‘Beautiful Me Time’ Workshop 2016 @ Murad

Hello ladies!
Today, I'll be blogging my beauty post with Murad.
Have you heard of Murad before?
This brand actually is not as famous as the other counter beauty brands, but it stir up my curiosity and it also urge me to find out more about this brand whenever I passed by one of their counter at 1 Utama Shopping Centre. :)
One of the reason maybe is because this brand only available at certain malls.
It's such a good opportunity that I got to attend their ‘Beautiful Me Time’ Workshop 2016 in July since I always wanted to learn about this brand as well as it's products. #hehe
Thanks very much for having me at that workshop!

Murad is a beauty brand from USA.
It was created by Dr Howard Murad who is board certified dermatologist, pharmacist, as well as an Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine.
Dr Murad believes in achieving better looking skin, therefore he aims to make beautiful, healthy skin for everyone.
The brand has been in the market for more than 10 years, and now has 4 outlets at 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Da Men Asia Lifestyle Mall, empire Shopping Gallery and Damansara Utama.

Murad has many different skin care products, and all of them are categorizing into different colour groups on their packaging.
For example, orange coded is for environmental shield, blue colour coded is for acne and blemish control, white colour coded is for whitening series, green colour coded is for redness and many many more!

Murad Intemsive-C Radian Peel is one of the best seller products in Murad.
It won a HerWorld Beauty Awards in 2016.
This product is quick yet intensive treatment for environmentally damaged skin, which appears dull and tired.
The tingling sensation that you feel after application is the mask doing it's magic, exploiting and brightening in just 10 minutes to increase the turnover dark, damaged cell.
With overall improvements in skin texture, you'll have brighter skin that is more luminous and youthful.

Since 1992, all Murad formulations have been based on the Murad recipe to promote and protect skin health at the cellular level through a unique and rich mix of #1 anti-inflammatories (calm irritated skin), #2 antioxidants (neutralize free radical activity), and #3 hydrators (attract water to the skin).
Besides, Murad also has it's 3-steps skin care regimen with #1 cleanse/tone, #2 treat/repair, and #3 hydrate/protect to create a beautiful and healthy skin.

Whats more, one of the highlight ingredient that Murad used in all Murad products with SPF (day moisturizers and sunscreens) is the MuraSol.
MuraSol technology is a new method of delivering encapsulated antioxidants which comprised of vitamins A, C and E.
The main function of the MuraSol is; upon the liposomes penetrate deep within the skin's surface where they release MuraSol's proprietary cocktail of free-radical-fighting ingredients.
These antioxidants lie and wait for any UV rays that get through the active sunscreen filters on the skin's surface.
As soon as free radical is formed, it is diffused by MuraSol antioxidants.
So while we recognize that we will never be able to block 100% of the sun' rays, we can actually protect the skin from the damaging free radicals those rays that do reach the skin product.

Let's take apple as an experiment for the MuraSol.
You can see some parts of the apples had applied the white cream on it (I have circled them in white on the picture).
Apple on the left has one half (right half) with the Murad SPF product.
You can see this side has less dark spots/dark lines than the other half (left half).
And, apple on the right still has a beautiful surface because it has applied the Murad SPF product since early morning.

Sun care is sooo important to protect our skin from the environmental aging, age and sun spots, uneven texture and tone, fine lines and wrinkles.
Watch this video from Murad and you will be scared off if you still not 100% sure that sun care products are important to your skin!

Thank you very much to Murad and BFF Says for having me at such a informative workshop.
Oh ya, do not forget to mention that BFF Says is the go-to beauty reviews and shop portal for women who are young and young-at heart.
It's a platform for you to review your own beauty product experiences, earn and collect points.
With the points you have in your account, you can redeem any other beauty products that available on BFF Says website.
Check out their website at http://www.bffsays.com/ and Murad Malaysia official website at https://www.murad.com.my/.

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