NeutrogenaⓇ @ 2 Easy Steps for 137% More Moisture

Moisturizing is an important step in our natural skincare's routine.
The right moisturizer helps to keep our skin healthy and looking beautiful.
Some may don't know why moisturizing is so important, but indeed there are so many reasons why moisturizing is such as important part of any skincare routine.
Without a good moisture skin, your skin leave without dryness, redness or even irritated skin.
Especially now we are living in an urban environment, whereby our skin barriers everyday trigger by 5 main aggression such as heat, humidity, pollution, cold and wind.
Skin barrier is the first line of defense to prevent external aggressors from entering and at the same time stops excessive moisture from escaping.
When your skin barrier is healthy, it regulates the balance of water and salt retention, keeping your skin optimally hydrated.
However, if your skin barrier is damaged by the urban aggressors, then your skin complexion will block to maintain it's regulate moisture, leaving skin weak, dull and dry.

So, as to give your skin a chance to fight back by boosting its moisture levels, making your skin barrier more resilient towards the environment attacks, NeutrogenaⓇ introduces a two-step routine, from the Hydro Boost family; Hydro Boost Capsule in Serum and Hydro Boost Water Gel to instantly take your complexion from drab to fab!
When using these 2 products together, your skin barrier will replenish and repair so it can be it's healthiest.
Besides, these products also will boost your skin's moisture level up to 137%!

What makes the NeutrogenaⓇ Hydro Boost so powerful is the Moisture Sensor Complex technology, a two-pronged approach that works intelligently to:
#1 Replenish: Moisture Sensor Complex replenishes skin hydration after sensing a dry cellular structure that has been broken down by external aggressors.
#2 Repair: Moisture Sensor Complex then repairs these dry cellular structures, helping dull and damaged skin becomes more radiant and toned.

For many years, NeutrogenaⓇ always strives to create products that combine proven science with the valuable expertise and insights gained from customers, dermatologists and skin experts.
It has been making a difference in people's lives by offering effective yet gentle products, and all products are well-loved by both genders, men and women at everywhere in the world.
In conjunction with the launch of NeutrogenaⓇ Hydro Boost Capsule in Serum and Water Gel, the entire existing Hydro Boost range now has a brand new look to elevate its image even further.

NeutrogenaⓇ Hydro Boost Capsule in Serum @ RM75.90 (30ml)
The serum contains a new-and-improved Moisture Sensor Complex, replenishing moisture whenever and wherever your skin needs it most, while also repairing and rebuilding the skin barrier to lock in moisture.
It has the antioxidant capsules that floppy in a lightweight bottle together with the intensely hydrating gel serum, which keep the purity of the active ingredients intact.

How to use?
Press pump to combine the serum with freshly activated anti-oxidant capsules.
Apply and massage a pearl-sized amount evenly over face and neck in gentle.
The texture?
It's a clear liquid that has no colour at all.
It's not oily and it doesn't sit on your skin because it absorbs very quickly, leaving your skin feeling hydrated and soft.

NeutrogenaⓇ Hydro Boost Water Gel @ RM63.70 (50g)
This gel moisturizer gives your skin 48 hours of  non-stop hydration, which also helps repair skin barrier damage caused by pollution.
The unique Moisture Sensor Complex detects dry areas, automatically replenishing moisture to skin wherever needed.
You can restore your skin to its optimal state for a complexion that glows from within.

How to use?
After applying serum, massage a pea-sized amount of Water Gel onto face and neck until fully-absorbed.
The texture?
It's a gel type product.
I tested it on my thirsty skin, and it obviously left my skin supple, soft and hydrated.
It doesn't has a very sticky texture, but still takes a short while to fully absorb into the skin.

NeutrogenaⓇ new look of Hydro Boost skincare range includes the new products of Hydro Boost Capsule in Serum and Water Gel are available at all leading pharmacies nationwide from January 2018 onwards.
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