Chateau De Charles @ Balakong, Sri Kembangan

Anyone loves wine?
Raise your hands up because I wanna introduce a new casual yet stylish dining restaurant to you guys.
Lately, I'm in love with drinking wine; I keep some good wines at home so that I can enjoy a glass of wine after winding down from a long day.
And of course, I also like to go to different bars or pubs to enjoy one or two glasses too, that's the atmosphere where I can laid back and have a good time.
I came across my current favourite wine bar, Chateau De Charles which located at Balakong, Sri Kembangan through a blogger dinner night invitation from PostMag.
It was very impressed first night going to Chateau De Charles; chilling & hanging with delicious food & drink, meeting up with new & old friends over the bar, and with good music playing all night long.
Thanks for the perfect night!

Chateau De Charles is definitely a big surprise for you because this restaurant is not located at some busy areas, but it's situated at a hidden yet quiet industrial area at Sri kembangan.
If you aren't familiar with the area, you can type the restaurant name and Waze will bring you to the entrance of the restaurant.

Chateau De Charles is a new concept that created from Le' Gardenz Cafe which started in 2014.
Le' Gardenz Cafe is a brand new container-concept cafe, with a complete menu of food, from main dishes to desserts.

The cafe is spacious and has plenty of tables and chairs provided to the customers.
The compound is shaded by tropical greenery, flowers and shrubs which offers a very relaxing environment to chill and relax.
It can be a great gateway for you to chillax at here, while enjoying a great coffee and delicious food.

As for Chateau De Charles, it has a totally different new concept from the Le' Gardenz since it provides a more with an indisputably romantic and cozy feel to it.
It's a great place for you together with friends and colleagues, sitting down here into a comfy cozy room with wonderful mix of wine and beers.

The decor and interior design are about to create a warm and inviting atmosphere to the guests and I believe whoever comes here will never want to leave.
The low-lighting and  retro look alike tables and chairs are so hygge-like!

There are some nice table settings and dinner set inspiration going on.
For example, table for two, please.
It's an intimacy of dining in on a special day for you and your loved ones.

Chateau De Charles also welcomes you to have your private parties and events at their restaurant.
Here's the simple and pretty dining long table decoration for a table of 12 pax.

If you like some fresh air, you can chill at the relaxing outside dining area. :)

Chateau De Charles has a nice variety of wine, so certainly not a problem on finding your favourite wine for your dinner plates or your events and parties.

Shall we start with the Coldridge Red Wine from South Eastern Australia? :)
Wine tastes so smooth and has a little fruit flavours.
You girls will like it!

Grab an over sized Bread Bun Mushroom Soup that filled and blended with 4 types of mushrooms such as Shitaka, portabella, oyster mushroom & button mushroom.
It's a warm and delightful appetizer to kick start your meal of the day.

Honey Mustard Salmon is a flavourful and juicy salmon fillets that marinated with brown sugar & lemon, and also coated with a delicious homemade honey mustard sauce.
It tastes absolutely delicious with the crisp skin on top and the juicy yet flavour meat underneath.
Enjoy this tasty and delicious meal with your loved ones!

Lava Rock Chicken Chop is a boneless type of chicken that marinated with special mix herbs, then oven baked and grilled for it's delicious taste.
The plate also served with fresh salad like lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber as it's side dishes for refreshing.

Chicken Ala King is a sumptuous chicken dish that consists of diced chicken, mushroom, and lots of mixed vegetables with flavourful sauce in a big bread bowl.
It's definitely a favourite!

Loving this Beef short rib that has been raised to perfection and also the creamy white mashed potatoes as the side dish.
The meat was braised and slow cook for up to 3 hours with mediterranean bbq sauce, no wonder the meat is so tender and juicy!
This is sure to be a hit!

Some highlighted special cold drinks that worth a try in hot weather.
That's the Lily Chocolate Berry with a rich & creamy of chocolate based and strawberry float on top.

Explore the refreshing drink of Cupid Love with the combination of bloody orange, cranberry and grenadine.

Classic Mojito is a summer drink that allows you to feel the breeze of the classic mojito which made from fresh lime juice & freshness of the mint leaf.

Overall, I enjoyed the atmosphere, services and of course the delicious food and drink on that night.
I can't wait to bring Lik with me on my next visit, and pretty sure he will like it too.
Oh well, you shall also drive to experience the "New" treasure at the Chateau De Charles too!
That's all for today's sharing, and see you soon again!

Chateau De Charles / Le' Gardenz Cafe
Lot 24646, Jalan KPB 5,
Kawasan Perindustrian
Kampung Baru Belakong,
Sri Kembangan, 43300 Selangor
Tel: 6013 337 6573 / 6019 301 0108
Opening hours: Daily 5pm till 1am (Chateau De Charles)
Mon - Thurs & Sun 930am till 10pm, Fri - Sat 930am - 12am (Le' Gardenz Cafe)

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