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Last week, I posted a Boomerang video on my Insta.
My id is @hippo19 just in case you have not added me. #hehe
I received few messages in my inbox asking me where did I get my Big Bang Gel Nails.
They said my nails polish look very pretty cool and nice! #thankyou
So today, I'm going to talk about the nail saloon that I went to in a week ago.

If you missed out the video, now you can watch it right here. #hehe
Boomerang is so great that you can make all funny videos. Faster go download it to your phone. #lol

Vincy Nail & Spa just launched last month. #congratulations
The shop is located at the shop-lots behind the Tesco.
You can set your destination by searching Vincy Nail & Spa, and Waze will bring you to the exact location. 
You might be asking why doing nails services at a hair saloon. 
Well, indeed the Vincy Nails & Spa stays right inside the Tomo Hair Saloon.

The nail saloon isn't very big but offer good accommodations to make the experience more comfortable. 
There is only one manicurist at the shop as it is a newborn shop in less than a month. 
So, I would advice you to call them for an advanced booking before you visit the shop.
However, if you are lucky enough, you can also try to walk in. :)

My favourite corner inside the saloon. :)

There are tons of pretty colours to choose from.
OPI for the classic mani and pedi.
AS Anothersexy for the gel mani and pedi.   
Ladies! It is important to use a good brand for your nails as I had one bad experience in Thailand that my nails got very yellowish after used their unknown brand. 
It took me a while to wash off the yellow stain on my nails.

Vincy is a person that are serious in her field of works, but personally she is very friendly, down to earth and nice in her own way.
The nails service took about 3 hours as I choose the fancy design among others. 
In the whole 3 hours, I slowly noticed and realized that Vincy is a very passionate person especially in the nails. 
Vincy puts a lot of efforts and works in my nail design as every process she would carefully finish it up. 
It was to my surprise as my first impression toward Vincy is totally opposite from my expectation. 

After getting my cuticle removed and nails shaped, let's start the nails art design.
This is my first nails art drawing experience as I never did it before.
I showed Vincy a few designs that I found from the Internet, and she got my ideas very quickly.
I know the design that I wanted was not easy as it's gonna draw three lines on each nails, but Vincy was really in patient that she finished each perfectly without using any stickers!

This is the super quick dry machine and your nails will completely dry within few minutes.
Once your nails are dried out, you can move around.
Compare to the old days that we still use fan for Mani and Pedi session. #lol
I like UV gel very much because they are very long lasting and also I like the glossy surface.
But the only problem is it is very hard to remove it by yourself.
Anyway, once you started UV gel nails, I am sure you won't go back to the classic nails polish as it doesn't contain the protection that are long lasting.

And after 3 hours. I have my nails makeover with Big Bang.
It's not a girly nail design that most of the girls want, but that's exactly what I like my nails to be for this time. #hehe 

Loving the colourful yet funky nails art design that created by Vincy! #cool

Vincy Nails & Spa is doing the grand opening promotion from 1st till 31st August 2016.
Classic Mani/Pedi @ RM18 (np @ RM35 for manicure and @ RM45 for pedicure)
Gel Mani/Pedi @ RM38 (np @ RM80 for manicure and @ RM100 for pedicure)

If you missed out this promotion, there will be another new promotion, from 15th Sept till 31st October 2016.
Gel Mani with arts @ RM80 (np @ RM130)
Gel Pedi with arts @ RM100 (np @ RM150)

Hurry up babes! Now make an appointment right away before the promotion ends!

Vincy Nails & Spa
No 7G, Jalan Bandar 10,
Pusat Bandar Puchong,
47100 Puchong, Selangor
Tel: 6017 345 7380
FB: Vincy Nails & Spa

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