How to Get a Flawless and Brighter Skin @ Althea Total Brightening Box

Who doesn't want a bright, flawless, fair skin like the Koreans?
I'm not sure about you; but for my skin, it certainly needs to feed with different skin cares from time to time.
Moisturizing is my main concern, then followed by the anti-aging products due to my age.:p
And, there is another skincare product that I have always been searching, that is how to have a brighter and fairer skin.
一白遮三丑 (in mandarin), have you heard of it before?
In English, it means " A white complexion is powerful enough to hide seven faults". :)
I have known this fact for a long time, but when I studied in Michigan back in 12 years ago, whitening products are not as popular as now. 
I was lucky because my HK girlfriend introduced me a Japanese brand for whitening and she actually brought it all the way from HK when she traveled back for summer holiday.
So, that's my first whitening products in my life and I was amazed that it gave my skin a whole new world!
Believe me not? From that day onward, whitening and brightening products are so important to make my beauty.
Nowadays, we are blessed because there are so many different brands offer whitening and brightening skin cares and cosmetics.
And today, I wanna introduce a Total Brightening Box from Althea Korea which only costs you a total of RM120!
Are you excited?!

Let's start from lightening up the inner skin, then follow with the skin texture that splashes glowing effect. 

#1 Lebaton Pearl Whitening Essence Mask
As it said on it's title, this mask helps to brighten up dull and dark skin for clear and radiant look.
Besides, it also brings good effect for firming too. 
The natural extracts from Centella Asiatica, Ginkgo Biloba Leaf,Camellia Sinensis Leaf, and Aloe Barbadensis Leaf can also soothe sensitive skin for a healthier looking complexion. 

The cotton sheet is soft and 100% elastic which effectively delivers active ingredients without irritation. 
It's advised to use a pearl mask at night to get a clear and brighter skin on the next day. 

How to use?
Apply the mask over the face after cleanse your face, avoid eye and lip area.
Leave the mask on for 10-20 minutes, then remove gently.
Gently press the remaining essence into your skin by hand. 

When I removed the mask from the packaging, the mask was dripping with essence, and also with a lot left over in the pack.
The cotton sheet is thin and soft, like the other Korean sheet masks I usually used.
My skin didn't feel sticky afterwards, indeed my skin is soft, and I can actually see my face is somehow brighter.
Without a doubt, should give it a try because it is now selling RM3 for one sheet at Althea. :)

#2 Chica-Y-Chico Skin Texture Toner 
The use of a right toner can solve all your skin problems; and this is it, the Chicay Chico Skin Texture Toner with tons of benefits:
✔ Whitening & wrinkles improvement
✔ Skin soothing
✔ Skin texturizing, 
✔ Glowing skin
✔ Skin firming
✔ Whitening immediate hydrating
✔ Flaky dead cell removing
Sometimes you may have the concern why the expensive essence and serum you bought doesn't seem to be the expected result?
Or you look so dull and dark, and your make up doesn't last long and dead cells become flaky?
All these because your skin is not really texture, and your skin has many dead cells, excess sebum, messy pores. 
This fresh skin texture toner is different from the other general toners, as it consists of pure ingredients from plants to help the old dead cells on your skin surface to be removed by themselves, and also the naturally fermented from 5 grains and atomized in ultra fine particles to help absorb faster and are rich in nutrition

The toner is water-based liquids which works for all skin types from dry to oily skin.
For example, flaky skin surface due to dehydrating will be moisturized and soothed, dead old skin cells due to excess sebum and skin waste will be fall down by themselves.
Intentionally, by using the Skin Texture Toner everyday as the first step of your skin care routine, it helps your skin texture to be smoother. 

How to use?
After cleansing, use texture toner as starter.
Recommend to use a cotton pad to apply for better effectiveness.
Dispense a few drops all over the cotton pad and wipe it from the center to the outer part of the face.

Special tips:
Drop the toner on the cotton pad and put each cottons to the concerning areas such as forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin.
This can actually help to firm up the elasticity losing skin by outside and inside circumstances such as air-conditioner.
After a few minutes, pat gently to the skin to soothe faster and tighten the pores.
You can see your skin texture become firmer and smoother after this.
Well for this special tips, better don't get those pricey toners, or else you might be spending too much on buying just toner. :)

I love this product when I first opened the cap because of the water-based texture.
I'm not sure why; but I always prefer water-based toner because my face simply feel nice and refreshing.
My skin belongs to dry and combination type, so oil and moisture balancing are very important.
I feel this toner helps to clean my skin nicely, and I can actually feel my skin is so much hydrated and also very comfortable to touch.
Another thing I like about this toner is, it doesn't have strong fragrance smell, but smell more like pure water.
Definitely a worth try!

#3 Real Beauty One Shot White Jade Ample
Did you know that ample is actually very good to our skin, and give instant result?
Just like Real Beauty One Shot Ample said: "One shot, you can be a goddess". #yea
What makes White Jade Ample so powerful then?
✔ Includes Glutathione component which brings a clear and transparent skin tone
Easy and clean to use with syringe container
✔ Includes fermented argan oil, green tea seed, olive oil for glowing skin, higher in absorption compared to other cosmetics as particles get atomized into smaller sizes.
✔ Includes nourishing components, such as Hyaluronic acid, Beta Glucan, Galactomyces
✔ It is suitable for whatever skin types you have; dry,combination, oily and sensitive skin.

As you can see from the picture, the ample comes with soft cream type texture.
It is so easy to use, and also convenient to keep after every time you used it; simply put back the opening cap back on will do.

