Get Your Youngest Look in 7 days @ Nutox Advanced Serum Concentrate

All women want to stay looking young!
Me two!
Me three!
Me four!
Me five!
Though many people said that I don't look my age, still I always look for a better way to maintain a youthful look. #guesshowoldamI
I think other than eating healthy food, like more vegetables ad fruits, do more regular exercises, skincare products for anti-aging are also play an important role for maintenance.
Recently, there are so many anti-aging products on the market today, Nutox from USA is one of them.
So, let's see what I said about the Nutox Anti-Aging on this post!

Honestly, I started using anti-aging products in my late 20s, when I saw those little fine lines starting to creep up around the corners of my eyes.
I know it would be good if I had started sooner with anti-aging products to prevent all those aging lines earlier.
I think it's normal that women do not take prevention in the early stage to obtain wrinkle-free, firm-looking skin.
Most women probably start to take care of the skin when the signs of aging become visible on their skin, which lead them to have extremely high expectations when it comes to the efficiency of the skincare products.
Thereupon, Nutox developed it's anti-aging skincare range even further by improving the products' efficacy to deliver result within a short period while retaining their affinity with the skin.

The new and improved Nutox Advanced Serum Concentrate is here to speed up production of your skin's natural collagen, elastic; and it's hyaluronic acid levels to bring a visibly younger and youthful skin in just 7 days! #thatisunbelievable
The new Nutox Anti-Aging Serum is reformulated from the one introduced in 2006, and was one of the popular choice for women who are looking for an effective anti-aging solution such as wrinkles, loss of elasticity and firmness.

The new renovated serum has an enhanced formula with a key technology that known as Actigenic+, which allows users to notice an improvement in a week.
It infused with Bird's Nest and enhanced with Actigenic+ Technology, Nutox Advanced Serum Concentrate is formulated to dramatically reduce the effects of aging like fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of firmness.
Also, make use of the power of Macro Algae and Indian Gentian Extracts, Actigenic+ is an epidermis regeneration system that firms up the skin, creates a more youthful complexion successfully.

How does Nutox Advanced Serum Concentrate work?

#1 Restores and rejuvenate
The new and improved Advanced Serum Concentrate with Actigenic+ replenishes and reactivate the production of collagen and elastic in as early as 7 days.

#2 Lift, firm and smoothen
Skin is firmer and more lifted in just 7 days.
Improvements like smoothen skin texture and further visible reduction of fine lines and wrinkles can see even more after continue to use it on the 14th and 28th days.

First, I really love how the flowery fresh smell from the serum.
It is not a watery serum but a bit thicker in texture.
However, it's totally lightweight which made me feel like it wasn't a thick layer on my face, and also fast to get into my skin in just a second.
Not sure if you can see any difference on the picture that my face actually more lifted and firmer (especially on my left side), also my complexion is in a better healthier-looking too.
But in terms of reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, I think the result isn't that visible (maybe my face lines are too old?). #hehe
What do you think?

Btw, according to the result at a home usage test, between January to March 2017, 118 Malaysian women who have tried Nutox Advanced Serum Concentrate gained younger look in just 7 days!
For instance, 98% among the 118 women noticed lesser appearance of wrinkles and smaller pore size, and 97% of them also said that their fine lines became less pronounced.
Besides, Nancy Wu, the ambassador and international HK artist, said that she is very comfortable with her age though she is in her 30s now.
Being an artist required Nancy to look good, youthful, and flawless skin all the time, no matter if she is sitting in front of the camera or in the real life.
That's how she always believed in the effectiveness of Nutox skincare products ever since she became the ambassador in 2014.
Nutox has never let her down, especially the new Advanced Serum Concentrate to keep her skin brighter, smoother and lifted.
A little small bottle has become her skincare essential wherever she goes.

Anyway, other than the Nutox Advanced Serum Concentrate, Nutox also offers everything your skin needs for day and night routines.
All Nutox products come with 3 key facts of No ParabenNo Mineral Oil and No Colourant.


Nutox Cleansing Foam has an extra-cool sensation that has multi benefits of black and white scrubs.
The black scrubs have high oil-absorption abilities and noticeable remove dirt and blackheads, especially on the nose area, while white Micro-scrubs break down into find scrubs that penetrate deep into pores and exfoliate dull and dead skin cells.

Nutox Moisturizing Lotion is an ultra light, easily absorbed non-greasy moisturizer.
It reduces visible signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, and at the same time also protects skin from harmful UV rays with it's SPF25A++.

Nutox Anti-Aging Cream has powerful ingredients that firm, tone and smoothen lines, and wrinkles in just 2 week times.
The main ingredients of the Bird's Nest and Botanical extracts can restore the collagen and elastic, and also giving a firmer, and younger looking skin.
The complete sets has white and red bottles, whereby the white one is to use during day time, and the red one is for night time.

Overall, I'm satisfy with the Nutox set as every single products did not irritate and cause any troubles to my skin.
#1 Cleansing Foam: My oily and combination skin enjoy this foaming product that creates rich mousses. It also effectively clean my face without drying out.
#2 Moisturizing Lotion: It's my first time using a lotion with sunscreen protection. The texture is slightly greasy, but hey don't worry because it doesn't make your face sticky at all.
#3 Anti-Aging Cream: Both day and night creams are non-greasy and non-sticky. Since I like it's scent so much, instead of just simply put on my skin, I actually pat the moisturizer into my skin for better absorption. It disappeared into my skin quickly!

For myself, I always prefer to use a whole range of products under the same brand, to get a better result.
All Nutox products are now available at all major pharmacies, supermarkets, and hypermarkets nationwide, with cost ranging from RM20 to RM80.
For more information, follow Nutox Malaysia on FB page!

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