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I hate the traffic in KL, don't you agree with me?
No matter what time of the day, the traffic is always ceaseless and busy in the town.
I always mentioned this to my friends said that my tiredness of a day doesn't cause by the long working hours, but the driving journeys after the works.
If you have the same thought as me, let's give a round of applause to this! #highfive
And recently, I met a friend of mine from my university.
He told me that he hardly ever used his car to work now.
He said by taking those licensed taxi, it helps to eliminate his everyday hassle such as finding parking spot, cost for car maintenance, fuel costs, long queue at parking machine and so on.
If you are doing the same thing everyday like my friend, I'm sure you would want to know this new app which just launched in recent months.

Jomtaxi is a free smartphone app that allows you to order a licensed taxi in any seconds.
The app is designed to enable the passengers to track their taxi in real-time as it approaches and interact with drivers on real time using built in text chat features.
Jomtaxi launched in Feb 2016 and has reached total 2000 plus driver registered.
It is only available in Malaysia now with different types of car model such as Saga BLM, Persona, Waja, Toyota Innova, Exora, Kia Naza.

Well, how does the app works?
When you are at the main page of selecting the taxi:
#1 The app locates you automatically.
#2 You can choose the taxi types, either budget, executive or Teks1M, according to your preference.
#3 Based on your pick up, and drop off location, the app will estimate the fare for you.
#4 Once you confirm the order, click go and your order will send to the closet available drivers.

#5 You can choose which driver you prefer based on the photo, time, distance, ratings or comments from the previous riders.
#6 The driver will contact you and provide an approximate time to reach your pick up destination.
#7 Once you confirm the driver, you can view the driver on the map, chat or call him inside the app without any cost.
#8 At the end of the trip, you can rate the driver or leave your comments to help the other riders and improve the Jomtaxi's experience in future.
#9 If you like this driver, you can save him/her into your favourites; but if you do not want to use this driver in your future rides, you can block him/her completely.

So, what actually makes Jomtaxi different from the others?
#1 Multilingual: It is available in English, Mandarin and Malay.
#2 Choose driver: You can choose who to send you based on the profile, picture and comments from the previous riders.
#3 Taxi arrival: The driver will send you a "buzz" when he arrives so you know he is waiting for you outside.
#4 Add favourite/block: Customer can either add favourite or block the drivers.
#5 Call back: Customer can call the driver directly just in case if the customer left the valuable things inside the car.
#6 Protected: Drivers and passengers are protected under TuneProtect which covers accident, dead, loss, damage luggage or belongings.

Another good news about Jomtaxi is the passengers are automatically insured in their tailor-made insurance policy on every trip, even if it is for a short distance.
By having great collaboration with Tune Project, the JomProtect is a free insurance plan designed to protect passengers and taxi drivers throughout their journey.
For passengers who journey with Jomtaxi will automatically enjoy the complementary insurance coverage valued at up to RM10,000 with benefits covered under women against sexual assault and molestation, robbery and accidents.
And for taxi drivers, they will have the coverage against permanent disablement, accidental death, medical expenses and bereavement allowance while they are on the job.

So guys! No more waving at taxi under the rain or hot sun, just download Jomtaxi app and your taxi would be just at your door step.
Jomtaxi is available on both Apple iOS and Android devices.
I have already installed Jomtaxi for my future rides, how about you?


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