Boat Noodle @ Empire Damansara

Any Boat Noodle fans here?
Welcome in!
Today's food post is about the new menu that newly launched at Boat Noodle.
Well, if you've never tried Boat Noodle before, you should have try it at least once.
This is my first time dining in Boat Noodle house even though they have been around for years and this is my first experience dining in the restaurant.
It's definitely something different to try out. :)
Boat Noodle mainly serves Thai Street Food, named Kuai Tiao Ruea in Thai, which is a Thai style noodle dish with strong flavour.
It is a delicate dish which originates from the floating markets of Ayutthaya in Thailand.
The portion of each bowls are relatively small, but it's full of aromatic and delicious taste from Thailand.

Boat Noodle started their first outlet at Empire Damansara back in 2014.
They are not only serving the original boat noodles, but also other Thai street food and drinks.
Today, their menu have grown bigger by taking a step to offer more local Thai street foods and drinks to the customers.

Boat Noodle house has a more down-to-earth feel.
It's clean, comfortable and also has a relaxing ambient.
There isn't any fancy furniture but only some wooden tables and chairs to create a lively atmosphere.

The first new menu from the Boat Noodle is the Prosperity Yum Noodles @ RM1.99/bowl.
It comes with a choice of beef or chicken and also a choice of Thai rice noodles or springy noodles.
Both of them come with the same flavourful spicy and sour Tom Yam broth.
And, this is the Thai rice noodles with chicken, fried bean curd and spring onions.

This is a delicious bowl that served with springy noodles with beef, and some fried bean curd and spring onions in the Tom Yam soup.
That spring noodles have a firm bite and springy texture in a tasty broth.

Let me know which one is your favourite, beef or chicken, Thai rice noodle or springy noodle after you try them out yea!

One of the fun thing you can do at the Boat Noodle house is you can challenge your friends on how many bowls you can take by showing them the stack of bowls in front of you. :)
Dare to challenge not?! :)

Ever since I'm back from Bangkok, I'm obsessed with their fried chicken.
I didn't know Thailand has very good fried chicken till my recent trip in December.
Thai Fried Chicken @ RM12.90 from the Boat Noodle is super crispy, moist and so good!
It's gonna be my new go to appetizer from now on.
Hey, you should also try it!

As for the drinks menu, Boat Noodle also has created two new drinks menu.
Blue Butterfly @ RM5.50 is combination of pea tea and lemon.
This new drink can play a magic by changing from blue to purple colour when lime juice is added.
It's absolutely a perfect drink to cool you down in the hot weather!

Mango Smoothie @ RM5.50 is for the fans of mango.
If you find the Tom Yam soup is too hot, this can be a perfect drink to cool you down too!

The new menu at Boat Noodle is valid from now till 28th Feb 2018.
If the respond is greater than expected, they will consider to put the new foods and drinks into their menu choices.
Last but not least, end this food post with my OOTD.
And of course, don't forget to date your friends and families to Boat Noodle too! :)

Boat Noodle 
G-3-A, Empire Damansara,
Jalan PJU 9/8, Damansara Perdana,
47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 6010 7683 525
Opening hours: daily 10am - 10pm

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