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Hello from Jonlivia!
Do you know about Jonlivia?
Or perhaps you heard about the latest fat-burning hotpants that can help you lose weight and sweat burn excess calories?
Jonlivia was born to share the passion in bringing fashion into active lifestyle wear.
They not only will help on your fitness journey, they will also turn your fitness journey into a lifestyle so that you can enjoy and feel great of yourself.
All Jonlivia's products are suitable for you at any occasions; whether you are walking at the park, exercising in the gym room or shopping with your friends at the mall.

Now, Jonlivia has recently launched the 1st ever Activewear Lifestyle Club at SS2, Petaling Jaya.
The lifestyle club is to help Malaysians to discover a healthy and active lifestyle while at the same time, stay trendy and stylist.
The club combines with multi-function fitness studio together the product showroom on it's premises which shows it's commitment to lead their members towards a healthier and more active lifestyle.

Jonlivia Lifestyle Club neither very big nor very small in it's space.
For me, I think sometimes it's good to have a smaller studio because instructor can closely supervise the class, and carefully explain the instructions.
The club offers all kind of fitness programs include flying yoga, Zumba, yoga and TRX classes.
Oh!! I wish they will add my favourite Kpop dance or Kpop fitness soon or later!

The product showroom that located at 1st floor showcases a wide range of Jonlivia active wears.
As to ensure products are always in-trend and up-to-date, all goods are made of high-performance materials, and with the latest technology.
Fat-Burning Hotpants is one of the signature product of Jonlivia.
It comes with different lengths for woman and man; from short, three quarter to full length.
Wearing Fat-Burning Jonlivia Hotpants for at least 4-5 hours in a day will increase the amount of sweat, and promote body detoxification.

All kinds of slimming wears such as slimming shirt shaper, underpants shaper, waist trimming belt, hot belt and hot singlet help to flatten and shape your body.

I got myself an active sport bra during the launching day.
I understand how a bad sport bra can make working out uncomfortable, but Jonlivia sport bra is surely supportive and comfortable to wear all day long.
Also, the material is not only quick dry moisture, but also breathable. #ireallylikeit

Back support looks like a good product to correct poor posture, relieve back pains, shoulder pains, headaches, and also pull back shoulders, straighten necks and aligns spine.
Indeed, I think I need one for myself because I always have back and shoulder pains due to the long periods of sitting day-in and day-out. #bloggerlife

The best thing about wearing Jonlivia is you can create different stylish outfit in your daily lives.
Have you thought of you wearing a slimming shaper to a dinner party?
Or wear the hotpants with your formal wear to the office?
At Jonlivia, they have created and designed stylish high performance wear to ensure that you always feel and perform at your best!

Look here! There are five powerful benefits of being part of Jonlivia's member:
✔ Collect points on all purchases made at stores and online
✔ Collect points on every kilos/pounds you lose based on BMI standard
✔ Redeem points for Jonlivia active lifestyle products
✔ Be the first to know the new product releases and exclusive events
✔ Privilege to enjoy exclusive discounts, promotions, offers that only for JLC members
So? Wait's no more and head over to to be one of the Jonlivia Lifstyle Club now!

Jonlivia Lifestyle Club
No. 70A,70B & 70C,
Jalan SS2/67,
47300 Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +016 263 4410
Opening hours: Daily 800am - 500pm

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