About My Contact Lenses @ Bausch + Lomb LacelleⓇ Jewel and Diamond Daily

Eyes are very important to us; they show us the world and show others about how we feel.
So, we have to be careful to look after them.
Especially for contact lens users, selecting a reliable brand and comfortable lens must be extra prudent.
I have been wearing contact lenses since 17 years old, and I know this is one thing that I can't live without.
To find a suitable contact lens is not easy, especially you are going to wear it for long hours.
During the last few months, I have been using Bausch + Lomb LacelleⓇ series, which famous with their breathable lenses.
With the LacelleⓇ colour cosmetic lenses , I can rest assure that I'll be able to wear them for the whole day without any dry eyes and irritation.
Indeed, it's very comfortable to wear it, like nothing on my eyes.

Bausch + Lomb LacelleⓇ series combines the safety track record of globally recognized company and the cutting-edge innovation of both the LacelleⓇ Diamond Daily and LacelleⓇ Jewel are hands down the most obvious choice of lens wear for any fashionista.
These colour cosmetic lenses help you to create a different look everyday of the week!
Pair the LacelleⓇ Jewel Peridot Green with a Mocha Brown eyeshadow and neutral Brown lipstick for a Sunday outing?
How about LacelleⓇ Diamond Champagne Brown to transform your black and drab office attire to something exciting?
For a special date night, why not match it with LacelleⓇ Diamond Pink Rose to elevate your look?
Pretty cool huh, since now you can also mix and match your outfit with the lenses to change your eye colour!

Bausch + Lomb LacelleⓇ Jewel is a monthly disposable coloured contact lens that feature a unique jewel pattern that gives the eyes an unrivalled dept and brilliance.
It's thin lens design of a mere 0.078mm thickness and water content of 38% allows for great comfort.
Meanwhile it's material, polymacon, minimizes protein uptake for hygienic and ease of lens wearing.
The LacelleⓇ Jewel is available in seven colours, includes Melanite Black, Topaz Brown, Crystal Grey, Amber Brown, Amethyst violet, Sapphire Blue and Peridot Green.

When it comes to my office attire, I always like a very simple and natural style, no matter if it is outfit or makeup.
So, Melanite black becomes my daily contact lens.
Though it is in a simple black colour, but trust me it does help to enhance your natural beauty.

When I first tried Crystal Grey, I felt like we are in love right away! #hehe
I find grey is the second natural colour and it is suitable to wear for any occasions, and whatever makeup you have.
Also, it looks good and matches all skin tones and hair colours too.

Besides, the Bausch + Lomb Lacelle Diamond Daily is a daily disposable contact lenses that magically dazzles up the eyes with a diamond-like sparkle while providing the conveniences and hygienic.
It's 14.2mm diameter iris, gives wearers a doe-eyed look without the use of make-up.
The LacelleⓇ Diamond daily only comes in 3 shining colours, which includes Aqua Glacier, Champagne Brown, and Pink Rose.

I'm not a person who like fun shining contact lenses, like green, purple or blue colours, because I'm afraid they look unnatural and too exaggerate.
But, Aqua Glacier totally changed my perception.
It achieve the natural look I want, and enhance my entire look too!

Champagne Brown is my second favourite colour when it comes to contact lens.
I usually wear it when I want to have a different yet natural look.
Sometimes it can be one cool colour to enhance your beauty and look too!

So, tell me now which look do you like the most? :)
Maybe you were thinking which types of contact lens is suitable for you? I would say it depends on your own needs and preferences.
If you don't wear it like everyday, probably Diamond Daily is more appropriate because you can change the colours based on your mood and ootd.
If you are a frequent contact lenses user like me, perhaps go for the Jewel series to save you the cost?
Bausch + Lomb LacelleⓇ Jewel series is RM68 per box for 2 pieces
Bausch + Lomb LacelleⓇ Diamond Daily is RM42 per box for 10 pieces, and RM110 per box for 30 pieces.
Both LacelleⓇ series are available at all major optical stores nationwide.
For more information, head over to http://lacelle.com.my/


Anfield Yee said...

The Diamond Daily is relatively cheap! I love their brand tho :D

hiphippopo said...

Yea...Price is reasonable and also comfortable to wear too!