Korean Food in Melbourne @ Towoo Korean Charcoal BBQ

David: Hey! Let's go for Korean food tonight!
Me: What? Korean food in Melbourne?
David: Ya! It's one of my favourite restaurant, you should try it!
Me: Well okay since I am a hardcore Korean food fan!
I never thought of having Korean food in Melbourne since we have plenty choices in Malaysia.
Also, I always thought that one of the pleasures of travelling to foreign countries is to enjoy the variety foods that we couldn't get in our country.
But anyway, I felt glad that I made a move to Towoo Korean Charcoal BBQ because the food dining experience is just quite different with the one in Malaysia.

Thank you so much for taking us to such great dinner!

Towoo Korean Charcoal BBQ is certainly a gem because it's quite a hidden secret restaurant located in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne.
It can be difficult to find if you are not familiar with that area.
The restaurant does not open during day time but only in the evening, starting from 530pm till 1030pm.

Advanced booking at this restaurant is highly recommended.
We were lucky that we got David to made the reservation for us otherwise I don't think we would be able to get a table right after we arrived.
The place was already half full when we seated, and it was all packed after 20-30 minutes later.

It doesn't look like a Korean restaurant at all, because the entire place look classy and smart which maybe because they serve wines as well.
I think compare to the Korean restaurants in Malaysia, ours are more casual establishments.
All furniture inside the restaurant are with thick wooden tables and benches.
One thing I do not really like about having long bench seats in a restaurant is it can be tough for some people to get out once everyone is seated.
However it can be space-saving feature as well as look great with the overall design.

It's a double story restaurant.
Upstairs is quite limited in spaces but the whole place has a distinguish feature wall with creative hand-drawn chalk of the panorama of Melbourne.
Both downstairs and upstairs have extendable exhaust fans and that's why the smoke emissions are minimal and you won't have a strong smell like the Korean BBQ at the end.

As usual, Korean cuisine always starts with serving banchan, which some people call them as tidbits in Melbourne.
I think the amount are too less whereby we have at least 5-6 banchan in Malaysia,
Anyway, all these banchan will refill for you once finished.
And I like how the marinated cucumber refreshing my taste bud before the main course served.

Towoo Pork Set @ AUD82 comes with 6 different flavors of pork belly, mix entree and black sesame garden salad.
The 6 different flavors of pork belly includes fresh pork belly, red chili, yellow curry, green herb, red wine and black bean.
Red wine and green herbs are something special that I've never tried it before.

That's the black sesame garden salad that comes with the pork set.
It's a salad with combination of shredded radish, beet root, tomatoes, and lettuces,

Mixed Entree with lotus root chips, 2 pieces of Korean Fried Chickendeep fried prawns and crab claw.
I looked at the menu and this mixed entree actually costs AUD16 if you ordered it separately.

I know! I looked super tired on that night because I just woke up from a long nap. #hehe

Our dining companion insisted on adding the Korean Pancake @ AUD20 with parsley and fresh squid.

And also, a Soybean Paste Stew @ AUD20 with a medium portion.
It's Korean miso paste stew with pork, tofu and vegetables.
I find it is generally less salty than the one I usually had in Malaysia. #goodone

Good thing about Towoo is the staffs will help you with the barbecue.
I remembered one of our pork got burnt, and the staff changed another new one for us voluntary.
Besides, the staff automatically change to a new BBQ plate without you having to ask.
I have to give a big thumbs up for their service!

Towoo is clearly popular, not only by seeing both the downstairs and the upstairs were full, but also it has published on the local newspaper.
I think this is a great spot for having dinner with friends and families due to it's nice and comfortable environment.
Another great thing is the restaurant also serves good wines for you to pair with the different meats they offer.

That's my experience at Towoo in Melbourne.
Do you have any Korean food dining experience in other countries to share with?
I love Korean food and I really don't mind to try any Korean food in other countries now.
If you came across any nice Korean food at your country, please do let me know and I will try my best to hunt it in future!

Towoo Korean Charcoal BBQ
603 Whitehourse Road
Surrey Hills, Victoria 3127
Tel: 03 9836 0445
Opening hours: Wed till Mon 530pm till 10.30pm (closed on Tues)
FB: Towoo: Korean Charcoal BBQ

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