Bio-Oil® @ Save Your Scar & Stretch Marks

I seldom wear short skirts, not because I don't like it, but I just don't feel comfortable and confident in wearing mini skirts or short dresses.
When I was a child, I itched and scratched my mosquito bites almost everyday, which resulted to many scars on my legs.
It's a kind of relief from scratching but it actually lead to a long term skin wounds, infections and scarring.
Indeed several red marks and deep scars that left on my leg make me feel ugly and and sadly imperfect.
When my dad saw the black spots, he asked me to cover them with foundations or face powders so that they look less obvious.
Lik always wants me to wear long skirts or dresses instead of the short ones.
There was a guy's friend saw my scars, he commented on the dark spots on my leg and said "Why do you have so many scars on your legs?"
To be honest, I do feel sad and depressed.

So, what's my solution for the dark mosquito scars on my legs?!
Bio-Oil®! Bio-Oil® is my savior!
Bio-Oil, is the No.1 selling scar and stretch mark product in over 24 countries including Malaysia (Nielsen, 2016), UK, Australia and New Zealand.
It is clinically tested and proven to improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone on the face and body effectively.
Other than that, Bio-Oil® is also highly effective in tackling numerous skin concerns such as ageing and dehydrated skin.

Bio-Oil® is formulated with a blend of vitamins A & E and natural plant oils, lavender, calendula, rosemary and chamomile, together with the breakthrough ingredient PurCellin Oil™ which allows the ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin, nourishing skin without leaving an oily residue.
The oil is in light orange colour when you see from the bottle, but it is actually transparent when you pour it out.
The texture is light and smooth, and will not give any sticky and heavy feeling upon the application.

After Bio-Oil® has been in the market for many years, today it has designed and created a brand new look to the users.
The new packaging still maintaining their signature colours in white and orange, but the entire look is much modern, sleek and contemporary.
Compare to the previous packaging, the new white carton includes some brief information listed on the box with different usage ways of the miraculous multi-purpose oil.
The transparent plastic bottle manages to exude an approachable yet elegant aura, which has the same fresh, clean and no-nonsense look like the over-the-counter medications.

Bio-Oil® is high in potency and efficacy, which has been proven in various skin tests to be suitable for sensitive skin and is hypoallergenic and non-acnegenic (does not cause acne).
It is also perfectly safe to be used on pregnant women to prevent pregnancy-related skin concerns such as stretch marks and pigmentation.

I have used the Bio-Oil® for about two weeks from now.
It is advised to use the product twice a day, but I only used once a day, and sometimes I also forgot to apply the cream at the time.
Anyway, I'm satisfy with the overall result as I can see the improvements.on my scars.

I have the before and after pictures with the Bio-Oil® for 2 week times.
You can see the black dots on my legs are much improved and also it helps discolouration of my skin from the old scratching scars.
I love the texture very much because it's not oily and sticky at all before and after the application.
Also, the product dries out so quickly when I applied it on my skin.

You can rest assured with the Bio-Oil® formulation that you have loved and trusted over the years even though it has changed to a brand new packaging because it's still the same award-winning formulation that manufactured and distributed worldwide from Union-Swiss, in Cape Town, South Africa.
Bio-Oil® is currently available at all leading pharmacies and personal care stores nationwide in pack sizes of 60ml @ RM 34.95, 125ml @ RM 58.25, and 200ml @ RM 79.45.

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