Dinner at Yangmingshan 阳明山 @ The Top 屋顶上

Last weekend, I met up with a friend at a casual day out.
While we were chit chatting, she told me she wants to go to Taiwan for holiday.
Out of curiosity, I asked her the reason of choosing Taiwan, and she said one of the reason she was attracted to Taiwan is through my Taiwan post recently.
Honestly speaking, I was overwhelmed after hearing her reply as I doubt that anyone would read my traveling blog. :)
This is truly a huge push for me to go forward and continue my passion. #thankyouverymuch
If you enjoy reading my blog, please leave me a message to let me know yea!
Today, in my travel post, I would like to share my dining experience at one of the top 5 restaurant at Yangmingshan 阳明山.

Aison, Chuen and Matthew were heading back to Hong Kong the next morning, we decided to have a farewell gathering at a nice restaurant.
Yangmingshan has quite a few restaurants to go, but Aison recommended The Top 屋顶上.
The reason is because he has been there once with his Taiwanese friends, and said the food are good, night view is excellent, and expenses are not pricey.
I can't remember how many pictures we took on that night, so be prepared that this is gonna be a long post with tons of photos. :)

Yangmingshan is far from the city, so we took subway instead of taxi from where we stayed.
When we arrived at ZhiShan Station 芝山站, we then took a taxi up to Yangmingshan.
The taxi ride to The Top restaurant is about 15 minutes.

Most of the taxis in Taipei are 4-seater; and they won't allow you to get in if you have more than 4 pax.
However, there are quite a few 6-seater taxis there, but it's definitely not easy to catch one.

Credit to Aison who booked the restaurant in advanced; if not I don't think we can get a table upon our arrival due to the big crowds.
The restaurant looks so pretty at night with the outside lighting; somehow the entrance makes me feel like entering to a night club. #hehe

The Top is located at the middle mountain of Yangmingshan.
It's a big restaurant which has divided into multiple seating areas under the same compound.
All seatings were built according to the slope of the mountain whereby it includes individual private seats for couples, open space for groups, private room for party, and also bar area to enjoy the dreamy dazzling views of Taipei.

I recommend you to visit Yangmingshan at night as you can get the best night view of Taipei.
The night view at here is soooo breathtaking man!

The Top offers different kind of food, from deep-fried dishes, skewers, steak, to Chinese style cuisine.
I can't recall the food names and prices that we ordered, so I hope the pictures are good enough to tell you the food story at The Top. :)
Before the main courses served, we had appetizer of the fried squid ring and prawn salad.

Half crispy chicken has super crispy skinned, and the meat is well tendered and flavourful too.

I enjoyed the creamy curry prawns very much, especially dipping the hot steamy bun into the creamy sauce.

Vegetable has my favourite Madeira Vine.

Thai steamed Fish which made of lime, spicy and garlic sauce is so delicious and refreshing.

It's the tender chicken braised with garlic and ginger in sweet and savory sauce.

The noodles cook with the chicken braised.
I don't like it at all; though the noodle is chewy, the texture is so thick, and has a strong flour taste.

This is the most lovely chicken soup I had in Taiwan.

We enjoyed our dinner at The Top; with nice food, good ambiance, and great service.
I remembered we spent about RM60 plus for one person, includes few bottles of beer.
We think it's pretty reasonable, as you can't really expect the hawker prices at such unique restaurant, right?
In my experience, I think it worth the amount we paid for that night.

Before leaving Yangmingshan, we had a short walked around The Top.
It's truly a nice place to chill with a group of friends, couples or families.
Really enjoy the stunning night view of Taipei from the high mountain.
It's really beautiful!

Best friends welfie!

Girl friends SWAG!

I'm glad we're all together again after being best friends for many years.
A strong friendship doesn't need daily conversation or being together always.
As long as the friendship lives in the heart, true friends never apart!
Cheerssss for our friendship forever!

The Top 屋顶上
Add: No 33, Aly 4, Ln 61,
Kaixuan Rd, Shihlin Dist,
Taipei City 111, Taiwan.
Tel: +888 2 28622255
Opening hours: Daily 12pm - 3am
Website: http://www.compei.com/


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It was truly a great memories for everyone! :)

Cherlyn said...

Hi, is it easy to hail a taxi from the top restaurant to ximending? I am planning to dine in for dinner in november with family but i wish to know about the transportation to n fro The Top back to hotel