NYX Professional Makeup @ Sunway Pyramid Mall

Hello pretties!
Today, I want to do a quick and short update regarding the NYX Professional Makeup.
For those who don't know about NYX, it's a professional cosmetic brand from Los Angeles (LA).
After having their first and second stores at Sogo and IOI City Mall, they now opening the 3rd store at Sunway Pyramid Mall.
It's actually my first time stepping into their store, and I was totally impressed with NYX.
NYX carries a full range of complete cosmetic and makeup products that you can think off with every shades, colours and tools.
Also, the products are not expensive at all, it's quite affordable to bring everyone a beautiful look.
If you are a beauty buffs, you should prepare your wallet and then go discover the NYX Professional Makeup today. :)

NYX Professional Makeup is located at Ground floor inside the Sunway Pyramid Mall.
I'm delighted and honoured to be invited to their grand opening, thanks for having me! #love
The crowd in that morning was really huge, so many people were lining up outside the store to get the chance to receive free vouchers and gifts from NYX!

The store is small, but everything are very well-organized and clean.
I had no problems on finding any products because the set ups for all of the items are so easy on the eyes.
Besides, all the products come with testers to go for try, you are welcome to try everything in the store to see which one you like before you purchase it.

There is also a beauty bar in the middle of the store, where the sales person or makeup artist can help you to do a makeup sample using the products you are interested before you purchase the item.

Like I mentioned early, NYX has a wonderful range on every categories.
Take your time to explore the collection of lips makeup products, ranging from lipsticks, liquid lipsticks, lip gloss, lip liners, to lip sets and more from the lips bar.
Btw, guess how many shades are there at the corner of the Soft Matte Lip Cream?

A full range of face products such as face powder, foundations, highlighters, primers and many more that help you to create a flawless makeup.

When I get into the eye makeup section, I seriously can't decide which mascara, eye liner, eye brow pencil to get. #imserious

The Love You So Mochi Highlighting Palette is a must in your makeup bag.
Both pallets deliver the same incredible colour and has the same soft and pillowy texture like the Japanese dessert, mochi!
I prefer cool tones better, so I go with the Arcade Glam for my glossy-glow look. :)

My money is practically flying to all the Love You So Mochi collection, another damage on this Love You So Mochi Eyeshadow Pallet in 10 shades.

Wonder Stick is so wonder because it comes with two-in-one highlight and contour in one crayon.
A must have if you want a beautiful blending of your makeup.

If you aren't sure what to get or try from NYX, check out the top 10 favourite items from their fans.
It's the best items or star products that introduced and recommended by the NYX customers.

You can also check out their "What's New" with the new launching products.

Once again, big congratulations to the NYX Professional Makeup.
And also, thanks for inviting me here; if not I wouldn't know there are so much to explore at NYX.
So, please go and check it out yourself, I'm sure you'll buy a lot of cosmetic and makeup products that you wanted from there. #hehe
Please also remember to follow NYX Malaysia at https://www.facebook.com/nyxcosmeticsmalaysia/ for more latest updates and promotions too!
Till then! xoxo


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