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My mum is my biggest beauty influence on me.
As early as secondary high school, my mum taught me about her beauty tips on the skin and hair.
She bought me many dresses and high heels because she wants me to look more feminine. (Sorry mum, I only like jeans and sneaker) :(
She advised me what vitamins and supplements are good for inner beauty.
She paid for my eyeliner embroidery after I came back from the USA because she said my eyes are too small. (Mum, that's because dad passed the same gene to me!) :(
She brought me for my first hair colouring right after I finished my SPM exam.
Yes! My mum she loves to dress up herself, and that's why nobody can believe her real age. #lol

So after I started my hair colouring at age 18, since then I had not stopped doing it in my life.
I know it's quite costly to do hair colouring at the hair saloons, especially if you need to do like once every 3 months.
Hence, I tried several DIY colouring brands at home till I found the right one, BeautyLabo.
I read about BeautyLabo from many blogger reviews, and trust me I fall into this brand right after I first used it.
It went on my hair nicely, with easy kits, somewhat convenient and the most important thing is it has a nice smell which unlike most other dyes.
Well, being one of the loyal customer, I'm so happy to be informed that Beautylabo has just arrived at Malaysia with it's new improved technology!

In conjunction with the 111th anniversary of celebrating the birth of Hoyu, Hoyu is introducing their latest product Beautylabo Whip Hair Colour with it's new technology.
The new Beautylabo Whip Hair Colour is a better formulated with improved foam quality with finer and thicker for a more even and beautiful colour results.
Besides, the new formulated ensures the mixture is well blended with it's liquid colour base and liquid developer.
Also, the new formula helps colour your hair more evenly too!

The new BeautyLabo Whip Hair Colour contains 4 fruits extracts such as peach juice, orange juice, lemon juice, and apply juice.
My god! All are my favourite juices! #lol
And, all these 4 fruit juices are also infused with honey and rose water so that it adds shines and leaves your hair well moisturizers.

The packaging comes in with a liquid colour base and liquid developer to ensure the mixture is well blended and also ease the preparing process for you!
Here are the 6 simple steps to colour your hair at home:
#1 Mix the 2 liquids together in the provided shaker container.
#2 Shake vigorously (at least 30 times) till the mixture frothed up. 
#3 Make sure you wear the provided glove before you scoop up the foam. 
#4 Apply the appropriate amount for your hair. 
For short hair, you can share one bottle with your friend.
For long hair, you may need 2 bottles, depends on length and thickness of your hair. 
#5 Massage the mixture into your hair.
#6 Leave for 20-30 minutes then wash it off with the provided conditioner (conditioner is suggested to leave for 5-10 minutes). 
Too easy and simple, isn't it?!

Beautylabo Whip Hair Colour comes with 6 different colours which includes #1 Honey Custard, #2 Sakura Pink, #3 Misty Ash, #4 Milktea Beige, #5 Cream Cappuccino, and #6 Maple Brown.
Honey custard is the lightest colour, and Maple Brown is the darkest colour among the others. 
The 6 colours are the hottest shades for summer time, so wear it bright ladies! #hehe

Here, I am comparing between old and new BeautyLabo since I have one in my cabinet.  
Yea! I always bought extra when there is promotion at Watsons, so that I can use when I need it anytime. 
As you can see, the new packaging is slightly bigger because it's packed inside a box now, also they replaced the colour base to a bottle instead of a sachet. Other than that, everything look the same for me. :)

Some Q&A you might have about colouring your hair with the Beautylabo Whip Hair Colour:
#1 You can do a simple allergy test by applying the liquid at your underarm area for 4-5 hours. If you have any itchiness and redness, that means your skin is sensitive with this product.
#2 It's better to do the coloring at room temperature which means no air-conditioning or inside the bathroom because bathroom can have problems with humidity. 
#3 It depends on you, some people do not need any extra moisturizing and the hair still look smooth after the colouring. Anyway, I myself just use the provided conditioner. 
#4 Remember to colour the edge on the hair as well!
#5 If you have a long hair, it's better to section the hair so that it's easy for you to colour and also make your hair colour more evenly.

Beautylabo Whip Hair Colour is now available exclusively at Watsons stores.
It is selling at RM31.69 per box inclusive of 6% GST.
But, you can now shop online at Watsons store at for a better price @ RM28.50 per box inclusive 6% GST!
Hurry up before the promotion ends!

If you have tried Beautylabo before, please share your favourite colour to me as I am thinking to re-dying my hair again!
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