Pickle & Fig @ Taman Tun TTDI

It's been a while since I last posted a food review.
Do you miss my food sharing?
I hear you! #lol I hear you are calling me back! #hehe
That's why I'm here today to talk about Pickle & Fig that located at Taman Tun TTDI.
Right! More food stories and pictures are coming up soon to all eaters! :)
So get ready and here we go!

Pickle & Fig is not difficult to locate since it is situated in a street facing the main roads.
It's a busy neighborhood area but with convenient parking lots nearby.
The cafe has been established since 4 years ago, and I like the environment because it is so relaxing.
Continue to read and you will know why. :)

The atmosphere inside the cafe is cozy and comfortable.
It flaunts an industrial chic feel which comprised with simple wood and textured stone as it's interior design.

It has great outdoor seats; very relaxing while having a good coffee here. :)

Any churros fans?
If you are, get some snack bites of their Churros with Chocalate & Caramel @ RM11.
Delicious churros are deep fried golden brown, which served with both creamy chocolate-caramel dipping sauce.

Fresh salads at Pickle & Fig are designed in a special way, whereby you can choose your own base and topping according to your favourite.
There are 5 different salad bases, and 4 toppings to choose from.
For example, Avocado & Strawberry Salad @ RM23, comes with mixed green, wild rockets, chia seed, almond flake with raspberry vinaigrette.
If you like smoked salmon topping, just pay extra RM2; or else you can choose breaded mushroom or grilled chicken breast without any extra charges.

Mango and Mint Salad @ RM19, with mixed green, roast peppers, nuts with Thai sweet and sour dressing.
Also, Shishamo topping needs extra RM1 on top of the salad base cost.

Ebikko & Nuts Salad, is paired with mixed green, onion, cherry tomato, olive, alfalfa with black sesame dressing.
If you like Grilled Chicken Breast topping, that's perfect because all in salad is @ RM18!

Roast Peppers & Feta Salad @ RM19, comes with mixed green, red cabbage, cherry tomato, raisin with basil pesto vinaigrette.
I love Breaded Mushroom for my salad topping!

Grilled Chicken with Guacamole @ RM30, comes with a Mexico Guacamole source. 
It's one of the main dish that successfully kicked me rolling because of it's dressing that specially made with avocado and lime. 

Chickpea & Spinach topped with Fried Portobello @ RM25 is simply the best for vegetarians.
The chickpea tasted delicious, which stuffed with chickpeas, spinach and shallots.
It can either serve like another entree or as one vegetarian main dish.

Sriracha Chicken @ RM26 serves with a beautiful side salad and a pack of green peas. 
If you like something sweet yet a bit of spicy on one plate meal, this could be your favourite!

Light sandwiches for you?
Cubano Smoked Turkey Ham @ RM25, paired with fries and also a healthy dose of vegetables.

Same goes to Beef Ribeye Roast & Cheese @ RM24, which also paired with fries and salad as it's side dishes.
Besides all the prepared sandwiches, you can also DIY your own sandwiches by choosing your items in the quantities by your symbol.
For example, if you want to burn fat today, you can choose 3x protein and 2x vitamins from the "Build Your Breakfast" menu.
Or perhaps you want to build your muscle in this week, you can take 2x protein, 2x carbs, and 3x vitamins accordingly.

Smoothie Bowl is the best heart-healthy foods!
It serve with 9 grains granola with nuts and mixed fruits.
It comes with 4 different bases such as Strawberry & Raspberry, Peach & Blackberry, Dragon Fruit, and Avocado.

Strawberry & Raspberry @ RM18 includes mango, banana, strawberry and honey.

Dragon Fruit @ RM19 is my top favourite.
It has all my favourite fruits such as mango, banana, coconut flakes. strawberry and honey.

Pickle & Fig also made their in-house mixed nuts with 3 choices of flavours such as Nuts & Raisin, Mixed Nuts, and Goji Berry & Chocolate Chips.
Price range of the mixed nuts is in between RM19 - RM20.

What do you think after all and which one is your favourite?
Well, if you asked me what worth a try at Pickle & Fig, I would recommend their fresh salads, sandwiches, and smoothie bowls. #bestnya :)
Btw, thanks to Kiple, a leading cashless mobile apps in Southeast Asia, via their Kiple Influencers Program for such a nice food dining experience at Pickle & Fig.
Last but not least, a photo with my favourite drink, Avocado Dates @ RM15 at Pickle & Fig.
The smoothie tastes ridiculously creamy and thick, and I'm sure you will find the same happiness I have in the glass!

Pickle & Fig 
26, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 2,
Taman Tun Dr. Ismail,
60000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 2858 9960
Opening Hours: 9am - 11pm (daily)


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