Tokuya, a Japanese Shopping Experience @ Arcoris Plaza Mont Kiara

This year, Lik and I had made a decision to restore our current home.
Restoring or refurbishing means we want to renew and update the current home condition by adding or installing in new elements or tools to improve our current living condition.
It also means that spending money and time in researching and planning how we want to refurbish every areas of our home including the kitchen area is necessary.
We been looking for inspiration, design ideas and even finding retail stores that are specialize in home improvement.
Apart from that, budget or cost of improvement is our main consideration when coming to the final decision.
We spent most of our weekend in looking into new sofa, curtains, dining tables, chars, TV cabinet, console tables and etc.
At the same time, we also want to change many kitchen tools and accessories around our kitchen.
We been loitering around and we came across Tokuya, an all-in-one Japanese retail store at Arcoris Plaza Mont Kiara, offers a lot of affordable yet valuable items under one roof that are suitable for home improvement.

Tokuya, is a re-brand and re-located shop from 100 Yen Shop.
The brand new store located at lower ground floor, inside the Arcoris Plaza Mont Kiara.
Tokuya is a kind of retail shop that provides unique shopping experience with wide range of affordable yet high quality Japanese products.
The shop has over 20,000 Japanese products from stationary goods, kitchenware, toiletries, glass and ceramic wares, cosmetics, gardening, hardware, storage, cleaning, toys and etc.

It looks like a department store.
This spacious shop has enough supply and you shall be able to get what you need for your home needs as well as personal needs.
Also, it provides an inviting atmosphere and also a comfortable shopping environment that leave you with a good feeling.

Grab a yellow basket and start the shopping haul at Tokuya!

There are tons of dishwares and drinkwares in an immense selection of shapes, sizes and colours.
You can get everything you need like bowls, plates, platters, cups etc to create a lovely tabletop.

That collection of bowl sets with Ume blossom on red lacquer are full of Chinese new year festive. :)

I'm in love with all these wooden tablewares for serving.
There are so many styles and options to choose from the rack too.

I got myself some favourite unique style of wicker and rattan baskets, bins, trays, baskets, racks and for my home decoration.

For people who truly love to bake.
Time to get new tools for your kitchen yea! :)

There are so much cute stuff and fun-filled items for the kids in there!

Lovely earring and necklace holders for storing and protecting all of your earrings, bracelets, necklaces.
This kind of storage makes you easily accessible to your accessories on your dresser.

Many office and school supplies are available at Tokuya too, from pen & pencils, tapes & glues, scissors & staples, files & binders, document folders, clips & magnets, desk organizers & storage and etc.

I trust the wide range of stores, products, and competitive prices at Tokuya will not fail to disappoint you.
Do share with me if you've bought something good at Tokuya!
See you again on my next post. :)

Tokuya Malaysia
LC1-06 & 07, Arcoris Plaza Mont' Kiara,
Jalan Kiara, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603 6411 2082
Opening hours: Daily 10am - 10pm

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