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Everyone wants to have absolutely flawless makeup, but at the same time feel so reluctant to spend a huge amount of time and money on makeup and skincare products.
Ya Ya Ya! I feel you, because I'm also not a person who like to spend lots of time on makeup too.
However, no matter how simple my makeup is, it usually takes at least 25-30 minutes. :(
Starts from basic skincare, follows by sunscreen, primer, foundation, contour, eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner, eyebrow, blush, and ends with lipstick.
How awesome it would be if I can save my time on putting makeup and put more time to sleep in as much as possible!
Well, I used to skip some steps in order to save times and money as a solution, but I know it's not a perfect long-term solution until I met airbrush makeup.
Airbrush makeup is a lot more convenient and time saver to have your makeup done in a matter of seconds!
Sounds cool, right? Let's continue without further ado, babies!

If you aren't sure what is airbrush makeup, it is actually a makeup sprayed or misted onto your skin using an airbrush instead of applying with fingers, brushes, cushions, and any other methods.
Most of the airbrush makeup are being applied by makeup professional, but hey you know what, airbrush makeup is now accessible and you can now have amazing airbrushed makeup to wear everyday from your own home!
Jeunesse Global has just launched their innovative NV product range in Malaysia!
It is also the first market in the Asia Pacific region to introduce NV Formulated with the Jeunesse-exclusive, and youth-enhancing polypeptide technology.

New NV range by Jeunesse includes #1 Skin-Perfecting Primer, #2 BB Mist Foundation, and #3 Bronzer.
Unlike those traditional powder or liquid foundations, the 3 signature NV products can help you to achieve a breathable and long-lasting soft coverage.

NV Primer creates a canvas for the foundation, filling in the fine lines and pores, and also helps you use less foundation.
It can be used for 5 different areas such as eye shadow, lip base, eyelashes, facial hair and eyebrows.
#1 Start with clean, and moisturized skin.
#2 Keep hair away from face
#3 Shake bottle for 5 seconds
#4 Mist 8 inches from the face in a zigzag motion
#5 Use face puff or cushion to press and buff NV primer into skin and to remove excess moisture

NV BB Perfecting Mist Foundation has total 9 shades for different skin colours.
Certainly, you will find yours colour among the 9 distinct choices.
Only 4 simple steps to get a perfect flawless skin:
#1 Shake bottle for 5 seconds
#2 Mist into palm, use your ring finger or a face puff and cushion to gently apply the foundation as concealer on desired areas.
#3 Close your eyes, hold bottle 8 inches away from face, and evenly mist the center of face in zigzag motion.
#4 Wait 10 seconds before blending foundation with face puff or cushion.
For coverage targets, you can either mist once for light, mist twice for medium, and mist three times for full coverage.

NV Bronzer can be used on the face or body for a sun-kissed glow!
You can use the bronzer for different purposes such as:
#1 Mist it over forehead, chin and nose to create a natural-looking warmth
#2 Use face puff or cushion for controlling contouring, especially for light skin
#3 Mist on your entire body for a summer look

At the first sight, I love the packaging because it looks sleek, refined and desired.
Still I think it would be good if they can also differentiate the primer and bronzer with different colour as they both now are packaging in white bottle.
All 3 products are so lightweight that allow you to bring it to anywhere in the world, even on travelling.
And the best thing about the NV products is they all are very easy and fast to use, just a mist of 2 seconds and your face will get a smooth coverage.
Also, the airbrush finished definitely won't create a no-one-likes heavy, creasing, and cakey makeup look.

According to Senior Director of Digital Marketing Jeunesse Global, Cassiah Jay, NV products are safe to use because it does not contain any phthalates, parabens, sulfates or talc.
It works more than a foundation or concealer because it also has an anti-aging formula that helps to improve and rejuvenate skin.
Besides, Nv products also have skin nourishing antioxidants, vitamins A and E, as well as nutrient rich aloe.
All these ingredients work well together to moisturize and prevent dry skin in a lightweight formula.

In case this is your first time heard about Jeunesse; Jeunesse is a global business that isn't just about looking young, it's also about feeling young for the long term.
They focus on the health, longevity, and renewal of cells to help people enjoy vibrant, youthful results that last.
Thus, they do believe that NV will definitely make you the envy of everyone you meet because they have the best-of-the best formulas with innovative and the youthful results for real.

Last but not least, if you would like to know more about these beautiful products, do check them out at their official website at!
Till then!

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