Gintell De' Space U.F.O Massage Chair @ Meet and Greet with Simon Yam

Time is running fast.
Mother's day is just one week ago!
Happy Mother's Day to all the great mothers!
How's everyone's mother's day weekend coming along?
I had a very special one in this year, not only had a great celebration dinner with my mum and my family, I also spent a lovely sweet afternoon with Simon Yam 任达华, the internationally renowned Hong Kong actor!
Any Simon Yam fans here? #raiseyourhand 

It was my honoured to be part of the greet and meet Simon Yam at IOI City Mall Putrajaya.
So excited that I can close to see this Hong Kong film star at such a distance, as well as celebrating the blissful Mother's Day together with his fans and Gintell's customers.

Happy crowds on the Sunday afternoon!
Many parents are here with their kids to celebrate the Happy Mother's Day together with Simon Yam, and Gintell!
I felt so touch when I saw the kids holding their mother's hand while walking in the mall and enjoying the massage chairs from Gintell. :)

Screaming out loud!!! Simon Yam is here!
Simon looks casual and simple, yet he still looks very smart and elegant with his smart casual outfit.
I was very surprised to find Simon is such a down to earth person.
He is super friendly, caring, and will fulfill all demands from his fans as he could.
He greeted all audiences with his charms and big smiles on the stage, and I believe all his fans must be overwhelming! #likeme

For Simon Yam, mother is our first teacher who teaches us at every step of life.
There is no word to describe how much our mothers have devoted to us as a family and the society.
As a child, it is important to concern our mother's health and take care of her daily life.
In conjunction with this Mother's Day, it's time to send our mother a massage chair that is able to relieve their fatigue and stress anytime, anywhere!

At the event, some lucky audiences had the opportunity to get to the stage for a close up meet and greet with Simon.
The lucky audiences not only get to stay close with Simon with the game activities, they also had the chance to take enough selfies with Simon!

My selfie with Simon! #dontjealous 
I was lucky, because I have 2 selfies with Simon! #hehe

Gintell De' Space U.F.O Massage Chair is ergonomically designed with the most advance and revolutionary massage technology to suit the needs of different customers.
It offers 45% more massage coverage than normal massage chair with it's special Aero V-track.
The massage chair is designed according to the shape of your body, which coupled with the all new Quad 3D Roller Balls,

As you can see from the picture, the U.F.O massage chair has a wider area of coverage across your whole body, includes shoulders, neck and back.
This is to ensure it provides the best relief to stiff your muscle with it's humanized acupressure massage.
Furthermore, the 180° degree space stretch on the spine and body, and 360° massage coverage offering you the most accurate, humanized massage experience across your feet and legs too.

After trying the U.F.O massage chair for just 15 minutes, I really wish to own one at my home.
I have very serious back and neck pain problem, probably because facing computers everyday and longer hours.
I can feel the positions of the roller balls were rolling over my whole body, from the upper back to thigh.
The seat is very comfortable, but the coverage maybe a bit warm during the process since the cushion protects every parts of your body.
At one point, I felt that this massage chair is better than human massage as it covers all areas from your neck to your feet and everywhere.
Also, you can let the remote control to run with it's features since everything is so user-friendly.

Like Simon said, a comfortable massage chair is one need for everyone since people's lives are becoming increasingly busy and stressful nowadays.
A soothing massage will help to relax our body and mind after a long day at work.
Well, I think I'm gonna add this into my bucket list for next year! #workhard

Gintell is having Parents Day special with buy one free one promotion for their massage chairs with the Double Happiness Package, starting from RM4,988.
The special promotion is valid till 31th May 2017.
For any additional information about Gintell products, you can visit any of the nearest Gintell showrooms (100 retail outlets nationwide) to find out more special deals!
Website: www.gintell,com
FB: Gintell Malaysia
Customer Careline: 1800-88-6332

Lastly, I wanna wish my best mum a very Happy Mother's Day!
妈咪, 您是我的大寶貝, 我是您的小寶貝!


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