Wedding Makeup and Hairdo @ RnI Wedding 21052016

I decided on my makeup artist at very last minute after I've been looking around at several pages.
I am not an expert in makeup but I do have small knowledge of makeup.
It's not an easy task to choose a makeup artist for my wedding because I am not sure what to look for and what are the standard things I should enquiry for a bridal makeup.
So, kinda stressed out while searching for the right one just to accommodate me as I would prefer a natural look that are comfy yet clean and smooth rather than heavy base make up with heavy wing liner or lashes.
I know Jade How from her gown studio at J'adore Gowns, that I mentioned on my previous wedding post.
If you haven't read it, you can click here to the direct link of my wedding gown selection.
I checked all Jade's profile to get a taste of what she is capable with, and the main thing is to make sure she did not apply any heavy makeup on her previous brides. #hehe
I was just too afraid that I won't feel comfortable to any heavy makeup on my wedding day since my everyday makeup is in very simple look.

When Jade asked me about my wedding hairstyle, my mind went totally blank as I thought I should leave it to my makeup artist.
However, Jade suggested me to look at some examples on Pinterest, see which style inspire me, before I met her on our first makeup trial.
That's just to make sure she understand my taste better.
Honestly, it's quite difficult for me to decide even one hairstyle after I have looked at like more than 100 pictures!
After struggling for sometimes, I finally found some hairdos which I think probably suit me the most.

Romantic pony tails
I never thought of having pony tails at the beginning, because I seldom see brides in Malaysia wearing their hair down.
But when I did my research on Pinterest, the Korean brides with this kind of romantic pony tails caught my attention and my first thought is to match this hairstyle with my off the shoulder vintage bridal gown that I am going to wear in the evening.
Ahhh! Look so princesses, right?!

High Bun
The second hairstyle that I were looking for is to have a high bun.
I told Jade that high bun is one of the hair style that I often make for myself in my daily life as
my face look sharper and rectangular with the high bun outlook.
So happy that Jade couldn't agree more! #yes!

Low Slung Chignon
I think this style is one of the popular wedding hairstyle for all time, the only different is depends how the makeup artist plays around with the accessories she has in her bag.
I first thought this hairstyle might look mature on me, lucky that Jade asked me to rest assured that she will complete this hairdo for me with a lovely yet classic look.

1st Tadaaaa!
For the morning section, Jade wrapped my hair into an elegant low slung chignon and paired it with some baby's breath on top of it.
The baby's breath not only accented the hairstyle beautifully, but also created a simple and understated look that I wanted to match with the gown I choose for my morning tea ceremony.
Such a perfect match, isn't it?

And for the makeup wise, Jade applied the makeup with airbrush gun so that the airbrush makeup looked thinner and naturally.
The overall makeup looked so natural than I expected, and I really loved it so much!
One thing to keep in mind that if you have an oily eyelid, make sure you ask your makeup artist to use glue for your double eyelid tape, or else it will drop easily since our weather is so humid!

2nd Tadaaaa! 
For me, off the shoulder vintage gown has a kind of fairytales princess look, so I think romantic pony tails suit to this wedding dress the most.
Jade created this pony tail with her crystal hairband to make a girly look to an unconventional wedding dress.
That's the exact style I want!
Thanks Jade for making me into a princess on my wedding day.

And for the evening makeup part, Jade suggested to put a thicker makeup instead of the airbrush makeup.
I took her advises and so good that I like it very much!
Surprised that even she put a thicker makeup, I still feel very comfortable with my look. 

3rd Tadaaaa!
Due to the time constraint, we just had a quick touch-up on my make up, and change up different hairstyle on my second gown. 
During my wedding reception, we had a surprise dance performance with my bridesmaids.
If you want to know what dance we had performed, then you shall stay tuned for more of my wedding blogs.
So by considering the dance movement, I told Jade that I want to have the high bun at this section instead of having my hair down. 
Instead of forcing it and ending up looking hot and messy after the performance, I do not need to worry about it at all if I have to sweep my hair off my neck!
Plus, the romantic baby's breath that surrounded the bun has accented the hairstyle; the entire outlook look not only sweet, but also romantic and elegant!

Some people said that even though my makeup and hairdo looked simple, yet I looked so elegant and nice.
Some people said that it's not worth to pay so much by having such simple wedding look.
But anyway, I'm satisfy with what Jade done for me!
Here, I want to share some tips with the brides to be:
#1 Do not skip scheduling a trial with your makeup artist. That's the time for your to communicate with your makeup artist.
#2 Communicate with your makeup artist of what you like and what you don't like in order to receive the outcome that you will enjoy with.
#3 Get ready as early as possible! Try to be on time as what your makeup artist told you because they have enough experience to advise you.
#4 If you finish the makeup and hairdo early, use the extra time to mingle and take pictures with your guests. My friend told me that she didn't have enough time to do so as she took longer time at the dressing section.
#5 If your makeup artist said the package includes the ampoules (that's for your long lasting makeup), make sure she apply it for you on the actual day; well, I think I forgot to get mine from Jade. :(
#6 No matter what styles you are choosing for yourself, you must make sure you look like yourself!
Yourself must feel comfortable with the makeup and hairdo, otherwise you won't feel happy throughout the day.
Lastly, I wanna send my big hug and thank you to Jade for making me extra beautiful on my wedding day.
You did a great job! ♥♥♥  #thankyou


Anfield Yee said...

yorr~~~ Cantek betulll our lengsou ni~~

hiphippopo said...

TQ sista! Muackss!

Linda said...

You look pretty! All the hairstyles suit you.

hiphippopo said...

Tq Linda! Muackss!

Shreya Gupta said...

The eyes are looking mesmerizing, beautiful makeup!!! A bride looks complete with proper makeup & right jewelry items.
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