Dannyone 温力铭 in the Neverland Concert 2017

Before the Kpop music become popular, I used to listen to local Malaysian music and artists when I was a teenager.
I was a big fans of Bukit Mertajam Boys 山脚下男孩, Michael & Victor 光良品冠, Equal, Island 年少 etc.
I have many cassette tape collections from all these artists, some are even with their signatures.
Somehow in my late teens, I became a groupie; collecting newspaper clipping, meeting my favourite local artists in person, asking for their signatures, and also taking group shots with them.
Tons of photo albums are still laying inside my drawers, also the newspaper clipping are still storing at my mum's storeroom.
I admire those artists who can write and compose songs themselves, because 我真心觉得这些人很有才!
Malaysian music has always been less positive, much less vibrant, because not many people will really appreciate them.
I think that's why many Malaysian artists left their homes to go to Taiwan for better hopes and opportunities. #whatashame
As being a fans of local music, I have always been paying attention to Malaysian music's updates.
I been to Nicholas Teo 张栋梁, 怎么样的张栋梁 To Be...Nicholas Live show in 2015; that music show was great which truly embraced his spirit of music.
Any good Malaysian artists that impressed you nowadays? Do recommend to me! :)

First and foremost, I would like to thank Meiishop for making the first ever Dannyone In The Neverland concert all happen on 16th July 2017.
It's the first concert for Danny Wan 温力铭 after his music journey for 15 years.
I know it's not easy to held a concert for an artist, not to mention it's for a Malaysian artist.

Danny started the show with his new song, Neverland.
"Nobody knows. No one will ever understand. Let Danny takes you takes you takes you into his Neverland"!

During the concert, Danny sang many of his memorable songs in different styles and ways, such as 贱人, Love & Freedom,巨人, Siapa, 爱爱爱, Still, 废人, Friend Forever etc.
Many of his songs brought smiles and touching messages to the audiences and took his fans down memory lane.

The show had no fancy lights, no fancy costumes, no big decor stage and backdrop.
Only a sincere voice, and a very pleasing performance to delight everyone who came for Dannyone. :)

Peace 張詒博, is the one and only guest of the night.
He was the champion for the Astro Star Quest, and also the winner of the International Chinese New Talent Singing Championship in 2010.
Oh well, he is also one talented artist who can write and compose his own songs. :)

What makes me like about Danny's music is because some of his music are very meaningful and were created to voice out the city and community's complaints.
For example, "Siapa" is especially dedicated and to encourage the single mothers out there, and "Love & Freedom" is a song between a parent and child.
Indeed, his songs are mostly with very simple, straightforward lyrics, but with powerful melodies.

Love the rap part from the Love & Freedom!

I know about Dannyone since his debuted in 20 years ago, when he first started with the boy band, Emale.
But now, Danny is not just a musician, also a designer, and also a social influence after all.
我知道你是网红啦! #haha

Happy Birthday, Dannyone!
The day after the Neverland concert is his birthday, the audience sang birthday song to celebrate with him.

The concert lasted for 2 hours.
A big thumbs up to all the bands, music crews, performers, and dancers for such a great successful show!
Well. the concert surprised me as Danny sang most of his own songs throughout the 2-hour show; I didn't know Danny has written and recorded so many songs of his own.


#lol Get a photo with Danny before the show ends. :)
Overall, the concert was wonderful, the coordination was perfect and everything went so well.
It was a great pleasure to be at the concert and I really enjoyed it!
I understand it's a difficult task of conquering the world for a Malaysian artists, 所以要谢谢你的坚持你的努力.
Also, I really hope that people can be more appreciate to the Malaysian's music.
Give more support and love, and let's build the real Malaysia Boleh!

Last but not least, end the post with my favourite songs from Dannyone,废人 & 贱人
Hope you like the post for today!
Till next one soon!

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