How to use?
Hold the injector body, then gently push the piston by thumb and let the cream comes out. 
After cleanser and toner, apply evenly just like moisturizing cream all over your face.
Use it once a day, either morning or night time.
For troubling parts such as cheek, eye sides, neck, and lip side wrinkles, apply thicker layer.
Left over ample can be kept and used for a week.

Since the ample is in cream form, I used it as the moisturize cream before I applied my makeup.
My face usually produced oil after I applied my makeup; but I was surprised that my face indeed is less oily after having the one shot ample for more than 7 hours.
Perhaps it helps to stop my skin from drying out?
It contains quite a lot of volume in one container which I think one container can be used for at least 3 times.
Oh ya! Don't forget to mention that although the ample is in cream type, but the texture is not sticky at all!

#4 Milky Dress Winkle and Whitening Eye Cream
It's a 24/7 eye protection to keep eyelid moisturized, brighten dark circle, and protect dropped eyelids.
The ingredient of hydrolyzed pea protein vitalizes weak eyelids, brightens and improve wrinkles; at the same time, the certificated ingredients by USDA such as mistletoe extract and damask rose extract protects sensitive skin.

It's a light and fresh gel texture eye cream.
It contains natural vegetable ingredients that lightly fit on the skin.
Very soft gel type which moisturizes your eyelid and keeps elasticity without irritation.

How to use?
Skin around eyes is really sensitive and dry, which can easily having wrinkles; therefore, it needs daily care effectively.
Apply adequate amount, and gently tab around your eyes area for better absorption.

Do you know that this eye cream is only selling RM19 at Althea?
I was very surprised that you can actually get an eye cream at such affordable price!
Btw, I love the texture of the cream because it is light and not too sticky, also I can felt the liquid actually moisturizes my eyes area after applied it.
I also love the fresh smell that stays on my face!
However, I can't say if Milky eye cream will help to reduce the lines around my eyes as I have tried many eye creams from other big brands before yet it didn't help.
So, let's see if this can be a magic eye cream for me! #hehe

#5 Skinfood Pore Fit Pure Skin Primer
It's a solid primer that covers pores, corrects skin texture, concentrates brightening, provides smooth, flawless skin.
Also, the vita complex helps for skin renewal too!
This primer is in solid balm type with pinkish gold glitter which allows you to use both before and after makeup.

How to use?
Before foundation application, fills the pores and excessive sebum by applying a thin layer.
After makeup, apply the product again to the T-zone which are prone to become oily.
When reapplying makeup, apply on skin areas that are easily to produce oils. 

When I first saw the product, I thought is is a blusher because it comes in pink colour. #sillyme
I think it did a good job on controlling skin oil, and gives a silky clear skin tone after my makeup.
Of course, it also helps to cover my pores on my both cheeks.
I usually apply the primer on my cheeks, nose, and chin because these are the areas that produce oils.
It might not be a good idea to put it all over your face as I'm afraid primer might clogging your pores too much.
Btw, I can't really compare this primer with the other brands since I only used 3CE Pore Silky Balm before.
What I can say is Skinfood one is slightly lighter and less thicker than 3CE one.

#6 Air Fit Cushion Bboyan_Apricot
Maintain brightened skin all day with the BB cushion that naturally tones up the dull uneven skin tone.
Never judge a book by it's cover, a simple cushion like this actually contains many benefits such as:
Anti wrinkle, whitening and UV protection
✔ Helps clean the skin mottled
✔ 32% rice bran water for whitening and soften skin
✔ Milky protein extract for refining skin texture, maintaining moisturize
✔ Aloe Vera, tea tree extracts comfortably used for sensitive skin
✔ It has sunscreens
Lightweight texture
✔ Natural tone up with dewy and sleep expression

A picture tells a thousands word.
Can you see the differences between these 3 pictures?
I applied first layer on the second picture, and it has enough covered my pores and also brighten up my skin.
Then, on the second layer application, I can see my skin is so fair, so grease and so smooth

Not sure if you can see it clear on the pictures, I actually do not have a perfect skin; sometimes I have uneven skin tone, blackheads on my nose, and slightly redness on my cheeks.
I was highly impressed with this BB cushion as it has good enough coverage, indeed I took a look on the mirror after the first layer application, I was like "Wow! This is amazing"!
I also find it looks natural and doesn't look weird like neck shade different (but it doesn't mean that you should avoid apply this on your neck too).

This BB cushion has the same application and textures like the other BB cushions I used before.
But what makes it a bomb is this can really make a big difference on brightening and whitening my skin (as you can see directly from my before and after picture).
Another worth a try from Althea!

#7 Saemmul Single Blusher Gold Volume Light (Highlighter)
Saemmul single blusher has finer powder particles that smoothly apply onto skin.
The clear powder not only stays for a long time, it even lasts for the entire day.
The sebum control powder regulates sebum by absorbing sweat and sebum therefore it leaves makeup fresher and no clumping for the entire day.

For those who have oily and combination skin like me, sebum control powder is one important product to make your makeup last longer and prettier.

How to use?
Apply lightly onto T-zone, and cheek areas for shining and have a naturally healthy looking skin.

Remember only slightly blend it with your makeup to get a beautiful look.
Do not apply it too much or else you will look like a super "star" because it has glitter effect. :)
What I like about this product is it contains sebum control powder that I need on my every makeup, and also the light glitter can help to brighten up my skin too.

After the simple 7 steps of brightening products, add my favourite eye shadow colour, mascara and matte lipsticks, then I'm ready to go!
A Korean brightening and flawless skin, easy peasy right!

If you are interested in the brightening box, or any single products that I mentioned above, you can now purchase them at
For new members, you are entitled for RM30 welcome gift, and also free shipping all the way from Korea on orders above RM99. 
Lastly, 감사합니다 Althea! Thank you for making me feel so beautiful! ♥♥♥


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