NeutrogenaⓇ Mercedes-Benz Stylo AsiaFashionFestival 2017.

So happy and excited when I received the invitation from NeutrogenaⓇ about the Happy Skin 24/7 by NeutrogenaⓇ at Mercedes-Benz Stylo AsiaFashionFestival 2017.
It's my great honour to be there.
Thanks to NeutrogenaⓇ for my first ever fashion event. :)

The whole fashion collection is inspired by the concept of Happy Skin from NeutrogenaⓇ.
It's undeniable that women and fashion go hand in hand.
Hence, both Mercedes-Benz Stylo AsiaFashionFestival and NeutrogenaⓇ hope to demonstrate the inner-joy of having healthy, great looking skin, a result of using NeutrogenaⓇ skincare, and share it with Malaysian women.
Through fashion collection, they want to tell every Malaysian woman that she can count on NeutrogenaⓇ to put her best face toward.

My outfit for the day.
Red goes well with all red backgrounds. #hehe

If you followed my blog enough, I have been introduced different products from NeutrogenaⓇ.
I'm using most of it's cleansing products such as makeup remover, and cleanser foam everyday.
I must say they are very good in giving healthy, radiant, great looking skin everyday.
No wonder the campaign Happy Skin 24/7 said that NeutrogenaⓇ makes every woman happy. :)

All the collections for the AsiaFashionFestival 2017 was specially designed for NeutrogenaⓇ.
The fashion show started with young designers such as Shadow C, Weihaoyong, and Tuhfah.
Shadow C and Weihaoyong have a clean and simple design concept, I can see all pieces can be separated to easily mix and match.

The pieces from Tuhfah gave me a deep impression.
I love how she matches the colourful yet funky one piece clothings with the different head wears.

Finally, Kittie Yiyi and Hazzer Wan Lee's collections are here!
Kittie Yiyi has a sense of humour, and she often joyful, loud, yet smart
In this collection, she was inspired by the quintessential beach girl on a holiday.
Coming from a faraway beach land, she wanders into the city in her flowly, comfy loose-fitting outfits.
As Hazzer Wan Lee, his fashion collection was inspired by the water splash, a signature of NeutrogenaⓇ Deep Clean range of cleansing products.
Fluid lines and cascading layers come together to bring out the beauty and energy of water in hues of blue, green, orange, and pink.
The clever incorporation and layering techniques of different materials such as denim, organdy, PU leather, cotton silk, and dyed fabrics results in a unique 3D effect that mimics the movements of water.

As a final wrap up, the beautiful night ended with full lineup and photo opportunity with all designers, models, and sponsors onto stage.

In short, I adore almost all the 30 designs presented on the stage.
The entire show was so cheerful and happy!
Once again, thanks to NeutrogenaⓇ for the great event!

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