Diamond Coral WaterBar @ 3 Seconds Instant Warm Water Dispenser

Hola Hola! Father's day is coming up on Sunday!
How are you planning to celebrate your dad this Father's Day?
Like previous years, we are going to spend my dad and mum a big dinner, then have some wine at home.
How about yours? Are you still thinking what to get to your dad to express your love and appreciation for this year?
Every year, we usually got watch, wallet, clothing for daddy; but this year, I think we should come through with something truly unique, useful, and meaningful to show our appreciation and touch dad's hearts!
But hey, how to make it special?! :)

I believe Diamond is not a new brand for you and you should have heard of it a very long time.
Diamond was founded in 1995, as one of the renowned brands under NEP Holdings.
The brand is known as one of the International Water Filtration System Leading Brands in the country, with more than one million customers over the years. and widely covers Great China and Asia Pacific.
Being one of the top trusted water dispenser brand in Malaysia in 2016, Diamond recently introduced a totally brand new Diamond Coral WaterBar, that meet the world's first 3 Seconds Instant Warm Water Dispenser.

Normally, we use kettle or electric dispenser to boil water quickly; still you might don't know how danger of these dispenser designs can damage our health.
Many health specialists found that certain harmful chemicals such as manganese and nitrite will be accumulated in these traditional water dispensers.
Research and reports also showed that those reboiled water may put your health at risk after long period of consumption.
Unfortunately, before launching Diamond Coral WaterBar, there isn't any solution to solve the health concerns from reboiling water, also all water dispensers in the market are without healthy warm water function too.

Diamond Coral WaterBar created to replace the traditional heat components in the dispenser.
It is produced with a new 3-second instant heat technology that significant breakthroughs to solve the health problems due to the electric dispensers.
The water dispenser not only produces 100% fresh hot and normal water, it also provides 50℃ warm water instantly, with just 3 buttons.
#1 For hot water: click lock button (first button) till it turns to green colour, then press hot water button (second button).
#2 Warm water: press the warm water button (third button).
#3 Normal water: press the normal water button (forth button).
The design looks elegant, beautiful with compact size; it can be placed at anywhere inside your home like kitchen, living room, dining room and even bedroom.

Do you know what are the benefits of warm water?
For children, drinking plenty of warm water is the easiest and healthiest solution for stomachaches or constipation.
For women, warm water usually better for cramps, as it helps for blood flow to your skin and may relax cramped muscle.
For elderly, drinking enough warm water to keep body hydrated, and warm effectively.

Diamond Coral WaterBar is a perfect water dispenser for the whole family to enjoy fresh warm water easily.
As mothers, you don't need to test the milk temperature by dropping a few drops of milk on your hand.
As kids and elderly who have cold and weak constitution, they no longer need to mix warm water with hot and cold water by themselves.
Oh man! Sometimes it took me a half hour or so to cool down the hot water when my dad wanted a glass of warm water for his medicine. :(

Everyone can operate the water bar without hesitation!
Attach the water tank to the water tank adapter, then fill the water tank with purified water filter.
If you do not have water filter at home, you can get the optional water tank with water filter.
Also, if you already have water filtration, just direct connect the water bar to produce your own clean drinking water.

In this Father's Day, Diamond Coral WaterBar is selling RM799 instead of RM1599!
Without waiting a minute, you can serve your dad 50℃ warm water with 100% love!
No doubt, parents aren't usually very picky about Parent's Day presents.
If you get them something, anything, even if it is a simple mug or tie, they will feel warm and happy.
However, a great special gift surely bring them an unforgettable surprise and make them feel extra happy and loved!

If you are interested in the Diamond Coral WaterBar, do contact the professionals from Diamond at their pages:
Website: http://diamondcoral.com/my/
FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/DiamondRefined/


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wonderful product for my family.

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