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I haven't been blogging much about my travel stories lately.
I'm so sorry to have kept you waiting for so long about my next destination in Eastern Europe.
Can't believe it's already the second month of the new year.
In January, I had been caught up with many events and product reviews.
My own business has been keeping me quite busy as well in the same month.
I'm definitely not complaining about it, indeed I'm very happy about all the exposures and opportunities..
I'm trying my best to keep my travel journals on going, so make sure you don't forget to drop by at anytime. :)
Today, I want to share a throwback to when I was in Ljubljana.
Ljubljana is one of my favourite cities that I'd been to during my Eastern Europe trip.
It's a very beautiful capital and largest city in Slovenia.
The city is quiet, and has so much to offer to visitors.
Continue to read on and you will know why I'm loving this place on my first sight when visited Ljubljana.

The weather during our day in Ljubljana was very good.
We had very fizzy weather, like 1 degree celcius in the early morning, but a very warm and shining day in the afternoon.
It's really a good day to walk and spend time outside.

Every country has their own highlight attractions to visits for every tourists.
For Slovenia, Postojna Cave is a truly unique spot to visit if you come to here.

Postojna Cave is said to be the second longest cave system in Slovenia.
And, it was created by the Pivka River in the 17th century.

The Postojna Cave journey started with a 10 minute train ride to take you deep inside the cave.
While riding the train, becareful not to raise your arms or put your head outside because the path and the tunnels are very narrow and shadowy.
Watch my Vlog at the end of this post to see how narrow the path was. :)

Once we stepped out from the train, the cave was enormous, and the view is so spectacular.
I felt like my jaw was dropping half with the incredible scene.
I have been to many caves visit before, but Postojna Cave was truly the most unique experience I've ever had. #itsreallytrue!

Inside the cave was quite dark with little visibility.
There is a bridge to connect different parts of the cave and the walk is a little uphill and also downhill.
Also, the passage was watery and slippery too as the water is dripping from the top of the cave, becareful on your walks.

Words can't describe how magical the Postojna Cave looks like in real life.
Hope the pictures I took during my visit there are good to tell how incredible this place is.
I wish to remember as much as I can on every single details inside the cave.

At the end of the cave journey, I felt like I was in another world while walking through the caves for nearly 2 hours.


Enjoyed a cup of hot coffee before heading to Ljubljana old downtown area.

Dragon is the symbol of Ljubljana because the city has many legend connections with dragons.
You can see dragons are everywhere, and one of the biggest one is at the Dragon Bridge located at downtown area.

Ljubljana Castle is one of the biggest castles in the city and also the most visited.
It is located on the hill, and we went up there with the funicular railway which took us up to the Ljubljana Castle in exactly 60 seconds.

When we were up at the Ljubljana Castle, it's very nice to wander around and visit the courtyard, chapel and etc.
All visits are free of charge.
How I wish I could get a cup of hot coffee to chill at the courtyard since we had a very good weather in the afternoon.

The views from Ljubljana Castle over the city and the countryside is so fantastic.
You can get the best panoramic views over the whole Ljubljana city from here, especially on a clear day like this.

After the castle visit, it was a long walk at the downtown area, about non-stop for an hour plus.
I was hoping to stay a bit longer in this beautiful city because there are much to explore and enjoy.
The old buildings and architectures in Ljubljana city look so stunning.
We passed by many wonderful old building with character in Ljubljana Old Town, like town hall, churches, coffee shops, bridges, riversides and etc.

Walked through a few markets that selling local products.

Butcher's Bridge, is a footbridge that crosses the river Ljubljana in Slovenia.
Many couples attached the padlocks with their names all along the steel wire railings to create the Ljubljana's version of the love bridge.
If you watched the latest Korean drama, "Black Knight", this place is also one of the scene taken in episode 1-2 when Moon Soo-Ho and Jung Hae-ra reunited again after they grown up.

Nice walk at the banks of the river Ljubljana.
There are many restaurants at the riverside, a cup of coffee, tea or a glass of good wine, just grab one and sit down nicely in the comfortable couches.

Good weather in a splendid scenery are fitted well for every photo-shoots.

St. Nicholas Church that located in downtown is a must visit.
It's very easy to recognize from far because of the unusual main entrance which depicts the history of Slovenia.
The carvings that look so real and lively caught my attention the most.

At the end of the walking tour, we came to the Preseren Square.
It's my most faovurite spot in the city.
The square is in the heart of the city of Ljubljana, with many nice buildings in the background.
Wherever you stand, you can just admire the surroundings; I felt so romantic and relaxing!

A view from The Triple Bridge which towards the Preseren Square.
I really enjoyed my walk along the river with this chilling weather.

Beautiful Franciscan Church of the Annunciation in red colour is one of the iconic building at the Preseren Square.

That's my travel story about the beautiful Ljubljana.
It's really hard to put into words how gorgeous and charming Ljubljana is, and I hope my pictures did worth thousands of words how beautiful it is.
I'm totally in love with it!
It was my first time to Ljubljana, and I'm hoping will not be the last.

Last but not least, watch my Vlog of my Ljubljana Slovenia Travel Blog. :)

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