Dream Car Expo 2016 @ Alamanda Putrajaya Shopping Mall

Today, I am going to talk about cars!
On Tuesday, I went a car expo which organized by the Golden Land.
Thanks to this expo as it helped me to recognize most of the new cars that are available in the market today.
The overall expo was very well organized, also every salesman have a lot of car knowledgeable in explaining the car's features.
If you love cars, or if you are thinking about changing your car, you can drop by at the Dream Car Expo which is now happening at Alamanda Putrajaya Shopping Mall.
Since I don't know much about cars or not even into car so much, I hope my sharing for today will be worth while for you to read as a point of view from a non car lover.

There are total 11 different car models at the expo.
It isn't a big expo, but good enough to help you narrow your focus to a specific model and brand before you get your desired dream car.

#1 Mazda CX-5, which is one of the best selling model from Mazda.
It comes with 4 different colours which includes aluminum metallic, arctic white, blue reflex, and meteor grey.
I kinda like it's car design as it has the premium design in an European style. #wow

The overall dimension of Mazda CX-5 is 4555L x 1840W x 1670H (mm).
If compare this model with another brand, I personally think the 2nd row seats are a bit narrow and quite limited for huge person.
There is not much leg room even though my height is just 158cm. :)
However, if you are interested in this model, you shall not missed out the 3 years free maintenance and warranty including labour, parts and lubricants that only available at this expo.

What do you think about the #2 KIA Sportage from Korea with the Tiger Nose trademark one the front grill?
I know that not many people are fancy about this brand because of it's trade in value; indeed my dad is one of the example.
It's actually my first time getting in touch with KIA, yet I find their models and features aren't bad at all!
The salesman also mentioned that KIA has been rated top 5 improvement cars in the USA now. 

All it's interior designs are inspired by the GT designed such as the leather seat, door handle, sport pedals, push start button, high-gloss fascia, paddle shift, and an automatic dual zone air-conditioner.
For it's sound system, it has total 8 speakers and all made from JBL.
And one of the highlight to mention about the KIA Sportage is the beautiful LED lights which are specially designed by Germany. 

#3 KIA Sorento, is an all-new SUV model from KIA.
Compare to the Nissan SUV that my sister bought a few years ago; honestly, I like the KIA's one more than Nissan because the medium seats are more flexible and can be adjusted freely which makes each seats have more spaces in between. 

KIA Sorento is one of the Diesel model that help to save your petrol as it uses IDLE system, which also named as the start-stop system.
Besides, it's aerodynamics design contributes to better stability and fuel efficiency too. 

#4 Perodua Bezza is the first Malaysian car that uses dual VVT-i engines and eco-idle system which means the car can detect the deceleration of speed and automatically turns off the engine slightly before the car stops. 
It's a transformation model after the Axia with it's new EEV engines which are built lightweight and compact to improve fuel consumption, as well as to reduce levels of vibration and noise.
It has total 6 colours up for your choices which includes sugar brown, ocean blue, lava red, ebony black, glittering silver, and ivory white. 

It's interior design is pretty simple which almost like my all-time favourite MYVi.
Ya, I am a big fans of MYVi as this compact car has an affordable pricing and also built with quality and reliable parts. 
To me, I think Bezza is one of the best value for money sedan that that packed with advanced technology and amazing Malaysian-ready features.

Back in 2 years ago, I almost wanted to get myself a Honda Jazz.
Honda has always been ahead with it's design of all the times, no matter what you see at the exterior or the interior.
And I always believe that this is one of the best selling point of the Honda's cars. :)
#5 Honda Civic Vtec is very much like a sport car yet an elegant and classic look that can unleash your on the road confidence.

#6 Nissan Almera Facelift is one of the sedan car that stand apart from the crowd during the expo.
The halogen headlamps, foglamps, and vehicle speed sensitive intermittent wiper make it easier for you to maintain safe and comfortable driving conditions.

