!


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