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Taiwan is a well-known true foodie paradise.
Almost everything is delicious in Taipei, it seems like this place has a never ending supply of delicious and interesting foods to try everyday.
Our time in Taipei is like a food marathon, from morning till night eating non-stop; obviously the main reason why I gained at least 3kg after the trip! #nightmare
If you are travelling to any places in Taiwan, make sure your stomach is well prepared hey!
To begin the food journey in Taiwan, today I'll be sharing Re-Chao热炒, which is one of the popular food in Taiwan.
Re-Chao basically offers variety of small and cheap stir fried dishes with an ice-cold beer at an informal restaurant.
All dishes such as seafood, tofu, pork, chicken, beef, lamb, and vegetables are meant to stir fried in different cooking ways such as fried, sweet and sour, braised, or steamed.
It's definitely something new for me to try out. :)

After a long day out at Jiufen and Shifen, Aison strongly suggested that we should have our dinner at ZhongYang ShiChang Seafood 中央市场生猛海鲜.
He been here once with his Taiwanese friends, and he said the food was delicious and at a good price.
So, we thought why not?! :)

We were lucky because we arrived at the restaurant pretty early, like before 7pm.
The restaurant was not very fulled, we were able to get a seat overlooking the whole restaurant.
But when it reached the dinner time, the restaurant was fully occupied, mostly filled with locals.
Well, this gave us an impression that it must be a good place for dinner! #yes

The menu was a surprise, with a lot of choices!
I had no idea what to order, lucky to have Aison to look into the menu and made the decision for all of us. #thankyou
We ordered quite a lot for just 6 of us, about 10 different dishes. :D

Start off with Lemon Chicken wings 柠檬鸡翼 @ TWD130.

Sweet and Sour Ribs 糖醋排骨 @ TWD130.

Chicken with Ginger and Wine in Casserole 三杯鸡腿 @ TWD180.
It's one of the signature dish in Taiwan.

Ladies love vegetables; so we ordered three different vegie dishes for each of us.
Fried Asparagus 炒龙须菜 @ TWD100.
Sauteed Vegetable with Sesame Oil 麻油川七 @ TWD100.
Fried White Water Snowflakes 炒水莲菜 @ TWD100.

Fried Burdock 炸牛蒡 @ TWD150.
A very good snack to accompanion a beer or two.

Crabmeat Salad 鱼柳沙拉 @ TWD150.
This is one of the best and highly recommended!

Oyster Fried Egg 蚵仔煎蛋 @ TWD150.

Fried Pork Ribs 唐扬排骨 @ TWD130.

We ordered 2 different soups because I want clear soup with preserved vegetable and pork stomach 酸菜猪肚汤 and Stella was craving for pumpkin creamy soup with crabmeat香蟹南瓜浓汤.
It's TWD150 of each big bowl.

Hakka Fried 客家小炒 @ TWD120.

Deep Fried Octopus 盐酥龙珠 @ TWD150.
When it comes to deep-fried, I love them all!

Big thumbs up for everything at ZhongYang ShiChang Seafood!
We enjoyed the atmosphere, the food was great, and the service was good.
If Taipei is your next destination to head-off, make sure you visit this restaurant and try the most delicious food you ever tried!

ZhongYang ShiChang Seafood 中央市场生猛海鲜
NO. 52-1, Section 1,
Chang'an East Road, Zhongshan District,
Taipei City, Taiwan 10491
Tel: +886 2 2523 2017
Opening hours: Daily 1130am - 230 pm, 430pm - 5am

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Well explain ... the food was really good with the atmosphere that is good for friends gathering and not a business meeting.