The new Almera Facelift has a big spaciousness since it has a huge truck space which is up to 490 litres with easy access, also the designed pockets and compartments have an excellent storage areas in the cabin for you to store items with ease.
Probably this is one feature suits me the most as I always like to put all my junks such as documents, dance workout kits, clothing and so on inside my car. :p

If you are looking for a family proof medium SUV that bring you places, I think #7 Nissan X-Trail is not a bad choice at all.
This 4 x 4 SUV is spacious and versatile that I am sure your family would like to have it.
It comes with 2.0L and 2.5L where both has most of the same features except one has a fabric seats and another one has the leather seats.

There are four cameras that provide you an extra safety for your driveways.
The four cameras are one on the grille, one in each side mirror, and another on the boot which allow you to get a better view of your surroundings, projecting an overhead view of the car.

Another features that I like the most from the Almera Facelift is the drive assist display (ADAD) which is for observations on the car's vital parameters.
Which means you can actually set your car maintenance data into the system so that it will notify you when you car is time for servicing.

Lastly, it has 3 rows of possibilities as well as a large luggage area.
You can either pull up the third-row seats so that you can take extra passengers with you, or else the seats can be fold flat to have extra room for storage.

#8 Proton Iriz is a compact car that looks similar like the Perodua MYVi.
It looks youthful and sporty, and I personally think it suits to the ladies the most.
Despite of the boring car colours like black, white and grey colours, it also has a few bright and sharp colours such as red, apple green and royal blue.

Iriz is a Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) which includes #1 Electronic Stability Control (ESC), #2 Traction Control System (TCS), #3 Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) + EBD, #4 brake assist and #5 hill-hold assist.

The new #9 Perdana by Proton is spacious, stylish and designed to afford for most drivers.
The car not only looks big from the outside of the box, it also has quite a spacious room inside the room.
The overall dimension of the new Perdana generation is 4999L x 1845W x 1475H (mm).

For it's interior specifications, it has all the basic needs of a car such as fabric/leather seats, auto air-conditioning in dual zone, with power lumber support over the driver seat, as well as total 6 speakers.
If I were to buy the new Perdana, I think ruby red will be my first choice instead of the other colours like graphite grey, sterling silver, cotton white, midnight black and citrine gold.
Look how sexy the ruby red emerges on the sporty yet sophisticated Perdana!

Subaru is one of the adventure SUV that Lik has been looking for last year as he said he likes a car with high driving positions.
The new #10 Subaru Forester is one SUV that you can do anything with it because it has ample seating, large cargo space and it also offers a comfortable ride.

By looking at the technology specifications that Subaru Forester has, such as Boxer Engine, Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive (AWD), Lineartronic + Active Torqu-Split AWD and X-Mode, this car can help make driving safer through bad roads and slippery surfaces.
They also give a better sense of balancing on all roads.
It's a pretty good choice when it comes to your choice of adventure cars.

Another SUV from Subaru, #11 Subaru XV.
The overall size of the XV is slightly smaller than the Forester, that's why it gives a kind of sporty feeling to me.
This Subaru XV has simple technology specifications compare to the Forester, which only includes #1 All Wheel Drive, #2 Boxer Engine, and #3 Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC).
I think it you are looking for a more adventure car, Subaru Forester probably would still be the best choice.

The 4 wheels have beautiful yet unique design which caught my attention the most!

If you ask about my opinion, I would say Subaru XV is more suitable for younger market segment, where the outlook is more modernize and trendy that suitable for young generation. However, the Subaru Forester targets for older and mature group that have a distinct taste of design. The outlook is more classic which good enough to cover the mature group of customers.


This week, 2nd August till 7th August 2016, from 10am - 10pm, the Dream Car Expo 2016 is held at the Alamanda Putrajaya Shopping Mall.

But if you happened to miss out this expo for this time, there is a last Dream Car Expo in this year which will held at the Mid Valley Exhibition Centre, from 28th October till 30th October 2016.
You can start marking your calendars for this upcoming event in your schedule now!

For more information about the Dream Car Expo 2016, you can always check out the FB page at https://www.facebook.com/events/257734667942536/
So? See you there?! :)


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JohnRMay said...

Compared with other sedans, I still prefer Perodua Bezza