Best Girlfriends Photography 闺蜜照

It's nice to have a friend.
Someone to laugh with, talk to and cry with.
The bond of friendship grows from sharing good times, working through some bad times, and caring about the life of another person.
A good friend can be your shoulder to lean on, your helping hand when more than two are needed, your quiet ear to hear a story that you wants to tell.
I always think that a true friend is a priceless gift in our life, and I'm glad that I have received it from both my besties, Kay and Wan.
Both of them are the greatest friends in the world to make my life complete.
People said it's important to have a friend who understands your tears is much more valuable than a lot of friends who only know your smile, and I couldn't agree more.

Wan and Kay are my shining stars.
They always give me inspiration and supports so that I can move forward.
When I fall and need a hand, they are always the someones who to be there for me to pick me up.
When I cry and need a friend, they are always there no matter what.
They are the true friends who I can laugh madly with or cry badly with.

We are so lucky to have each others. :)

Our friendship story began when we studied our degree together in Kalamazoo, USA.
Through the years studying in the States, the privilege not only given me the chances to explore, learn and experience different aspects, but most of all I gained a valuable friendship which I treasure a lot.
There were many happy good moments and sad feelings during my stay in the small little town, but I felt glad that I've met my best friends who were there to share all kinds of ups and downs with me.

                 A true friend accepts who you are, but also helps you to become who you should be.

We had so many memories at our rented unit, Lafayette Avenue, which is an off campus apartment in Kalamazoo.
The rent was not very expensive, maybe about USD150 (one person) in 12 years back.
I cannot recall it, but I remember my part time salary was more than enough to pay my monthly rental and utilities.
Years gone by, the idea of going back to Kalamazoo was the thing we always discuss with and dreamed off.
It's sad to know that Kalamazoo area was rebuilt and the area we used to stay had been restructured.
We actually were planning to pay a visit to our memory lane but it seems we can't now.
Yet, we still hold our memories that will stay and remain in our heart forever, that's also part of our life was make there. 

Life becomes easier, when you have the true friendship.

Me and Kay were the co-workers at McDonald's inside the campus.
That was my first part time job in the university; it wasn't easy at all, except getting free food after every shift. #lol
A foreign student working at a foreign land; the language, the culture, the new environment and some of the pet peeves that I encountered were certainly a culture shocks for myself.
Besides, everyday I had to get up in the morning at 5 am, walked half an hour under the heavy snow and strong wind together with Kay, and then rushed to classes and also prepared my assignments and exams after working hours.
It seems like it was only yesterday.
Thanks to Kay who always be there to motivate, encourage and help me out during my stressful times.
She is the one who always told me to keep going on!
"Ivy, you can do it!" :)

The first time I met Kay, she was kinda serious, maybe because we didn't talk much.
Yet, after knowing her sometimes later, I realized Kay is a very loving and caring person.
She doesn't need a big thing to wow her, just a small thing that show your loves is enough to make her feel good.
Kay is always like a big sister to me; she always reminds me little things in my daily life.
She is also like my therapist, my shoulder to cry on and my biggest cheerleader.
When people said blogging is a complete waste of time, Kay is the one who never give up on me, but always give full support and encouragement to me.
Sometimes, she can be happier than I'm if I received a good project to work with.
Well, she knows what makes me happy and fulfilled. :)

A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself.
Whatever you happen to be feeling at any moment is fine with them.

Fate brought me and Wan together, I guess.
It was a pretty touch time when I was moving house during my second semester in the States.
I need a new place with a roommate because I do not want to pay so much on the rents.
I felt so warm at heart when Kay offered me a room as well as a roommate to let me stay in.
Never in my life I would be living under one roof with someone from a different culture, belief and background.
It was to my surprise that Wan welcomed me with her open arms.
Since the first day we addressed each other as roommate; and till today, we are still calling each others as roommate. :)  #heyroommate                            
She is really the cutest roommate ever in my life!

Wan is the most happy-go-lucky person I've ever met.
She is also a bubbly girl, because she smiles and laughs a lot.
When I was failing down during the years in the States, especially after the heart break time, she always be right there to cheer me up.
We shared a lot of things together when we stayed in the same room, because we have the same tastes in clothing, music, style, movie, food etc.
No matter how busy we are, we will always make time for each others, even it's just a short catch up with a cup of coffee.
We will never have enough time when we get along together, always seemed like every time we had so much to talk, to laugh and to share. :)

                                 We are the WMU (Western Michigan University) alumni. :)

They are always straight with me and can make me laugh hysterically.

When we've got spare times during our school breaks, we always like to be in the house or sticking to a schedule.
If we have a long holiday or weekend, we got out and took road trips or finding places to go around the town.
We had such a fab & fun road trips to Las Vegas, Grand Rapids & Chicago, and I also missed our midnight grocery shopping at Meijer too. :)

A strong friendship doesn't need daily conversation or being together.
As long as the relationship lives in the heart, true friends never apart.

Some relationship will run into some roadblocks at some point, and I believe it same goes to friendship too.  
The rough path is the way we get to know through each other, be open with each other in return to appreciate each others more.
This year is our 12 years of knowing each other.
Time has changed but the feeling between us stayed strong and on going.
It was a blessing what we went through all those years of friendship, nothing come easy when we had our own hardship in life, rough relationships and hectic working life, but we still maintain attaching with each others.

                                   A friend is one who knows you and loves you just the way you are.

This year, I suggested to take besties photo as it is a good memory to treasure as we would age but photo can sustain the memory.
Without any delay, I suggested it to them and started this conversation.
Three of us have the same idea that we do not want any fancy make over, clothing and expensive professional photographer.
While looking for an affordable photographer, I met up with Peggy by chance from a friend of mine.
Peggy is such a friendly, gentle, easy-going lady who makes you feel ease in front of the camera.
She isn't intrusive at all but manage to bring out many beautiful candid shots.                       

Peggy suggested to take the outdoor shooting at Desa Park City and the indoor location we choose to take it at the Beans Brother Cafe.
It was a very hot sunny day to stay outside, but we had fun doing it.
We laughed all day; can't believe how much we were smiling and laughing during the day. #haha
The process was so relaxed and comfortable and I think we really had a blast.
We might look silly on some of the poses, but those are to give the insight into our lives and personalities.

It's all good when the silence between us is comfortable.

                                                    Friendship is, being each others' therapists.

Thanks for always loving the imperfect me. :)

A friendship takes time, take care and takes honesty.
I believe our friendship has stood the test after being together closely for 12 years. #stillcounting
Right, sometimes it's hard to believe we are still the best. #haha
Thank you for always being there and you know friends like you are of so special!
So, let's continue to grow better through the years and become little old ladies together.
I know we will be the true friends for life, sharing our dreams together. :)
Love you both to the moon and back! #lovelovelove

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