G9 Skin @ First Lip Stick

I'm not a lipstick lady.
I don't know why, maybe I think it's too feminine to put on lipsticks. #lol
Perhaps I just didn't get the right lipsticks, right shades for myself.
So excited to meet the latest collection of First Lip Stick from G9 Korea.
Madly in love with all the five colours they have in their collection!
Don't believe me? Let's check out yourself! :)

It's important to match a lipsticks with an outfit, or else it's worthless in buying a brand new lipstick that will clash with everything in your wardrobe.
First Lip Stick only has five colours schemes to provide a perfect Korean makeup look for all ladies.
Though it only has five sensational trendy colours, but they all can be worn for different occasions and different types of skin tones.

These are the 5 shade in the collection:
#01 Midnight Red
#02 Dry Rose
#03 Dazzling Pink
#04 Peach Brown
#05 Vintage Red

The lipsticks are stressed with 3 main highlights:
#1 Creamy in texture
#2 Perfect colour with one apply
#3 Light feeling like second skin
Though the packaging is a bit bulky to bring along, the design looks classy and elegant.

2 key moisturizing ingredients:
#1 Shea Butter to soothe dry lips
#2 Tocopheryl Acetate, also known as Vitamin E to moisture lips

Two ways usage:
#1 Full colour: After drawing the lip line, fill the lipstick from the inside of your lips, then fill the empty space.
#2 Gradient look: Apply powder or cushion on outer lips, then fill the lipstick along the line from inside out.

#01 Midnight Red, shade like classic red.

Get yourself a sexy empowering shade when going a girl hangout with your girl friends.
A red lipstick can make you feel amazing and stand out too!

#02 Dry Rose, shade like berry.

Dry Rose has a sense of relaxing and also gives casual vibe on your look.
Have it with you day and night, while not only hanging out with your friends, working at office, but also at a social get-together.

#03 Dazzling Pink, shade like fuchsia pink.

Bright skin with shining pink colour for your important night events.
You will look refreshing and young after put on the bright pink shade!

#04 Peach Brown, shade like nude.

This nude brown shade looks professional yet not so flashy.
It gives a natural vibe which I think it works perfectly for your working days.

#05 Vintage Red, shade like coral.

Not too harsh, but looks glamorous.
Definitely a perfect shade for you to have a night spent with your dates. :)

The colour is pretty well-maintained after the first wipe.
However, the removal is also very easy; just 2-3 wipes with normal water.

✔ It's long lasting! Just one touch and I don't need to reapply after I eat.
✔ It's in semi matte finishing! It is not as shiny as a shimmer finish, also not as flat as a matte finish.
✔ It's in light powdery texture! I barely feel like I'm wearing a lipstick.
✔ It's smooth! It glides smoothly onto my lips.
✔ It's non-sticky! I felt more like a fresh balm on my lips.
If you are looking for a lipstick that has all the above ticks, you can consider to play your lips and make your lips most beautiful with the trendy 5 colours from the First Lip Stick.
For more information about the First Lip Stick, you can check it out at:
Website: www.g9skin.com
FB: https://www.facebook.com/G9skinMY/
Instagram: @g9skin_malaysia


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