Chinese Delicacies Food @ Golden Dragonboat Restaurant

Happy August!
How's everyone's July going?
July was considered a good month for me as I achieved a few goals that I written down; so I hope August will continue to do well, and I believe August will be an awesome month!
Just found out I didn't make any food posts in the last month!
Sorry guys! Hope you will bear with me.
So drag no more! Let's check out the Chinese delicacies food at the Golden Dragonboat Restaurant, which located at Kampung Pandan Roundabout KL.

Many of you might already know about this restaurant because it's quite a famous restaurant for having the Chinese weddings.
It is located at the same road as the Black Market, Chateau De Caffeinees, Ciao Ristonrante, and Zebra Square.
I have been there once for my secondary school friend's wedding, and that's how I knew this place.
It's quite an old building, however some sections are now under renovation, especially the ballroom wedding reception.
They plan to expand the ballroom to a bigger area so that it has larger space to host the events.

The golden horse will welcome you right in front of the restaurant's entrance.

The environment and atmosphere inside the restaurant looks like the other typical Chinese restaurants.
All tables and chairs are covered with the pattern table cloths, no matter it is a big round shape table for 10 pax or a small square table for 4 pax.
Do not get it wrong that the restaurant was empty; this picture was taken after the customers left.
When we arrived there at about 12pm, the restaurant was actually very packed.

As a fans of jellyfish, I seriously can't resist the combination platter of Roasted Chicken with Jellyfish.
The marinated jelly fish strips are so chewy that tastes so good with the golden brown and crust chicken meat.

Yong Tau Fu which served in a claypot style includes 4 different dishes such as tofu puff, lady finger, bitter guard and chili.
All these dishes are stuffed with minced pork, and it is also served with clear soup in the pot.

This Baked Prawn is an amazingly good dish on their menu.
The prawns use the special in-house sauces which I can taste a bit of butter and black pepper in each pieces.
Yet, I think it would be best if they serve with some lemon wedges to squeeze over the top as well. #hehe

Chicken Feet is my favourite.
I very much like this dish because the texture is fully tender, and the gravy is superb rich.
Definitely the standout dish!

Dongpo Pork, some people named it as Braised Pork Belly as well.
Golden Dragonboat restaurant has a flavorsome, succulent and has the tender "melt-in-the mouth" texture's Dongpo Pork to serve you.

It tastes as good as it looks on the picture.
The gravy tastes sweeter than the others, and the skin and the fat layer are so soft till it melted in my mouth.
The best thing is I couldn't find the fatty smell at all.

Same as the other restaurants out there.
The Dongpo Pork at Golden Dragonboat restaurant also comes with the steamed buns.
Most of the people like to stuff the porks to the buns, but I prefer to dip the buns with the rich flavour gravy.

Fish Head Curry is one popular dish in Malaysia.
There are many restaurant selling curry fish head, however I like how rich the taste is for this big pot of the Grouper fish head curry.
The fish meat is fresh, the gravy is very thick and tasty, which is so great to go with a bowl of steamed white rice, maybe two? #hehe

Lastly, the main signature dish at the Golden Dragonboat Restaurant is the Roasted Duck.
I am a fan of duck, so this is my top favourite as the taste makes quite an impression on the first bite.
The crispy skin and moist meat just make you eat nonstop from one piece after another, and then another until you forgot about your diet. #oppsss

Anyway, Golden Dragonboat restaurant not only serving Chinese food, but also provides Hong Kong style Dim Sum in morning time.
There are  many choices which are up to 40 Dim Sum selections waiting for you.
Can't wait to know about their Dim Sum fest? Don't forget to follow my next food posts on my blog.
I will see you soon!

Golden Dragonboat Restaurant
No 10, Jalan Kampung Pandan,
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603 9281 1313
FB Page: Golden Dragon Boat Restaurant 金龙船鱼翅海鲜酒家

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