G9 Skin @ White in Whipping Cream

When I visited Seoul in 2016, I saw most Korean girls have very white and fair skin.
I asked my Korean girlfriend, then she told me that white is beauty in Korea.
Some girls are naturally fair, but I saw some others actually use a shade lighter than their skin, whereby you can see the colour difference between their face and neck.
I find it is a bit weird, but my friend said it is very common in Korea because many of them are obsessed over having fair and white skin.
That probably explains why so many Korean cosmetics and skincare products are always highly concentrated with whitening and brightening ingredients. :)
Well, if you are a a fan of having a white and bright skin like the Koreans, you will definitely be happy to find out how G9 Skin White in Whipping Cream can turn you to look like a snow white! :)

G9 Skin is from Korea.
If you know about Berrisom, G9 Skin is actually a sister brand of Berrisom.
It's my first time in this brand; when I looked into their product ranges, G9 Skin offers mostly in whitening products such as cleansing foam, toner, serum, face cream, eye cream, BB cushion.
Also, I find their pricing are pretty affordable whereby all the products are positioned at a low-medium price range.
So now, let's see how the signature product, the White In Whipping Cream from G9 Skin looks like and what result it's able to produce for you!

"Oh Wow! The packaging for this product is really too cute"! That's my very first impression when I saw the product.
The eye-catching pack design is more than simply being different.
It is packed in a small milk carton shaped box, with lovely sweet white and soft pink colours.
The overall look is very unique, and I believe it surely win most people hearts!

The cream comes in a matte milky white bottle with simple wordings and logo of the G9 milk bottle.
The bottle is not very heavy and big, and I think it is quite handy to bring it when traveling.
Once the bottle is opened, the cream looks exactly like fresh whipped cream in pure white colour!

It smells like a baby powder.
I like the smell because it smells so fresh.
The cream looks thick from it's appearance, but indeed the texture is light and soft.
If you want a light powdery feeling, you just have to keep rubbing the cream on your skin.

Apparently, G9 Whipping Cream is formulated with 9 whitening nourishment which contains:
#1 Niacinamide: with whitening ingredient
#2 Milk Protein Extract: for brightening moisturizing and revitalizing
#3 Glutathione: main ingredient used in whitening injections
#4 Vitamin Complex: for brightening, cares for imperfection
#5 Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate: helps skin texture and transparency

Besides, it also has 9 moisturizing and soothing ingredients like:
#1 Fructan: for moisturizing and prevents dryness
#2 Trehalose: cactus moisture reservoir
#3 Centella Asiatica Extract: for soothing
#4 Betaine: natural moisturizing factor
#5 Witch Hazel Extract: to tighten pores and soothing

Lastly, it also added Adenosine, a certified anti-wrinkle ingredient to smooth out wrinkles.

I first tried the whipped cream on my hand.
Can you see my right hand which has the cream on is more white and fair compare to the bare skin on the left hand?
I just put it on and leave it like less than 2 minutes, then I already can see the difference right way.
And now, let's see how it goes on my face!

It is advised to apply twice in a day.
First, apply in the morning, before applying makeup to even out the skin tone; then apply at night during your skincare routine for whitening, anti-wrinkle and moisturizing.
Apparently, the whipped cream is unlike other face creams I used before.
When I first applied it, I find it can be a little bit hard to spread the cream on my face.
I tend to put pressure when blending and spreading the cream over my face, if not it can cause a little bit of patchy and cakey.
But anyhow, I'm impressed with how well the cream absorbs into my skin quickly and gives an even matte finishing that I like.

Here's the before and after picture after putting the white cream on my face.
If you look close enough, though I have quite a fair skin, but I do have uneven skin tone.
I find the white cream is able to even out my skin tone, and also helps to achieve a bright complexion instantly.

Now you see at this picture; you can see my left side has a brighter look and whiter compare to the dull and uneven skin tone with rough texture on the right side.
Besides, I also feel the whipping cream has mild coverage; so as for a natural look makeup, simply apply one layer of BB cushion after the whipping cream will do.

Oh don't forget to mention that this whipping cream also works for your armpits, knees, elbows or any areas that you want to brighten and whiten.
Just apply an appropriate amount on areas where tone-up is desired for you.

Overall, I think this product can be a good option for those people who is looking for instant whitening or brightening, light coverage and to get an even out skin tone. 
But if you have really dry skin and looking for a moisture facial cream to provide concentrated hydration, this whitening cream may not be so moisture to the skin compare to the others.
I personally prefer to use this product as my make up base since it is not sticky and also help to make my skin look shine, and even out my skin tone and texture.
So, if you are interested in purchasing the White In Whipping Cream, you can head over to:
Website: www.g9skin.com
FB: https://www.facebook.com/G9skinMY/
Instagram: @g9skin_malaysia
Hope you guys enjoy this beauty post for today! :)


Anfield Yee said...

The package looks like a milk! XD

hiphippopo said...

Ya exactly like a milk carton! Tooooo cuteee!