What To Eat in Taipei (Part 2) Fei Qian Wu 肥前屋 @ Let's Go To Taipei

Yea! I know, it's time to blog about my Taiwan trip!
So sorry for keeping you guys waited for so long.
I have been busy with pending beauty posts and I don't have extra time to blog my remaining posts in Taipei. 
In case you missed my previous posts of the Taiwan trip, you can search all the related posts under the label of #Taiwan.
I have already shared where we stayed, Jiufen & Shifen one day trip and some good food in Taipei.
Without further due, let's jump into "What to eat in Taipei, Part 2" now!

Traveling with a group of friends sometimes might be troublesome, because everyone have their own expectations and preferences.
Fortunately, Taipei trip was incredible smooth as we had 3 male vs 3 female. #hehe
All I can say is "It was truly a wonderful holiday with great best friends together"!
Kay arranged all the transportation; Matt and Aison surveyed and googled the food places to go; Stella be our treasurer who collected and paid our food expenses; Chuen be the leader for drinking. And me? Certainly the one who captured moments on camera, and created memories in our hearts. :)

When we arrived in Taipei on the first day, Matt already mentioned about Fei Qian Wu 肥前屋 to us.
He was highly recommended since he has been there before, and also said this is one of the must go restaurant in Taipei since it has long history of the unagi.
Matt said the roasted eel was worth a try, not only they are delicious, but also at very low prices.
Since he said so, I think we must definitely try it out then. :p

We arrived there almost noon time.
It was surprised to see the crazy long queue already began at the main door till down the alley.
To speed up the ordering process, the waitress took our order while we were waiting in the line.
We waited probably about 30 minutes before getting our table.

The atmosphere at the restaurant is very casual, more like a cafeteria style.
By looking at the packed, I believe some people might force to share a table with other customers.
Lucky we don't need to share table with others, otherwise I wont't enjoy the dining experience. #lol
Anyway, food served was very fast; all food arrived in no longer than 10 minutes once we settle down on the table.

Unagi (Eel Rice) is apparently the main dish here.
We ordered a large box @ TWD480 and a small box @ TWD250 to share.
Both sizes come along with a bowl of miso soup.

Large box has double eel compared to the small box.
If you don't want to share, get a small box is more than enough.

Kay was looking for beef rice, so we got a Japanese Beef & Rice Bowl @ TWD120.
I didn't try it, because I'm trying to reduce beef consumption.
Kay said the beef rice is just an ordinary taste, nothing special about it.

Instead, the Fried Pork Rice @ TWD110 has very crispy and crunchy pork texture.

Katsu-Don @ TWD100, with pretty nice taste, especially the scrambled egg was still runny on top of the pork cutlet.

For the side dishes, we make a choice of the Grilled Squid with Soy Sauce @ TWD90.
I love the simplicity of this dish along with lime juice.

Women need more Fried Vegetables @ TWD70 for our diet. #lol

Fried Oyster @ TWD120; you can complete the side dish with salad and a miso soup by adding extra TWD20.
The oysters were produced with a delightful fresh tasting with a crispy light crust.
It's also my most favourite side dish among the others.

We ordered "almost"everything on the menu!
It's always good to travel with man, or else I don' think we can order sooo much and get to try different dishes at Fei Qian Wu. #lol

Food with happiness! ^^

When we came out of the restaurant, we stumbled upon the making process of the roasted eel, at a shop right opposite the restaurant.
I remembered the lady was very friendly and kind. #luckyus
Truly impressed how many roasted eel they made for a day man!

In summary, the unagi was good; but for me, I think it has the same taste you can get it in Malaysia.
Indeed, Matt also said the food quality has dropped compared to his previous visits; perhaps because too many customers make them difficult to control the quality?
Anyway, if you have extra time in Taipei, you may put this into your bucket list for a try on their Unagi; apart from unagi and fried oyster, I think you can save your stomach for the other delicious food in Taipei. :)

Fei Qian Wu 肥前屋
No: 13-2, Lane 121, Zhongshan North Road Section 1,
Zhongshan District, Taipei
Tel: (02) 2562 8701
Opening hours: 1130am - 230pm, 530pm- 9pm (closed on Mondays)