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Skin is our largest organ; it covers and protects everything inside our body.
Thus, it is important to take steps and choose the right products to protect our skin from damages, infection or drying out.
Especially we are now living in the environment that we everyday expose our skin to all kinds of dirt, dust, grime, sweat, germs and pollution that may lead to potential skin problems.
So do you agree with me that we should have to be better taking care of our skin to against all kinds of skin woes?!

I'm sure everyone knows about Dettol.
Dettol is a trusted global germ protection brand for family health, and also a well-known brand of antiseptics since 1932.
Lately, Dettol has the latest innovation, Dettol Deep Clenase for deep cleansing as well as remove dead skin cells with it's exfoliants.
Besides, as to concern about the skin's health, especially to the children, the newest product innovation provides not only germ protection but also skin benefits.


Dettol Deep Cleanse range is available in both body wash and bar soap.
It is formulated with 100% natural apricot micro-scrubbing beads for satisfying exfoliation of dead skin cells, which leaves complexion bright and renewed.
Not only the formula cleanses deep into skin pores to remove grime, pollutants and germs thoroughly from skin, families will also enjoy it's lasting fruity fragrance as well.

When I used the Dettol Deep Cleanse for the first time, I find it's very gentle to my skin and does a good job for cleansing as well.
Though the Dettol Deep Cleanse mentioned that it has the exfoliate benefits, the scrubs are not rough at all.
I love the smell, it leaves my skin smelling of luscious apricots.

I took a before and after test of using Dettol Deep Cleanse.
Without a doubt, the moisture level has increased from 23.90 to 33.40 after I washed and rubbed gently my hand with the soap.

Yeah! It's all clean now!
You might think Apricot scent is more for lady; but I think the fresh smell is a perfect unisex scent and anyone would love it!

Dr. Abrizah Ousman,  Dermatologist and Aesthetic Physician encourages deep cleansing for all mothers to reduce the chances of skin irritations to their family members.

Nana Mahazan, TV host and mother-of-2 is looking forward to stepping into a hot shower everyday to get exfoliate with the rich, sweet-smelling formula, in order to get rid of the day's dirt and grime.

Nur Aisyah Binti Mohd Razip, Teenage Social Media Celebrity, agrees that the 100% natural apricot micro-scrubbing beads cleanse her body thoroughly and remove the germs, keeping her hygienic and smelling delicious even after an active day out.

Caring for your skin doesn't have to be complicated and time consuming.
You just need to choose the right product, practice it everyday just like brushing your teeth; then you can keep your skin looking and feeling great all time!
The Dettol Deep Cleanse Body Wash is now available at all major pharmacies and supermarkets.
It has sizes of 225ml @ RM6.90 and 850ml @ RM20.25.
For the refill pack, it is priced @ RM15.67 for 800ml, and the Bar Soap is retailing@ RM10.45 for total 4 packs.
For more information, don't forget to check out Dettol official website at

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